Ata Honor of Kings Profile

Ata Honor of Kings Profile

This article includes the profile of the Honor of Kings(HoK) hero, Ata, and here we will discuss his playstyle, skills, voice lines and more.


Hero ClassTank
Recommended LaneClash Lane
ata lane position honor of kings
Team Fight PositionFront Row
Crimson GolemLow Requirement
GameEarly/Late Game
Survival High
Damage OutputMedium

The orphan Ata spent most of his time as a young boy working as a longshoreman and dreaming of travelling the high seas. His wish became reality when he came across a pirate ship by chance and began life as a pirate.

During a treasure hunt, he acquired a rare treasure, the Soul Pearl, which he combined with the remains of sea beasts to create a unique weapon that has since become a terror of the seas. The white anchor he carries, another treasure wrestled from the sea, serves as a symbol of his bravery.

Ata is a tank and fighter hero in Hok who is good at sustaining and life-stealing. He heals a lot during fights while being extremely tanky, which makes him a hard-to-kill hero. Ata is one of the heroes who needs lots of skill to play because you can always dominate Clash Lane by mastering him.

Ata’s Skills & Abilities

Passive Skill: Child of the Sea
Passive Skill: Child of the Sea
– Ata’s lost Health will be stored in a buffer for 7s, and 45%/20% of the damage he deals to enemy heroes/non-heroes units will restore Health to him, respectively. After 7s, his buffered Health will diminish by 3% max Health per second. Basic Attack deal 40 (+0.5% of max Health) extra physical damage.
1st Skill: Wavewalking
1st Skill: Wavewalking
– Ata leaps and slams into the ground, dealing 105 (+9% max Health) physical damage to enemies within range. He then bounces up again, dealing an equal amount of extra physical damage to enemies within range and launching them for 0.5s upon landing.
– When this skill hits multiple enemies, each extra enemy hit reduces damage by 20%, down to 60% of the initial damage. Deals 30% extra damage to minions and 50% extra damage to monsters.
– He will roll in the target direction when he slams into the ground the second time. He has CC immunity while using the skill.
2nd Skill: Sea Anchor
2nd Skill: Sea Anchor
– Ata hurls his anchor in the target direction, dealing 150 (+50% Physical Attack) physical damage to enemies in its path and reducing their Movement Speed by 60% for 1.5s. If the anchor hits a wall, he will pull himself and any enemies in his path towards the wall and smash into it, dealing 150 (+6% max Health) physical damage and stunning any enemies smashed for 0.5s.
– Passive: Using Skill 2 enhances the next Basic Attack, pulling the target enemy to him.
3rd Skill: Ghost Ship
3rd Skill: Ghost Ship
– Ata erects a high wall in the target fan-shaped area that blocks heroes and lasts for 4s. When erected, the wall deals 250 (+90% Physical Attack) physical damage to enemies in front of him.
– When using the Ultimate, he has CC immunity.

Ata’s Voice Lines (Dialogues)

No pain, no gain.
A little happiness goes a long away.
You want a fight? Then you shall get one.
Whatever you do, don’t surrender.
Crashing waves!
The surf’s up!
Stay back!
Dead End!
I…will go down with my ship.

How to play Ata?

Here are some tips you must consider to play Ata in Honor of Kings:

  1. Ata needs to land his Basic Attack to heal from his passive, so try to use Basic Atk while landing your skills to maximize damage and tankiness.
  2. Furthermore, try to flank and engage on enemy carries to cc them.
  3. He is a bit weak in the early game, so try to play safe against some heroes who are strong early.
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