Tomemaster Honor of Kings | Zhang Liang

Tomemaster Honor of Kings | Zhang Liang

This article includes the profile of the Honor of Kings(HoK) hero, Tomemaster (Zhang Liang), and here we will discuss him, his skills, and his play style.

Tomemaster (Zhang Liang)

Hero ClassMage/Support
Recommended LaneMid Lane
Laning position of Tomemaster in Honor of kings
Team Fight PositionBack Row
Azure GolemHigh Need
Damage OutputHigh

A level-headed and gifted scholar, Zhang Liang was often seen holding an ancient manuscript. As a disciple of the sage Jiang Ziya, he had a talent for manipulating the mysterious souls of language.

But though he was proficient in all the languages of the world and even had the ability to communicate with the forces of the world, he didn’t know how to connect with people. Treating everything in the world with a distant and rational attitude, he is following his master’s orders to bring order to the world with the spirit of words.

Tomemaster is a crowd-control mage in Honor of Kings(HoK) who provides a lot of utility for the team. He is very annoying for the enemy team because of his high damage output and lots of crowd control abilities. Tomemaster is very good during team fights, and if you can catch any enemy carry with your Ultimate, you can easily win any battle.

Tomemaster’s Skills & Abilities

Tomemaster Passive Skill: Power Word-Trance
Passive Skill: Power Word-Trance
– After Tomemaster’s Basic Attacks or skills deal damage to a target twice within 1.5s, he enters a state of continuous attack, during which he deals 120(+80% Magical Attack) True damage to the target every 1.2s.
1st Skill: Power Word- Barrier
1st Skill: Power Word- Barrier
– Tomemaster summons 4 magical barriers at the target location. When touched by an enemy, barriers disappear and deal 400(+75% Magical Attack) Magical Damage while stunning the target for 0.75s.
– After the stun wears off, the enemy’s Movement Speed is reduced by 50% for 0.5s.
– If the same enemy touches multiple barriers within a short period, subsequent barriers only deal half of the damage, and the enemy’s Movement Speed is reduced by 50% for 1.25s, without suffering the stun effect.

2nd Skill: Power Word-Fate
– Tomemaster conjures a circle attrition at the target location for 5.5s. The circle deals with 120(+17% Magical Attack) Magical Damage to 1 enemy within range every 0.5s and provides vision of the area. Non-hero enemy units take 50% more damage. Gains 60 Movement Speed while inside a circle.
– He can have at most 2 circles up at the same time. He stocks 1 charge of the skill every 12s(affected by CD Reduction), for up to 3 charges.
3rd Skill: Power Word-Control
3rd Skill: Power Word-Control
– The Ult of Tomemaster uses a Power Word to suppress an enemy hero for 2.2s and deal 120(+15% Magical Attack) Magical Damage to them every 0.5s.
– If he finishes using this skill without being interrupted, a magic field is summoned at the target hero’s location.
– Enemies that step into the field take 240(+30% Magical Attack) Magical Damage and are stunned for 0.75s.

Tomemaster’s Voice Line(Dialogues)

I think, therefore I am.
Shhh! Curiosity Killed the cat!
Words are the most powerful magic of all!
Faith is speaking with the cosmos, but hearing it speak to you…that’s insanity.
Nothing is sadder than ignorance.
I am learned in every discipline known to man…or so I thought.
I foresee a storm coming…and no one will be spared.
Why are no two minds alike? Truly a mystery worthy of my attention.
I knew too much…
Obey my orders!
Accept my superiority!
Back to where you came from!
Take your ignorance and disappear!

How to Play Tomemaster?

Here are some tips you must consider to play and master Tomemaster in Honor of Kings:

  1. Zhang Liang is a squishy mage, so try to play from the backline and land your ability on the enemy as much as possible.
  2. Your ultimate is the most significant part of your kit since you can suppress anyone near you, so if any assassin comes for you, save your ULT for them.
  3. Whenever the team fights breakout, use his 2nd skill to affect all the enemies with some CC and more damage.
  4. If you are alone, but the minions/enemies are approaching the turret, use his 1st skill to block their way. Then, immediately place the 2nd skill behind the 1st Skill.
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