Luban No.7 Honor of Kings | His Profile, Skills & Playstyle

Luban No.7 Honor of Kings | His Profile, Skills & Playstyle

This article includes the profile of the Honor of Kings(HoK) Marksman hero Luban No.7, and here we will discuss him, his skills, and his play style.

Luban No.7

Hero ClassMarksman
Recommended LaneFarm Lane
Team Fight PositionBack Row
Crimson GolemHigh Need
GameLate Game
SurvivalVery Low
Damage OutputVery High
DifficultyEasy to Play

Master Luban created a Puppet Luban No.7 using advanced mechcraft techniques. Though he may look small and adorable, he is capable of causing massive destruction. During the invasion of the Blood Clan, Mozi brought him to support Yong, but it was lost en route. Though his speech is limited, he is always expressing his admiration and longing for Master Luban in any way he can.

Luban No. 7 is a high burst damage-dealing hero in HoK who can carry late game easily if the team peel for him and saves him from an enemy assassin. He has a lot of damage if you play around with his passive. This puppet can one-shot you as marks if he lands his skills and is passive properly. He has it all but lacks mobility in his kit, which is essential for Marksmen, especially in the current meta.

Luban No.7’s Skills & Abilities

Luban No.7 Passive Skill
Passive Skill: Suppressive Fire
– After using 4 Basic Attacks or a skill, Luban’s next Basic Attack is enhanced to a scattershot that deals damage 3 times in a straight line ahead.
– Each shot deals damage equal to 7%(increases by 1% for every 100 Physical Attack) of the target’s max health to heroes or 120(+50% Physical Attack) damage to non-hero enemies.

1st Skill: Blowfish Grenade
– Luban Hurls a blowfish grenade at the target location, dealing 450(75% Physical Attack) Physical damage to enemies within range and reducing their movement speed by 25% for 2s. He also gains vision of targets hit by the grenade.

2nd Skill: Shark Cannon
– Luban Launches a rocket in the target direction. The rocket knocks bak enemies directly in front of him and explodes upon hitting the first enemy hero.
– The explosion deals 400(+70% Physical Attack) damage and magical damage equal to 5% of the target’s lost health to enemies within range.

3rd Skill: Air Support
– He summons a blowfish airship in the target direction for 14s, which drops bombs on a random enemy within range.
– The bomb explodes where they landed after a short delay, dealing 500(+75% Physical Attack) Physical damage to nearby enemies and reducing their movement speed by 30% for 1s.

How to Play Luban No.7?

Here are some significant points you must remember to play and master Luban No.7 in Honor of Kings:

  1. Luban depends heavily on his passive to deal damage. Therefore, you need to play around with his passive, which is he deals continuous pierce damage after every 5 basic attacks or every time he casts his skill. 
  2. Try to hit your first skill, then basic attack, then second skill, then basic attack, then ult, then basic attack. This will do the maximum damage if you do it exactly. 
  3. His ideal playstyle is harassing in the lane by poking with the first and second skill with the passive. The laning phase is pretty easy with Luban because he has a rage and damage advantage over most of the Marksmen. But the hard part for him comes after the laning phase because he lacks mobility, which makes him an easy target for enemy assassins or fighters. His second skill is most crucial in these instances because he can knock back the closest target near him with his second skill. He can also slow the enemy with his first skill, which will be very useful for spacing. 
  4. Luban’s ult is very important too for him. So always use it as soon as the team fight starts, which will help you win the team fight.   
  5. In addition, always stay behind tank or tanky support and do not ask your friend to pick Stromy or Yaria as a support hero. 
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