Farshot Honor of Kings | Baili Shouyue

Farshot Honor of Kings | Baili Shouyue

This article includes the profile of the Honor of Kings Marksman hero Farshot(Baili Shouyue). Here we will discuss him, his skills, and his play style.


Hero ClassMarksman & Assassin
Recommended LaneFarm Lane
Team Fight PositionBack Row
Crimson GolemHigh Need
GameEarly Game
Damage OutputVery High
DifficultyDifficult to Play

His fellow Great Wall Guards Know him as the Sharpest Marksman in the regiment. Coolheaded and warm in equal measure, he reliably provides cover during battles.

Yet during calm times, his sharp eyes will gaze longingly into the distance toward his hometown. When he was little, he was separated from his younger brother, Baili Xuance, during a bandit attack on their village, and Shouyue has always blamed himself for failing to protect him. Baili Shouyue thus awaits by the Great Wall, partially in the hope that his younger brother will eventually have sense enough to look for him there.

Farshot is an Artillery Marksman in Honor of Kings(HoK) who can deal massive damage from long distances. A good Farshot player can easily poke down the carries from far away and even kill them if they are low enough. He has a long-skill shot in his 2nd ability and can deal significant damage from that. He always wins the lane no matter what because he can easily farm and harass the enemy from under the tower.

Farshot’s Skills & Abilities

Farshot Skill Honor of Kings
Passive Skill: Accuracy
– Basic Attacks deal(190% Physical Attack) Physical Damage, but have longer attack intervals and will not deal Crit heats. Meanwhile, every 1% critical rate gained will be converted into 2.5 Physical Attacks. While out of battle, he gains stealth and 16%-30% Movement Speed When Approaching natural terrain.

1st Skill: Tranquil Sniper
– Farshot places a scouting device that lasts for 300s and can scout within a range of 600-1k. The device can be prepared once every 50s and up to 3 may be stored and placed. Devices become ineffective when occupied by enemy heroes, and they become ineffective more quickly when occupied by multiple enemy heroes.
– When Standing still, gains 1 stack of Ambush per second, granting 7% physical pierce. This effect stacks up to 5 times. The Ambush effect gradually disappears when the hero begins moving.

2nd Skill: Wild Wind
– Farshot takes aim and snipes in the target direction, dealing 600(+250% extra physical attack) Physical damage to the target hit and inflicting extra physical damage equal to 8% of the target’s max Health while slowing them by 90% for 0.5s.
– Aiming takes 2s and bullets fired before the full duration may be deflected up to 3 bullets can be stored at a time.

3rd Skill: Getaway
– He leaps backwards and fires in the target direction, dealing 500(+168% Physical Attack) Physical damage to the target by 50% for 2s.
– Upon landing, gains 30% Movement Speed for 2s

How to Play Farshot?

Among all the heroes in Hok, Farshot(Baili Shouyue) is a unique marksman as he performs best as a camper. Since he has no mobility except his ultimate, which knocks him back, you should play him safely and always look out for the enemy flank. Farshot can easily win lane if you just keep harassing the enemy from afar and go ahead after they are low. Use your skill 1 to give vision to your team and yourself. Here are some additional tips you must remember to master Farshot in Honor of Kings:

  1. Since Farshot performs best around the turret, firstly, play more and more in the unranked mode. Do not take him to the ranked games unless you understand his skills.
  2. Plant the first skill(Visibility) throughout your jungle; if possible, enemie’s too. It will help you to shoot enemies from anywhere.
  3. Do not rely only on his skills. If you engage in the team fight, use passive rather than the 2nd or 3rd buttons. 
  4. While far-shooting, target Marksman or Mage and ignore the Tanks and Assassins as MM and Mage have low health and 1.5 shots are enough to kill them. 
  5. Avoid team fights as much as possible in early games.
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