Private Ear Honor of Kings | Fang

Private Ear Honor of Kings | Fang

This article includes the profile of the Honor of Kings(HoK) Marksman hero Private Ear(Fang), and here we will discuss him, his skills, and his play style.

Private Ear (Fang)

Hero ClassMarksman
Recommended LaneFarm Lane
Team Fight PositionBack Row
Crimson GolemHigh Need
GameEarly Game
Damage OutputVery High

Though Fang is of ferali descent, Chang’an took him in with open arms. Though a bit of an oddball, he’s also smart and agile and has the ability to sniff out all kinds of secrets.

Once, by chance, he came to Empress Wu Zetian’s aid against the Sanctifier, but he also saw some things he shouldn’t have. In the face of questioning by the Chang’an judge, Fang was able to use the secret he had chanced upon to save his life. When he got a job as Di Renjie’s assistant, the prospect of a salary made him more than happy to help maintain the peace in Chang’an.

Private Ear, popular by another name, Fang, is a marksman hero in HoK who can deal significant damage if he can land his 1st skill and hit the target continuously. He has mobility and is slow in his kit. A good player can dominate the battle without being targeted in team fights.

Private Ear’s(Fang) Skills & Abilities

Private Ear passive Skill
Passive Skill: Going Undercover
– Fang’s big ears allow him to sense nearby movement and pick up the trail of enemy heroes, gaining their vision for 1s. The skill works on the same hero once every 6s.

1st Skill: Target Sighted
– Private Ear Marks an enemy with Dark Mark that explodes after 4s, dealing 80(+65% Physical Attack) Physical Damage to enemies within range. His Basic Attack places 1 stack of Dark Mark, up to 4 stacks, with each stack making the Dark Mark deal an extra 80(+65% Physical Attack) Physical Damage. At 4 stacks, the Dark Mark explodes.
– Fang also gains 40% Attack Speed and 75 Attack Range for 4s when using this skill.

2nd Skill: Wheel Away
– Private Ear Launches his blade in the target direction and catches it on the other end with uncanny speed. He is untargetable while using this skill. The blade deals 200(+50% Physical Attack) physical Damage to enemies in its path and reduces their movement speed by 50% for 2s. He also leaves a scorch mark behind him for 0.25s, which deals 80(+20% Physical Attack) Physical Damage every 0.25s to enemies that step on it and reduces their Movement Speed by 50%.

3rd Skill: Bladestorm
– Private Ear Throws his blade in the target direction, triggering a bladestorm for 5.4s, dealing 215(+75% Physical Attack) Physical Damage to enemies hit and 75(+35% Physical Attack) Physical Damage to enemies within range every 0.5s while slowing them by 50%.

Private Ear’s(Fang) Voice Line(Dialogues)

Sorry, boss! i hope this won’t affect my pay
Heheh, my notebook has some of the boss’s secrets in it as well
Boss, you know I’d never dream of slacking off! I don’t even slack off when I sleep!
I’ll be working late, boss. Wanna join me?
Protecting those you can protect. That’s what heroes do.
A trained detective can read you like an open book
The great detective, at your service
Criminal be warned: You’re going to face the music
Boss, cut me some slack on my monthly eval this time, please?
Discretion is a detective’s best friend.
I’m watching you.
You have the right to remain silent. Anything you say can and will be used against you
I’m here to bring to justice
I have a notebook full of secrets…sighs…People’s live are so complicated
Flying Daggers
Lethal, extremely lethal
My daggers never miss
Searching for evidence
Don’t fight back, I know your every move!
Easy as pie
Hmph, that’s for calling me a paparazzo!

How to Play Private Ear?

Fang is a best and fun-to-play hero if you can land 4 basic attacks to stack after marking the enemy target with 1st skill. His most damage output comes from his first skill. Try to use your first skill on the enemy while laning, land as many basic attacks as possible and try not to get hit. Your 2nd skill is the most significant part of your kit, as it helps a lot in escaping enemy assassins who try to kill you.

While playing Private Ear in Honor of Kings, save your 2nd skill to escape and Flash for a competitive fight before the objective. If you manage to play him properly by utilizing his 2nd skill, you can hard carry any games. Use your ult in team fights to slow the engagers. You can also use your ult to slow down the enemies you are chasing.

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