Guan Yu Honor of Kings Profile

Guan Yu Honor of Kings Profile

This article includes the profile of the Honor of Kings(HoK) hero, Guan Yu, and here we will discuss his playstyle, skills, voice lines and more.

Guan Yu

Hero ClassFighter
Recommended LaneClash Lane
guan yu lane position
Team Fight PositionFlank
Crimson/Azure GolemNot Required
GameEarly/Late Game
Survivability Medium
Damage OutputHigh
DifficultyVery High

Guan Yu possesses a strength of character that fortifies the hearts of his comrades, and a ferocity that shakes the resolve of his enemies. Boasting a sterling record on the battlefield, he never wavers from his resole to accomplish whatever goals he sets for himself. He values trust and abhorrs betrayal.

After getting to know Placeholder 170, his philosophy was further strengthened, driving him on in his pursuit of a faithful brother-in-arm. Astride his horse, Red Hare, he’ll charge into the battlefield, swiftly killing enemies right and left.

Guan Yu is the most fun-to-play hero in HoK because of his fast movement speed, which helps him to roam the entire map within minutes. He has lots of burst damage if combined with his passive.

Guan Yu’s Skills & Abilities

Passive Skill: Rider of Triumph
Passive Skill: Rider of Triumph
– Normal Stance: Guan Yu gains 2% Movement Speed for every 200 units of distance he moves, entering Charge Stance upon moving 2000. When his Movement Speed drops below 375, he exits Charge Stance, and the accumulated distance is reset after 0.5s.
– Charge Stance: He enhances his next Basic Attack, charging forward to deal (+100% Physical Attack) (+10% Max Health) physical damage to enemies in his path and knock them back. He gains 20% Movement Speed when moving toward enemy heroes.
1st Skill: Heroic Charge
1st Skill: Heroic Charge
– Normal Stance: Guan Yu swings his blade. It deals 325 (+127% Physical Attack) physical damage to nearby enemies.
– Charge Stance: He charges forward. It deals (+100% Physical Attack) (+10% Max Health) Physical Damage to enemies in his path and knocks them back;
– He follows up with a frontal attack, dealing 375 (+150% Physical Attack) Physical Damage to enemies hit.
2nd Skill: Soaring Green Dragon
2nd Skill: Soaring Green Dragon
– Normal Stance: Guan Yu removes all CC effects from himself and gains 30% Movement Speed for 2s.
– Charge Stance: He removes all control effects from himself and leaps forward. It deals 335 (+112% Physical Attack) physical damage to enemies near his landing point and knocks them back. He also gains 30% Movement Speed for 2s.
3rd Skill: Razoro Cavalry
3rd Skill: Razoro Cavalry
– Normal Stance: Guan Yu enhanced himself for 10s. While enhanced, the distance required to enter Charge Stance is reduced by 75%.
– Charge Stance: He summons heavy cavalry on either side of himself that charges forward with him. It deals (+100% Physical Attack) (+10% max Health) Physical damage to enemies in the tier path and knocks them back.
– He then enhances himself for 10s. While enhanced, the distance required to enter Charge Stance is reduced by 75%.

Guan Yu’s Voice Line (Dialogues)

I entrust you with my life, my liege.
I will fight to the death!
No matter what road you have chosen, you must walk it all the way!
Wise people know they should keep their distance from my blade.
Always fight to the best of your ability. It’s a matter of respect for your opponent.
Once you have chosen your path, you cannot waver.
Humiliation is harder to bear than failure.
Finally, I can return…to the Peach Garden
Hear my blade roar!
One-man army!
Come on, slow me what you can do!
Don’t bite off more than you can chew!
You Fool, you’ve made your last mistake.

How to play Guan Yu?

Here are some tips you must consider to play and master Guan Yu in Honor of Kings:

  1. Guan Yu’s enhanced basic attack and 1st skill can crowd control enemies along the path, increasing his movement speed and the frequency of entering an enhanced state.
  2. Always make sure to prioritize the enemy carry while engaging.
  3. He needs to keep moving to keep his passive up the entire game, so try not to stop.
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