Peony Diviner Honor of Kings | Ming

Peony Diviner Honor of Kings | Ming

This article includes the profile of the Honor of Kings(HoK) hero, Peony Diviner (Ming), and here we will discuss him, his skills, and his play style.

Peony Diviner (Ming)

Hero ClassSupport
Recommended LaneRoaming
Peony Diver Laning position in Honor of Kings
Team Fight PositionFront Row
Crimson/Azure GolemNo Requirement
Damage OutputMedium

Ming is a dashing diviner who can see the truth hidden in hexagrams and people’s hearts. This strange man appeared in Chang’an one day and made it his home.

To the people there, he is known only as the Peony Diviner. They do not know where he came from, but he has the ability to predict the future with incredible accuracy–even the Empress herself has solicited his services. However, talent doesn’t necessarily make life in Chang’an easy.

A certain judge has been amongst the most suspicious of Ming’s motives. Ming’s response to all such suspicions is a smile, hidden under, which is his true intention: to take back the Great Wall.

Peony Diviner, also famous by another name, Ming, is a Support hero in HoK who buffs his carry, providing extra physical and magical attack. He also heals the carries, which makes him a good roamer. If Peony Diviner sticks with some good Marksman or Assassin player, they both can easily carry the game by themselves in Honor of Kings.

Peony Diviner’s Skill & Abilities

Passive Skill: Good Omens
Passive Skill: Good Omens
– Every 5s, the next Basic Attack deals 300(15% Magical Attack) Magical Damage and restores 225(+22% Magical Attack) Health to the linked teammate and 150(+15% Magical Attack) Health to himself.
– Hitting a non-hero enemy unit only restores 150(+15% Magical Attack) and 100(+10% Magical Attack).
1st Skill: Time- Carefree
1st Skill: Time-Carefree
– Peony Diviner throws his celestial instrument and links to the target, producing different effects when linking to a teammate or enemy.
Linking Teammates: Grants 15(+6% Magical Attack) Physical Attack, 24(+10% Magical Attack) Magical Attack, 5% Movement Speed, and 15% Attack Speed.
Linking Enemy: Reduces 50(+9% Magical Attack) Physical Attack, 75(13% Magical Attack) Magical Attack, and deals 30(20%Magical Attack)Magical Attack every 0.5s, while also dealing an extra 100% damage to enemies that come into contact with the link.
Buff on Self: Physical and Magical Attack are enhanced by two-thirds, and the Movement Speed is increased by 15%
2nd Skill: Mastery- Glide
2nd Skill: Mastery-Glide
– Switches his celestial instrument’s State to change the link effect of Time-Carefree.
Offense Mode: the linked teammate gains 15(+6% Magical Attack) Physical Attack, 24(10% Magical Attack) Magical Attacks and increased Attack Speed, while Ming increases his own Physical Attack and Magical Attack by two-thirds of this amount. Linked Enemy losses 50(+9% Magical Attack )Physical Attack and 75(13% magical Attack)Magical Attack.
Defense Mode: Linked teammate or enemy gains or loses 20% Physical and Magical Defense, while Ming increases his own Physical and Magical Defense by two-thirds.
3rd Skill(Ultimate): Peace- Longevity
3rd Skill(Ultimate): Peace-Longevity
– After channelling for 0.75s, Peony Diviner deals 1000(+159% Magical Attack) true damage to the liked enemy or heals the linked teammate for the same amount of health. He will lose an equal amount of Health.
Passively, he recovers 5% of lost Health per second upon leaving combat. The amount of Health lost from this skill cannot exceed his current Health.

Peony Diviner’s Voice Lines(Dialogues)

The flowers are in bloom, nurtured by artifice.
The heart wanders, inspired by life.
I see a flying dragon in the sky–the image of victory.
I see worrisome omens. Keep an eye on your allies.
I see prosperity in your future. You can still turn the tables.
Your future is obscure. It doesn’t hurt to play it safe.
Good fortune follows disaster.
Overwhelming desire always ends in total despair.
Even an auspicious trigram can’t help those who lack the wits to use it.
Life is tedious. I want to fill it with strangeness and wonder.
A river of forgetfulness flows in my veins.
Only Heaven knows our true fates.
As I expected…
Some prediction need a bit of help.
Too young, too naive.
Taste the sweet river of forgetfulness.
In the name of the fallen deities, I must regain what I have lost.
The trigrams say it’s time to launch an assault.
Use or be used. Life is never fair.
Why play a lamenting ballad when the spring breeze can never carry it to the Jade Gate?
Your desires are clear as day; mine are still hidden in the mists.
Oh, but I hear you have stung quite a few people with your blade.
What’s mine is mine, and will always be mine.
Even thousands of flowers in bloom cannot compete with a mere magnolia? Interesting.
The trigram says that this betrayal will not be the last.
Oh, of all the fates I’ve predicted yours is by far the worst.
The trigram says that what is gone may never come back. What is your will never be.
When the people you care about only exist in your memories, that is when you have utterly failed.

How to Play Peony Diviner (Ming)?

Here are some points you must consider to play and master Peony Diviner in Honor of Kings: 

  1. Always try to get some duo to play with you, as Peony Diviner depends on the carry player, and someone who you can’t trust in the solo queue can let you down.
  2. Always stick to the player making the most impact in the game.
  3. Learn different combos on who is the best hero to play with him and ask your duo to play that. 
  4. Despite being a support, Ming has good damage output; therefore, firstly you help the farm laner until destroying a turret.
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