Tomemaster Build Honor of Kings | A Complete Guide

Tomemaster Build Honor of Kings | A Complete Guide

This article will guide you with the best build of Tomemaster (Zhang Liang) in Honor of Kings(HoK), which includes her Items, Arcana, Spell, Combo & Counters.


Flash is the best Spell for Tomemaster.


Here is the Special Combo attack of Tomemaster:

Skill 1 + Skill 2 + Ultimate

Item Builds

Here is the set of Honor of Kings items for the full-damage build of Tomemaster:

Tomemaster build item
Boots of Tranquility
+15% CD Reduction
+60 Movement Speed

Scepter of Reverberation
+240 Magical Attack
+7% Movement Speed
+Magical Damage

Savant’s Wrath
+300 Magical Attack

Void Staff
+240 Magical Attack
+500 Max Health
+45% Magic Pierce
Best item to build Tomemaster
+160 Magical Attack
+10% CD Reduction
Grants Immunity

Tome of Wisdom
+400 Magical Attack
+10% CD Reduction

Tomemaster is a crowd control mage in HoK who can deal damage while providing good utility for the team, so we build him a full damage dealer. Start with Boots of Tranquility first to spamming your skills more. Then, go for Scepter of Reverberation, which gives you more magical attack and movement speed. It also provides a good passive, which gives you extra damage on every skill you hit.

Consecutively, go for Savant’s Wrath to enhance damage and attack speed. This item increases power as you start doing good damage in fights. Then, for 3rd item, go for some magic penetration to deal with tanky heroes. After that, go for Tome of Wisdom, which is the core item of Mage heroes, as it gives you lots of magical attack and cooldown reduction along with the best scaling passive. Finally, pick an item like Splendor to enhance magical atk and cooldown reduction.

Other Useful BuildsItems Set
Tomemaster’s Utility and Sustain BuildBoots of Deftness>Holy Grail>Glacial Buckler>Mask of Agony>Succubus Cloak>Void Staff
His Best Magical ItemsSceptre of Reverberation>Savant’s Wrath>Void Staff>Splendor>Tome of Wisdom>Mask of Agony
His Best Defensive ItemGlacial Buckler>Succubus Cloak

Arcana Build

Tomemaster is weak in the early game; therefore, you must consider Arcana, which can make him a balanced hero. So, Here is the Set of Honor of Kings Arcana Archive you must upgrade to strengthen the Tomemaster Build:


+Movement Speed
+Attack Speed
Tomemaster Arcana Build HoK
Mind Eye
+Attack Speed
+Magical Pierce

+Magical Attack
+Magical Pierce

Tomemaster Counters

Zhang Liang is a mage with no mobility, so it is easy to counter him after he uses his Flash and Ultimate. So if you want to target him, make sure he uses his cc skills because you can catch him even if he uses Flash if you also have it. Here are some heroes who can easily counter Tomemaster in Honor of Kings:

Tomemaster counter hero
Angela has a good AOE CC in her kit, so she can easily one-shot Tomemaster.

Breezy also has good aoe cc in her kit, and she easily outscales him.

Marco Polo
Marco Polo needs to wait for Zhang Liang’s ult to be used, then he can go in with his ultimate and kill him effortlessly if he has Purify.
Strong Hero against Tomemaster
Lady Sun
It is hard for Tomemaster to cc Lady Sun, and Sun can kill him in the late game.

Frost is also a strong hero against Tomemaster because she can deal lots of AoE damage compared to him.

Peacekeeper can stun Zhang Liang from a far distance, and Liang will have a hard time killing the Peacekeeper.

Monkey King
Monkey King can dodge some cc abilities from this mage if timed perfectly.

If Nakoruru gets a good flank on him, she can easily one-shot him in the game.

Dreambuilder is the best counter for Tomemaster in HoK because she can deny cc from her ultimate.
Best Teammates(Synergies) of TomemasterHis Worst TeammatesHeroes Weak Against Him
1. Beast,
2. Mischief,
3. Lu Bu,
4. Lian Po
1. Eclipse,
2. Dreambuilder
1. Mirrorblade,
2. Li Xin,
3. Milday,
4. Chemist
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