Alessio Build Honor of Kings | A Complete Guide

Alessio Build Honor of Kings | A Complete Guide

This article will guide you with the best build of Alessio in Honor of Kings(HoK), which includes his Items, Arcana, Spell, Combo & Counters.


Flash is the best spell for Alessio because he is vulnerable to team fights. So, if you strike in the massive 5v5, you can use your flash skill to clear all half-dead enemies. But, if you are a good Alessio player and can use his combo well, you can also use Stun Spell.


Since Alessio is a marksman and most of his damage comes from basic attacks, try to position properly and auto-attack as much as possible, but you can also try these Special Combo attacks:

Skill 1+Skill 2+Basic attack 3 times+Ultimate
Skill 2+Skill 1+ULT
Skill 2+Skill 1+Basic ATK+ULT+Flash
Skill 1+Stun+Basic ATK+ULT+Skill 2

Item Builds

Here is the set of Honor of Kings items for the full-damage Marksman build of Alessio:

Alessio Build Item
Boots of Dexterity
+25% AKT Speed
+Movement Speed

Shadow Ripper
+35% ATK Speed
+25% CRIT Rate
+Movement Speed
Enhance Basic ATK

Eternity Blade
+110 Physical ATK
+20% CRIT Rate
Alessio Best Item for damage build
+100 Physical ATK
+25% Physical Lifesteal
+500 Max Health
Recovers HP

+50 Physical ATK
+35% ATK Speed
+10% CRIT Rate
Enhance Basic ATK

– Physical ATK +60
– ATK Speed +30%
– Physical Lifesteal +10%
– Enhance Basic ATK

Alessio needs attack speed because he deals massive damage from his auto attacks after using his 1st skill. So go for Boots of Dexterity to boost his ATK speed. Then, go for an item that increases your critical rate and attack speed. Shadow Ripper is one of those items, and it is the core item for Alessio.

Consecutively, pick Eternity Blade, another suitable item for him, as it gives him a physical attack and sufficient critical rate boost. After these two items, you need to build accordingly. You can go for Bloodweeper 3rd as it gives you lifesteal and max health, which is essential for Alessio as the game goes on. Then, you can go for an item that gives you attack speed and critical rate, such as Daybreaker.

Finally, analyse/predict the enemy’s team comp and select the item accordingly to make Alessio build better in HoK. For example, if the enemy has many max health heroes, go for Doomsday, but if the enemy has an assassin, go for Omnious Premonition, which gives you physical defense.

Other Useful BuildsItems Set
Alessio Damage and Tank BuildBoots of Dexterity>Shadow Ripper>Eternity Blade>Bloodweeper>Omnious Premonition>Daybreaker
His Best Physical ItemsShadow Ripper>Eternity Blade>Bloodweeper>Daybreaker>Doomsday>Siege Breaker

Arcana Build

Alessio’s Basic skill is weak in the early game, but if you can increase attack speed, you can make him a good Marksman. So, here is the Set of Honor of Kings Arcana Archive you must upgrade to strengthen the Alessio Build:

Alessio Build Item
+Attack Speed, +Movement Speed

Eagle Eye
+Physical Attack, +Physical Pierce

+Crit Rate

Alessio Counters

Alessio is vulnerable to burst damage of mages and assassins; therefore, a good jungler can punish him if he dispositions slightly during fights. He is also weak in cc. Here are some heroes who can counter Alessio easily in Honor of Kings:

Counter hero of Alessio Honor of Kings
Lady Sun
Lady Sun is a strong Marksman who can easily win lane against Alessio and has a better late game than him.

She can catch him while he is on his 2nd skill with her cc ability.

Breezy knock-up can catch him off guard in the game.
Alessio is weak against Li in Honor of Kings
Li Bai
Li Bai is one of the best assassins to counter Alessio in HoK because of his untreatable ability, which dodges this shooter’s ult.

Mirrorblade can damage him while he is on smoke during his 2nd skill.

Since Alessio is weak against Tank, Beast is a good pick against him.

Ata late game is hard to kill for Alessio because of his sustain and lifesteal.

Red Hawk is vulnerable to CC, and Eclipse is the best pick against him.
Strong Jungler against Alessio Honor of Kings
Ying can sustain most of Alessio’s damage and kill him 1v1 smoothly.
Best Teammates(Synergies) of AlessioHis Worst TeammatesHeroes Weak Against Him
1. Mischief,
2. Yaria,
3. Menki
4. Lady Zhen
1. Diaochan,
2. Mulan,
3. Blind Wing
1. Solarus,
2. Han Xin,
3. Li Xin,
4. Seafarer
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