Farshot Build Honor of Kings | A Complete Guide

Farshot Build Honor of Kings | A Complete Guide

This article will guide you with the best build of Farshot(Baili Shouyue) in Honor of Kings(HoK), which includes his Items, Arcana, Spell, Combo & Counters.


Farshot Spell Honor of kings
The best spell of Farshot is Flash because he is a camper marksman and tends to get targeted by the enemy every time. So, the flash will give him the skill to escape the dangerous situation.


Farshot does not have any Special combos; therefore, the rule is Simple:

Use Skill 1 to provide vision and prevent enemies from flanking you and use Skill 2 to deal damage from a distance.

Item Builds

Here is the set of Honor of Kings items for the full-damage build of Farshot:

best build item of Farshot
Boots of Tranquility
– Reduces CD passively and actively
– Movement Speed +60

Axe of Torment
– Physical ATK +85
– CD +15%
– Max Health +500
– Good Passive

Siege Breaker
– Enhance Attack Damage
– Physical Atk +180
– Deal +DMG to below 50%HP hero

– Physical Atk +80
– CD +10%
– Physical Pierce +40

– Physical ATK +60
– ATK Speed +30%
– Physical Lifesteal +10%
– Enhance Basic ATK
Lifesteam item of Farshot in honor of kings
Sage’s Sanctuary
– Physical Defense +140
– Magical Defense +140
– Lifesteal

Farshot is an artillery marksman hero in HoK, which means he has long range and deals damage from far away; therefore, you must build him in a abit differently than other Farm Laners. Start building him with Boots of Tranquility, as Cooldown is necessary because you rely on your skillshots more than auto attacks.

After that, go for Axe of Torment, as it is the best item against squishy targets and matches well with your skill 1st if you can land it on any squishy heroes. Then select Siege Breaker. Your skill 1st is a physical scaling ability, so having more physical attacks in your kit means you are dealing lots of damage through it.

After that, go for armor penetration because you can’t do much damage to tanks if you don’t break their armor.

Consecutively, go for doomsday because this item enhances the build of Farshot to kill tanks in the late game. Finally, pick defensive items such as sage’s sanctuary or succubus cloak. If there are magical dealing heroes, you can go for Succubus Cloak; otherwise, Sage’s Sanctuary is the best idea.

Other Useful BuildsItems Set
Farshot Standard Marksman BuildAxe of Torment>Boots of Dexterity>Doomsday>Eternity Blade>Sparkforged Dagger>Daybreaker
Best Physical ItemsAxe of Torment>Siege Breaker>Starbreaker>Doomsday>Eternity Blade>Sparkforged Dagger>Daybreaker

Arcana Build

You must select Arcana, which boosts his early game and helps in the late game if he snowballs too. So, here is the Set of Honor of Kings Arcana Archive you must upgrade to strengthen the Farshot Build:


+Physical Attack, +Movement Speed

Eagle Eye
+Physical Attack, +Physical Pierce

+Crit Rate

Farshot Counter

Farshot is weak to assassins and other heroes who can dodge his first skill. Although he can deal massive damage from a distance, he is very immobile and easy to catch, so always look for where he’s singing his first skill and try to flank him. Here are some heroes who can easily counter Farshot in Honor of Kings:

Farshot counter hero Honor of kigs
Juniper can deny the burst damage from Baili Shouyue with her 2nd skill.

Lam can easily flank him and one-shot him if he catches him in the game.

Monkey King
Monkey King can deny the second skill damage of Farshot with his first skill and can easily kill him with one-shot, especially during late games.

Smith & Blade
If Smith and Blade get a good angle on Baili Shouyue, she can easily counter him as he doesn’t have much mobility.
mage who can counter farshot in honor of kings
Mai, a mage, can also counter Farshot if she can catch her off guard.

Li Bai
Farshot is weak against Li Bai, as Li can dodge 1st Ability from this MM if he times his skills well.

Lady Sun
Lady Sun is a strong marksman against Farshot in HoK and can counter him smoothly thanks to her 1st skill.

This support hero can soak most of the damage from this shooter hero when he is in his ult, and he can also body block his 2nd skill to save his teammates.
Best Teammates(Synergies) of FarshotWorst TeammatesHeroes Weak Against Farshot
1. Beast,
2. Mischief,
3. Breezy,
4. Frost,
5. Hegemon
1. Yaria,
2. Little Lute
1. Marco Polo,
2. Judge Dee,
3. Daji,
4. Chemist
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