Juniper Honor of Kings | Consort Yu

Juniper Honor of Kings | Consort Yu

This article includes the profile of the Honor of Kings(HoK) Marksman hero Juniper (Consort Yu), and here we will discuss her, her skills, and her play style.

Juniper (Consort Yu)

Hero ClassMarksman
Recommended LaneFarm Lane
Juniper lane position
Team Fight PositionBack Row
Crimson GolemHigh Need
Damage OutputVery High

A girl at one with the forces of nature, brave and beautiful. Every bolt from her crossbows radiated the blessings of the forest. Acting upon her mentor’s order, she embarked on a journey to explore the world around her, and in the process, fell in love with the heroic Xiang Yu.

However, she was warned by her senior, Zhang Liang, that the person she had fallen in love with was the dark master from the prophecies. Brokenhearted and resigned to her fate, Consort Yu sent one of her bolts piercing through her lover’s heart. Tragically, it was only after the dead was done that the illusion shattered, and she realized that the person she had spoken to was not Zhang Liang, but someone disguised as him. How will this fateful love tragedy and, and what should the despairing consort Yu do?

Juniper is a Marksman in HoK who can literally dodge the auto attacks for a certain period during her 2nd skill. She is one of the most fun heroes to play as she is strong against many heroes with physical attacks. Juniper has excellent early games as her 1st skill deals a lot of damage. Overall, It is easy to play her, but you need to know when to use your skills.

Juniper’s Skills & Abilities

Juniper passive skill honor of kings
Passive Skill: Blessing of the Dryads
– Juniper’s Basic Attack has a 25% chance of shooting an extra shot. It deals 100(+20% Physical Attack) damage and places 1 stack of slow on the hit enemy. This effect stacks up to 3 times, with each reducing the enemy’s movement speed by 15% for 2s.

1st Skill: Oak Bolt
After charging, Juniper shoots a powerful bolt in the target direction, which deals damage to enemies in its path. The bolt deals 365(+200% Physical Atk) physical damage to the first enemy it hits. Damage is reduced by 15% for every subsequent enemy hit, down to 40% of the initial damage.

2nd Skill: Protecting Winds
– She enhances herself for 2s. This enhances her movement speed by 30% and she becomes immune to physical attacks.
– When using 2nd Skill, she briefly gains immunity to CC, removing all Movement speed reduction effects for herself and causing her next Basic Attack to trigger the passive.
– In addition, using the 2nd skill of Juniper in Honor of Kings, her attack speed increases passively.

3rd Skill: Vaulting Shot
– Juniper jumps on the target enemy, during which she gains immunity to CC. She stuns the target for 0.5s and reduces their movement speed by 90% for 2s.
– She then flips backwards while shooting 2 bolts at the same enemy. Each bolt deals 180(+85% Physical Attack) Physical damage. Upon landing, her Attack Speed increases by 30% for 4s.

Juniper’s Voice Lines(Dialogues)

Light as the breeze…swift as an arrow.
Your love is engraved on my mind, my lord.
Nobility has lost all meaning to me!
Purify everything…the forest, the world, and my soul.
Pain is the ultimate tool for teaching the corrupt.
The wind shall remove any trace of your existence.
I shall not cry for my lover, as long as I carry him in my heart.
Weakness is no excuse for far.
Forgive me…Forgive me…
Face Mother Nature!
Whispers of the forest!
No escape!
Why race against the wind?
Ah, your remains shall fertilize the mighty forest soil!

How to Play Juniper?

Juniper is one of the Powerful early-game heroes in Honor of Kings, as she can deal lots of damage with her 1st skill, dodge any physical damage with her 2nd skill and stun with her 3rd skill. So, try to land her 1st skill to trade in the lane. If the enemy is low enough, try to land your 2nd skill, which will dodge all their damage. Then use your ult to finish them off.

Juniper is best against physical damage dealing assassin, so try to pick her if there is one in the opponent. You should save your 2nd skill during the late game so that when an assassin jumps on you, you can easily dodge their burst damage. Although Juniper counters physical damage-dealing Assassins, she is vulnerable to magical damage-dealing Assassins. So, pick some magic defense during the late game to remain safe. She also lacks mobility, so save your flash for the objective fight to escape the enemy rush.


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