Judge Dee Honor of Kings | Di Renjie

Judge Dee Honor of Kings | Di Renjie

This article includes the profile of the Honor of Kings(HoK) Marksman hero Judge Dee(Di Renjie), and here we will discuss him, his skills, and his play style.

Judge Dee (Di Renjie)

Hero ClassMarksman
Recommended LaneFarmlane
Judge dee laning position
Team Fight PositionBack Row
Crimson GolemHigh Need
GameLate Game
Damage OutputVery High

Demanding nothing less than perfection in his role as a law enforcer, Di Renjie is Chang’an’s most dependable defender. With his steadfast spirit and integrity, he strikes fear into the hearts of criminals and through his achievement as judge, he has even earned the trust of the Empress, Wu Zetian Herself.

His tokens represent justice, often deadly justice, as they also serve as his weapon of choice. Acting as Wu Zetian’s eyes on the ground, he makes suspicious activity go uninvestigated.

Judge Dee, also known by another name, Di Renjie, is a HoK Marksman with insane damage in early game. He is also hero with purify, which removes debuffs and grants invincibility for some time in his skill and CC. Dee is one of the most fun-to-play heroes in the game, as you need a good reaction to time his second skill to remove debuffs from him. His stun, which reduces the enemies Physical and Magical Defense, is also very useful during team fights. Moreover, Judge Dee is such a Marksman in Honor of Kings who can stun even tanks if he gets a good follow-up.

Judge Dee’s Skills & Abilities

Judge Dee Passive Skill
Passive Skill: Swift Justice
– Judge Dee gains 1 stack of Swift Justice for each Basic Attack used. Each Stack increases his attack speed by max 7% and his movement speed by 5%, for up to 5 stacks
– On every third Basic attack, he attacks with a red or blue token at random.

1st Skill: Respect the Law
– He tosses a random assortment of 6 red or blue tokens at the target area.
– Enemies hit by multiple Tokens will only take 30% of the initial damage from subsequent tokens. Tokens carry the same on-hit effect as his Basic Attack.
– Red Token: Deasls 165(+22% Physical ATK) physical damage. It Explodes on hit and deals an extra 110 magical damage.
– Blue Token: Deals 50% of Red Token’s damage while reducing enemy Movement Speed by 30% for 1s.

2nd Skill: Legal Immunity
– He tosses 8 tokens in a circle around him, gaining brief immunity to damage and CC, removing all debuffs from himself, and gaining 25% Movement Speed for 1s.

3rd Skill: Imperial Order
– Judge Dee tosses a secret golden token that carries the same on-hit effects as his Basic Attack, dealing 300(+60% Magical Atk)(+120% extra Physical Attack) physical damage and 300(+60 Magical Attack)(+120% extra Physical Attack) Magical damage to the first enemy hero hit and stunning them for 1s.
– This skill also reduces the target’s Physical and Magical Defense by 50% while exposing their location for 5s. During this period, teammates moving toward the target enemy gain 10% Movement Speed.

Judge Dee’s Voice Line(Dialogues)

There is always only one truth!
In the name of the law, I will punish you!
Time to catch a few criminals.
In the name of People!
By the Empress’s Heavenly Power, you are under arrest!
You want to know what your sentence looks like? Come, I’ll show you!
The Dead can speak if you know how to listen.
I am the embodiment of the law!
We’re in the presence of a murderer
Search the areal
Isn’t there enough to do, around the Dali temple?
No Yelling, no chasing, no unruly fighting
Now you are to face the law!
Criminals, your days of roaming this land are over.

How to Play Judge Dee?

Judge Dee is pretty easy to play, but you need a good understanding of his mechanism to play and master him in Honor of Kings. Here are some points you must consider while playing him:

  1. His 1st skill deals good damage in early game, and he has pretty good damage through his auto attack. So try to trade with your auto attacks and land your 1st skill properly to win the trade early game.
  2.  Your second skill is the Main part of your kit. It can remove every debuff, such as stun, which will be Useful if the enemy has cc. But, it require good reflex to time his second skill to avoid the cc, so always be aware of enemy cc and press 2nd skill as soon as you see some cc coming at you. It is hard, but it will start getting smooth with some practice. 
  3. And for the ult, it is a skill shot, and you must predict the enemy’s movement to land it. You can ult the enemy Assassin coming at you to stun them so that your team can peel for you while the Assassin is stunned. 
  4. Judge Dee’s Ultimate is also best to engage in team fights if you van land it in enemy carry. You can also ult tanks as your ult reduces physical and magical defense, and it will be pretty easy for your team to kill them.
  5. Do rotation in the mid lane with your support to get some extra kills.


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