Wuyan Honor of Kings Profile

Wuyan Honor of Kings Profile

This article includes the profile of the Honor of Kings(HoK) hero, Wuyan, and here we will discuss her playstyle, skills, voice lines and more.


Hero ClassFighter/Tank
Recommended LaneClash Lane
Wuyan lane position honor of kings
Team Fight PositionFront Row
Crimson/Azure GolemNo Requirement
GameEarly Game
Damage OutputHigh

As an orphaned hybrid, Wuyan survived the Southlands because she knew that power and money were the only ways out.

Savage and determined, she stuck to her way of doing things even at Jixia Academy. From stealing tomes to working as a mercenary, no one could predict what her next wild step would be. Only when she shattered the chains that bound the feralis with her hammer did it finally dawn on people that this formidable warrior had become an unstoppable force.

Wuyan is a fighter hero in HoK whose early game is flawless and can win against most of the matchups she is against. A good Wuyan Player can easily zone out the backline during team fights, and if the team fight goes for too long, you can kill everyone with your ultimate.

Wuyan’s Skills & Abilities

Passive Skill: Petrifying Strike
Passive Skill: Petrifying Strike
– Wuyan has a 50% chance of petrifying enemies for 0.75s each time she deals damage with her Basic Attack or skills.
– However, the same target can only be petrified once every 8s.
1st Skill: Storm and Stress
1st Skill: Storm and Stress
– Wuyan dashes in the target direction while enhancing her next Basic Attack for 4s. Her enhanced Basic Attack deals 225 (+120% Physical Attack) physical damage to enemies within range and slows them by 50% for 2s.
2nd Skill: Shock and Awe
2nd Skill: Shock and Awe
– Wuyan slams the target area with her hammer. It deals 300 (+145% Physical Attack) physical damage to enemies within range and double damage to enemies in the centre.
3rd Skill: Hurricane Hammer
3rd Skill: Hurricane Hammer
– Wuyan spins with her hammer and gains 10% Movement Speed for 3.2s, dealing 150 (+180% Physical Attack) physical damage every 0.4s, and an extra 40% damage to enemies on the edge of her attack.
– While spinning, she gains 5% Movement Speed and a shield that negates 35 (+10% Physical Attack) damage every 0.4s, for up to 4 stacks.
– Passive: With the power of the earth, she summons a shield every 3s that negates 140 (+60% Physical Attack) damage.

Wuyan’s Voice Lines (Dialogues)

Name a price for your troubles!
My two favourite things are coins and combat!
I’m as fickle as a coin flip.
Who’s in the mood for some looting?
You can talk talk and walk, but you need coins to make things happen!
My guiding principle is to always stand on the winning side.
You know what they say, gold makes the world go around.
Someone paid good money to have you taken out.
Money or life? Tough Choice…
Poor guy!
Let me have some fun!
I’m just getting warmed up!
Try m! You won’t know what hit you.
I like the way you tie bandages.

How to play Wuyan?

Here are some tips you must consider to play and master Wuyan in Honor of Kings:

  1. Play aggressively in the lane and try to petrify the enemy to take good trades.
  2. When using your ultimate in team fights, always try to aim for the backline.
  3. Ask your jungler to help you since you might get ganked by enemy junglers quite often while playing aggressively and being ahead in the lane. 
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