Eclipse Honor of Kings | Donghuang Taiyi

Eclipse Honor of Kings | Donghuang Taiyi

This article includes the profile of the Honor of Kings(HoK) hero, Eclipse, and here we will discuss his playstyle, skills, voice lines and more.

Eclipse (Donghuang Taiyi)

Hero ClassSupport/Tank
Recommended LaneRoaming
eclipse lane position honor of kings
Team Fight PositionFront Row
Azure GolemLow Requirement
GameEarly Game
SurvivabilityVery High
Damage OutputMedium
Disgusted by mediocrity, Donghuang Taiyi never had any plans to grow old and die like some commoner. Thus, he sought to unravel the mystery of the “Spell of reincarnation”, and when he succeeded, he was baptized in the wonder’s power. Reborn, he was within a stone’s throw of gaining powers to match those of the superbeing themselves.

But nothing is forever, and soon the reign of the superbeings came crashing down. After this disaster, Eclipse began to accumulate a different power. Sapping strength from the earth and from the heavens, he began to amass followers and believers. His goal is the same: to prove that he is, indeed, a being of supernatural powers.

Eclipse (Donghuang Taiyi) is a Support and Tank hero in HoK with massive cc and healing in his kit. He is a good support because of his early game, where he can make plays through his cc abilities. Playing with his passive will also help him deal lots of damage, healing him. Eclipse can cc the target, giving enough time to the team to follow up and finish the target. If the enemy target is squishy, Eclipse can even kill the target solo despite being a support of Honor of Kings.

Eclipse’s Skills & Abilities

Passive Skill: Soul Sacrifice
Passive Skill: Soul Sacrifice
– When Eclipse’s dark orbs come into contact with an enemy, they deal 100 (+50% Magical Attack) damage to enemies, plus extra magical damage equal to 3% of the target’s max health. At the same time, he recovers 100 (+40% Magical Attack) (+3% max Health) Health.
– When dark orbs hit non-hero enemies, he recovers 1% of his max Health.
– He can have up to 3 dark orbs orbiting him simultaneously.
1st Skill: Eclipse
1st Skill: Eclipse
– He releases a burst of power, dealing 300 (40% Magical Attack) magical damage to nearby enemies and creating a Dark Orb that orbits around him. He can have up to 3 dark orbs simultaneously.
– When his 1st Skill hits an enemy, the CD and Mana cost of that skill reduces by 50%.
2nd Skill: Dark Impact
2nd Skill: Dark Impact
– Eclipse spends all of his dark orbs (there must be at least one) to attack the target location, with each orb having a longer range than the last. Orbs deal 500 (+60% Magical Attack) magical damage to enemies within range.
– When he casts this skill, he gains 30% Movement Speed for 1s. He gains an extra 10% Movement Speed for every additional dark orb spent.
– The first two orbs will reduce the Movement Speed of enemies within range by 50% and 90% for 1s, respectively. The third dark orb will stun enemies within range for 1s.
3rd Skill: Forsaken Contract
3rd Skill: Forsaken Contract
– Eclipse suppresses an enemy hero for 2s. While the enemy is suppressed by him, both share all damage taken.
– He instantly gains 3 dark orbs when ULT is used. During impression, the orbs orbit 25% faster. Every 50 Magical Attack makes them orbit 5% faster, to a max of 100%.

Eclipse’s Voice Lines (Dialogues)

The eclipse is near… and so is my miracle!
Oh, the endless possibilities of evolution!
Listen! The howling of a dying star, offering its final embers to the universe…
The deepest darkness reflects eternity.
Abandon mercy, and you will be like a centipede, hideous but strong.
Anything can be known!
The mediocre imagine taboos, but the great create them.
My power…is leaving me…
To be superior is to be alone.
My willpower will tear you apart!
Turn to dust!
Your lack of it is an insult to me.
Hi, doe.

How to play Eclipse?

Here are some tips you must consider to play and master Eclipse in Honor of Kings:

  1. Eclipse is easy to play as he just needs to cc the significant target, which is the assassin or another damage dealer of the team. 
  2. Always try to use your ult on enemy carry, as his ult stuns the target for a few seconds, making it enough for your team to kill it.
  3. Eclipse is early-game support as he gets kited easily late game, and he can die quickly in the late game after stunning one target. So, try to make as many plays as you can in the early game to give your team a lead.
  4. His skill 1 summons a dark orb around him, which damages the enemy. So, play around with that orb to deal damage as it helps you to heal and reduce the skill 1 cooldown simultaneously.
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