Alessio Honor of Kings | Captain Red Hawk

Alessio Honor of Kings | Captain Red Hawk

This article includes the profile of the Honor of Kings(HoK) Marksman hero Alessio, and here we will discuss him, his skills, and his play style.

Alessio (Caption Red Hawk)

Hero ClassMarksman
Recommended LaneFarmlane
Team Fight PositionBack Row
Crimson GolemHigh Need
GameLate Game
Damage OutputVery High

Alessio was originally a small fry in the Outer City of Nacenia. However, when fate called, he accepted a request from the legendary Captain Red Hawk to put on his mask and become a “copycat” of the great hero of the people.

Later, when the people learned that he was just masquerading as the original Captain Red Hawk, he was forced to figure out who he really wanted to be.

Now, with the mask off, he still gallivants about with his cannon, protecting the peace of the Outer City with his customized cannon shells. If you run into any problems, he will be sure to stand up for you, even if it’s against the city’s ruler.

Alessio is a HOK hero with crazy amounts of damage compared to some famous Marksman. He has a stealth ability from where he can deal damage and has lots of damage on his auto attacks. Alessio is among the few heroes who can go airborne in the game. He gains movement speed while in the air, and the more he auto attacks, the more he stays in the air. Alessio brings new mechanics to the Honor of Kings and is one of the most fun to play heroes.

Alessio’s Skills & Abilities

Alessio passive skill honor of kings
Passive Skill: Rebellious Little Hawk
– Alessio’s Basic Attack fires a shell that deals area damage, plus extra damage equal to 1% of the target’s max health. While he is grounded, the shell can be blocked by enemy heroes.

1st Skill: Upgraded Shell
– He enhances his next 3 Basic Attacks to upgraded shells, which have a greater area of effect and deal extra physical damage equal to 1% of the target’s max Health +200(+15% Physical Attack)

2nd Skill: Legendary Hero Debut
– He throws a smoke bomb, creating a cloud of smoke that grants stealth for 3.5s to allies within it, including himself. The bomb’s explosion sends him into the air, granting him an increased movement speed for 0.8s.
– He can move and use Basic attacks and skills while ignoring terrain.
– Using Basic Attacks or the ULT while airborne causes him to stay airborne longer.
– While airborne, 2nd Skill will not throw smoke bombs, and the Basic Attacks cannot be blocked by enemies.

3rd Skill: Sunset Fireworks Show
– He leaps into the air, gaining brief immunity, then locks onto an enemy hero and fires 5 shells at them, each shell dealing 400(+50% Physical Attack)(+8% of the target’s lost Health) Physical damage to enemies within the explosions’ range. If the same target is hit by multiple shells, subsequent shells only deal 25% damage. Only 1 shell can be diverted to another enemy hero other than the locked on target.

How to Play Alessio?

Here are some tips you must remember to master Alessio in Honor of Kings:

  1. He doesn’t have much complex kit since he is a Marksman, so try to position well and make good use of his 3 high-damage auto attacks, which he gets after using 1st skill.
  2. Captain Red Hawk deals more damage when he auto-attacks while standing still, so try to stand still and auto-attack if you see an enemy hitting your team instead of you. But always kite if they are chasing you as standing still and hitting the assassin will get you killed smoothly. 
  3. He gains movement speed and stealth while on air with his 2nd skill. Use your 2nd skill if an enemy assassin comes for you to hide yourself. It can also hide your team with its smoke bomb effect in certain areas.
  4. Alessio deals a massive amount of aoe damage with his ult while on the air. Use your ultimate to finish off the target or poke them before the fight starts. 
  5. Use his 3rd skill when all the enemies are close to each other; this happens during team fights.
  6. Press more and more basic attack buttons when he is flying.
  7. If the enemy heroes surround you from all sides, use the second skill and Flash consecutively.
  8. Always be with a support hero to get maximum performance from Alessio.
  9. Stay alert while you are roaming in the jungle, as Assassins are strong against him.
  10. Always shot at enemies following Tank or Tanky Support Hero. 
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