Li Xin Honor of Kings Profile

Li Xin Honor of Kings Profile

This article includes the profile of the Honor of Kings(HoK) hero, Li Xin, and here we will discuss his playstyle, skills, voice lines and more.

Li Xin

Hero ClassFighter
Recommended LaneClash Lane
li xin lane position
Team Fight PositionFront Row
Crimson/Azure GolemNo Requirement
GameEarly/Late Game
Damage OutputVery High

Born of royal blood, Li Xin has held on firmly to his belief to put his country first. However, because his father was defeated in a power struggle, he bore the legacy of his father’s hatred and wrath in his heart. Swearing vengeance, he came to the Great Wall alone, obsessed with reclaiming his glory and territories.

As he has to choose between the forces of light and darkness, just where will his sword be pointed at?

Li Xin is one of the most unique fighters in HoK since you need to play around with his form. He has two forms- Revenge and Domination, which have different playstyle. Li Xin is one of those 1v9 heroes in Honor of Kings who can carry the game solo if he gets ahead.

Li Xin’s Skills & Abilities

Since Li Xin has two unique forms, which are Revenge and Domination, you must understand his skills in both forms. They are as follows:

Domination (Normal) Form Skills
Passive Skill: Ashen Razor
Passive Skill: Ashen Razor
– Li Xin unleashes his power gradually. While in his normal form, he gains 10 EXP whenever he hits an enemy hero with his Basic Attack or 2nd Skill.
1st Skill: Lightning Dash
1st Skill: Lightning Dash
– He dashes in the target direction.
2nd Skill: Chaos Wave
2nd Skill: Chaos Wave
– Unleashed sword energy in a specified. It deals 300 (+100% Physical Attack) physical damage and slows enemies by 50% for 2s.
3rd Skill: Light Awakening
3rd Skill: Light Awakening
– When he learns his Skill 3, he releases anomalic power, immediately switching to Domination Form.
li xin ultimate skill
4th Skill: Dark Awakening
– When Li Xin learns his Ultimate, he releases anomalic power switching to Revenge Form.
Revenge Form Skills
li xin revenge Passive Skill: Void Slice
Passive Skill: Void Slice
– Li Xin gains 30 Movement Speed.
– He follows up each Basic Attack with an extra attack that deals 90-300 physical damage.
1st Skill: Righteous Fervor
1st Skill: Righteous Fervor
– He charges up, during which he gains 150 Movement Speed, heals for 50 Health every 0.5s, and has CC immunity.
– If he charges for 1s or more, he gains 40% Attack Speed when the charge ends. The Attack Speed and Movement Speed bonuses diminish over 3s. Every time he hits an enemy with his Basic Attack, the CD of Skill 1 is reduced by 1s.
li xin 2nd Skill: Brutal Gouge
2nd Skill: Brutal Gouge
– He swings his sword and unleashes sword energy in the target direction. It deals 280 (+80% Physical Attack) physical damage to enemies within range, reducing their Movement Speed by 50%, and gouging them for 2s. He deals 90 extra physical damage each time he hits the gouged target with his Basic Attack. If the target is an enemy hero, he also heals for 55 Health each time he deals extra damage.
3rd Skill: Shadow Seal
3rd Skill: Shadow Seal
– He releases energy, creating a magic circle where he stands. After a short delay, he deals 600 (+120% Physical Attack) physical damage to enemies within range and launches them for 0.75s.
4th Skill: Force Mastery
4th Skill: Force Mastery
– Finally, Li Xin suppresses the earth inside him, switching to Domination Form. He cannot be interrupted by the CC effect during the switch.

Li Xin’s Voice Line (Dialogues)

I followed the call to build the Great Wall.
I took an oath, and I will see it through.
The city of Chang’an shall never forget me.
The million stars above the Great Wall are its permanent watch-keepers.
The winds of war have enveloped our world…Where are the kings and lords?
I am the lord of Chang’an and its rebuilder, should it fall.
The hardship of these times will lead us to greatness!
The route from Chang’an to the Great Wall… That is where my soul dwells…
Where do I belong…?
I command here!
I do not bow to the Will of Heaven!
What a spectacle!
Your cluelessness would be entertaining… if it wasn’t so pitiful.
Borders are easy to expand but hard to guard.
My homeland’s beauty is always in my heart… Yet I am not allowed to see it with my eyes.
I wonder if a reincarnated soul has a better understanding of death.
Stranger, how can you let your homeland slip from your hands?
These places, this food, they don’t belong in a dream, do they?
The dreams and wishes from this world shall be passed on.
The melodies from the Qiang Flute make a distant land feel like home.
If a cat has nine lives, its family tree must be nine times taller.
The stars of tonight saw the origin of time… The gaze of the past guides the fate of tomorrow.
Both of us want to be the first to see the dawn.
A king without a kingdom, a man without a homeland.
Sometimes power can be a curse…
I hate to see them go. Is it because they are my allies?
I’ve been burned once. That was enough.
Solitude sharpens my blade…
Only the bonfires burning by the Great Wall can calm my yeaning!

How to play Li Xin?

Here are some tips you must consider to play and master Li Xin in Honor of Kings:

  1. He is good with slit push since he has damage to 1v1 enemy heroes and movement speed to get out of danger quickly. So, if you reckon you cannot do much in team fights, try to split.
  2. Try to stay behind and do the damage with your 2nd skill, and if there is a chance you can kill the enemy carry and get out, then go all in on the enemy carry.
  3. You must learn to camp or hide in the bush strategically and hold and release skills buttons. 
  4. Don’t engage in the teamfight, as Li Xin is not tanky. Instead, select the suitable form and attack from the back row, targetting mage and marksman. During 1v1 Domination form works best.
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