Lady Sun Honor of Kings Profile

Lady Sun Honor of Kings Profile

This article includes the profile of the Honor of Kings(HoK) Marksman hero, Lady Sun, and here we will discuss her, her skills, and her play style.

Lady Sun

Hero ClassMarksman
Recommended LaneFarm Lane
Lady Sun lane position
Team Fight PositionBack Row
Crimson GolemHigh Need
GameLate Game
Damage OutputVery High

To the noble Lady Sun, powdering one’s nose means having one’s face covered in gun power fumes after annihilating those who bully the weak.

Following in the footsteps of her elder brother, Sun Ce, Lady Sun grew up with the desire to make life better for all of Jiang. One day, after repelling a sudden pirate attack, word of her prowess with the cannon spread far and wide. Be it helping her older brother reform the country or fighting off enemies, this bold lady is always willing to go all out.

Lady Sun is a Marksman in HOK who is perfect at harassing opponents and dealing massive damage in the late game. She has high mobility, which makes her an excellent Marksman because she can kite quite well. If you compare all the MM with her, you will find she is an energetic hero. Overall, with a good Tank or Mage, Sun can dominate the Farm lane and make the way to the enemy crystal in a few minutes.

Lady Sun’s Skills & Abilities

Lady Sun Passive Skill: Energy Burst
Passive Skill: Energy Burst
– Her Basic Attack reduces Skill1’s CD by 0.5s on hit.

1st Skill: Rolling Raid
1st Skill: Rolling Raid
– Lady Sun rolls in the target direction and enhances her next Basic Attack. It will deal 270(+100% Physical Attack) Physical Damage to enemies in its path. Using the enhanced Basic Attack will reset the following Basic Attack and increase its range.
– If there is an enemy hero nearby after she rolls, her Movement Speed will increase by 80%. This effect diminishes over 2s.

2nd Skill: Lotus Bomb
– She tosses a bomb at the target location, dealing 150(+100% Physical Attack) Physical Damage to enemies within range. This skill also reduces the enemy’s Movement Speed by 90% for 1s, Physical Defense by 10% and marking enemy heroes and minions for 5s.
– Her Basic Attacks deals 100(+20% Physical Attack) extra physical damage to marked heroes and 200(+40% Physical Attack) extra physical damage to marked minions.
3rd Skill: Ultimate Bolt
3rd Skill: Ultimate Bolt
– Lady Sun fires a powerful shot in the target direction, dealing 500(+185% Physical Attack) Physical Damage to the first enemy it hits. Afterwards, or if it has reached its maximum range, it detonates, dealing 75% damage to enemies in a cone-shaped area beyond the point of explosion.

Lady Sun’s Voice Lines(Dialogues)

Get outta my way! Now!
Wanna get shot? Happy to oblige!
You another fan of MINE?
Oh man this is gonna be so much fun!
I’ll allow you a grand exit, but you better thank me for my kindness!
Ladylike Shmadylike… I couldn’t care less!
I won’t waste bullets on boring people!
Some people think they can just stumble around the jungle and not be walking target practice!
Aw Man… I was having fun…
Oh my!
You thought you had me!
Hi Bye Bye!
Whew! That’s tougher than it looks!
Oh Yeah? Hunh hunh
Suit Yourself
Fire and forget
Never missed a shot!
Yeah, unless we’re discussing explosive, this gal’s out!

How to Play Lady Sun?

Lady Sun is a good Marksman in Honor of Kings who can harass during the early game and also deal High damage in the late game. It is really easy to survive her in the laning phase so she can scale later into the game. It is also easy to lane with her because of the range she gets from her skill1.

Try to poke the enemy using the range you get from the skill1. Then rush using your full combo if the enemy is low enough. Also, try not to use your skill for damage because if you get Gank, you need your 1st skill to run away, which can save your Flash.

Use your skill1 to deal damage in team fights, and make sure your ult hits as many enemies as possible. Also, be clear that you are not on the target of Assassins while using 1st skill for damage. But, If you are on the target of Assassin, use your skill 1 to escape and use Flash skill if necessary. Doing this will give you enough space to free-hit the enemy.


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