Melissa Mobile Legends | Builds, Skills, Emblem, Spell & Skins

Melissa Mobile Legends | Builds, Skills, Emblem, Spell & Skins

This article will guide you with the best builds, Emblem Sets and Battle Spells of Melissa Mobile Legends(Mlbb). Also, here, you will find the Skills, Combo and Skins of Melissa in MLBB. So, let us continue.

About Melissa

Hero ClassMarksman
Recommended LaneGold Lane
OffenseVery High
Control EffectMedium
How to unlockPurchase with 32000 Gold or 599 Diamond
Melissa Skill Combos in Mlbb
Place your 2nd skill doll in the range where it connects to the enemy. Use your basic attacks. When the enemy tries to run away, dash using your 1st skill towards the enemy.

Melissa’s Skills & Abilities

Passive Skill: Doll Buster
Passive Skill: Doll Buster
– My tailor shop excels at fixing and ‘fixing’ dolls. Am I right, Muddles?
(Melissa deals 125% damage to Minions, Creeps, and Summoned Units.)
Skill 1st: Falling!
Skill 1st: Falling!
– “Watch me slide forward and increase my Attack Speed for 3 seconds, that was just boring…”
“Muddles, go that way!”
“Cuddles, come here!”
– (The skill’s cooldown is reduced by 1.5s each time Melissa damages the enemy by attacking Muddlesl.)
Skill 2nd: Eyes on You!
Skill 2nd: Eyes on You!
– “The plans like this: Throw Muddles out to hold down the bad guys, and then…I come on stage!”
– “I puncture the bad guys, while Giggles hit Muddles to punish them as well! Hee, fantastic!”
(Muddles deals 250 (+80% Total Physical Attack) Physical Damage on the first hit and links nearby enemies for up to 6s. Linked enemies are slowed by 60% which decays over 1.5s and can break the link by moving out of the range. Muddles will return to Melissa early when there are no enemies around and immediately if she’s too far away. When Muddles is present, you can tap the Attack Mininon button to directly attack Muddles, though it cannot trigger the multi-hit damage.)
Skill 3rd: Go Away!
Skill 3rd: Go Away!
– “Cuddles, protect me! For 4 seconds, let no bad guys come close. Unless I say otherwise!”
(When) activated, the field knocks back enemies in the area and deals them 500 (+100% Total Magic Power) Magic Damage. It’ll then continuously knock back enemies who attempt to enter the field, dealing them 50 (+10% Total Magic Power) Magic Damage and briefly slowing them. The field will move with Melissa once she is about to move out of the boundary,
– Passive: Melissa’s Physical and Magic Defense is increased by 3. This effect is increased to 5 times when the skill is active.

Recommended Melissa’s Battle Spells

melissa best spell
She is best played with the spell flicker or inspire.

Recommended Melissa’s Emblem Build

As an ideal emblem set for Melissa, you must use the Custom Marksman emblem with talents swift, weapons master and quantum charge OR the Custom Assassin emblem with swift, tenacity and quantum Charge.

Emblem Attributes & Stats
+15% Attack Speed
+5% Adaptive Attack
+5% Lifesteal

Recommended Melissa’s Item Builds

Firstly, here is the ideal Mobile Legends(MLBB) items/equipment set for the Melissa high attack Speed burst Build:

Items Set
melissa burst build mobile legends
Swift Boots>Corrosion Scythe>Demon Hunter Sword>Golden Staff>Malefic Roar>Wind of Nature
Total Stats of Burst Build
+10% Lifesteal
+40 Movement Speed
+210 Physical Attack
+20% Physical Penetration
+110% Attack Speed
+5% Movement Speed
+Significant Passive

Secondly, here are the best items for the sustained DPS build of Melissa:

Items Set
melissa sustained dps build mobile legends
Tough Boots>Demon Hunter Sword>Golden Staff>Corrosion Scythe>Wind of Nature>Malefic Roar
Total Stats of Sustained DPS Build
+210 Physical Attack
+10% Lifesteal
+40 Movement Speed
+22 Magic Defense
+20% Physical Penetration
+95% Attack Speed
+5% Movement Speed
+Significant Passive

Melissa’s Skins & Cosmetics

Here is the list of all the skins of Melissa in Mobile Legends and a brief description of the features you will get from them:

All SkinsSpecial Boost & Features
Cursed Needle skin
Cursed Needle
– Default
Twinge Weaver skin
Twinge Weaver
– Physical Attack +8
Nobara Kugisaki skin of melissa mobile legends
Nobara Kugisaki
– Exclusive skill icons
– Jujutsu-themed Music
– Skin voiceover charges
– Exclusive skill sound effects
– New display scene
– Skill effect changes
– All-new display animation
– MLBB X Jujutsu Kaisen Collaboration Skin
– Physical Attack +8

– Starlight-themed scene
– Skill effect changes
– All-new display animation
– Just let me have a bit of your soul! Don’t be so stingy!
– Physical Attack
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