Beast Honor of Kings | Zhang Fei

Beast Honor of Kings | Zhang Fei

This article includes the profile of the Honor of Kings(HoK) hero, Beast (Zhang Fei), and here we will discuss him, his skills, and his play style.

Beast (Zhang Fei)

Hero ClassTank/Support
Recommended LaneRoaming
Laning position of Beast in Honor of Kings
Team Fight PositionFront Row
Crimson/Azure GolemNot Required
SurvivalMore than Very High
Damage OutputLow
DifficultyEasy To Play

This strong man in armor with flowing hair and a resolute look on his face is Zhang Fei, one of Shu’s great masters of mechcraft.

However, from a young age, he had to endure the curses of his relatives and the disgust of his neighbours–all because of the ferali blood that runs through his veins. In the end, this fact would even destroy his family. Having lost everything, he imprisoned himself in the depths of a dungeon to devote himself to the art of mechcraft. Only much later would he learn that the person who provided shelter was actually the one who had caused him all that pain in the first place.

Beast, also Famous by another name, Zhang Fei, is one of the best support heroes in HoK, as he provides peel and Shield for the team. Everyone, from low to high tier rank, loves him as a roamer. Beast is tanky and gains lots of Shields while he is in his ult, which makes him more tanky and even provides shields to his teammates. He is an all-rounder and can even play as a fighter if he gets some kills in the early game. Beast has two forms, which are human form and Ferali form. The human form is his Normal form, and the ferali form is after he uses his ult. So, he becomes completely different in each transformation. In addition, Beast is a support hero in Honor of Kings who provides a good CC for his team. Overall, he can carry the team as support if you know how to play him.

Beast’s Skills & Abilities

Beast Passive Skill: Dark Potential
Passive Skill: Dark Potential
– Before transforming, Beast’s Basic Attacks increase Madness by 3. After Transforming, using Skills will shake the ground and slow nearby enemies by 50% for 2s.
1st skill
1st Skill: Forbidden Domain
– Beast Swings his snake spear, dealing 450(+100% Physical Attack) Physical Damage to enemies within range and knocking back enemy heroes.
– Hitting an enemy unit increases Madness by 3.
2nd Skill
2nd Skill: Leaping Savior
– Beast leaps to the target location and activates a mechcraft mark, granting a shield that negates 550(+50% Physical Attack) damage to teammates within range.
– He gains 3 Madness from using the skill and 1 extra Madness for each Shield granted to teammates.
Beast's Ultimate Skill
3rd Skill(Ultimate): Unbridled Outburst
– A gust of wind is generated by Beast’s roar, granting him a shield equal to 40% of his max Health for 15s. For 1.25s while roaring, he gains immunity to CC and damage. The wind knocks back enemies and deals 500(+65% Physical Attack) Physical Damage, and the enemy at the end of its path is stunned for 1.5s. His Movement Speed increases by 50% while in the wind.
– Ferali Form: While he is in Ferali form, his Basic Attacks deal an extra 40(+100 Physical Attack) damage. When the Ferali form ends, the forbidden Domain skill is automatically triggered.

Beast’s Voice Line(Dialogues)

There’s a beast within me…
Steel the flesh…cultivate the mind. Nothing is more important.
Sometimes you need to meet a special person, to recall important things.
I can take a general’s head amidst an army of a million.
Surviving your friends is the worst of Punishments.
Some sins never wash away. Some things simply must be done.
Ferocity is an admirable trait, hahaha.
Live together…die together…
Live together…die together
No humanity!
Reality is a cruel Mistress!
Mecha Operated!
Restrain your inner strength.
Who’s pulling the strings?
Nobody’s innocent!
Reap what you sow!
I seek the perfect battle.
Strike at the right time!
Cleanse your heart!
Embrace death with dignity.
I may be ugly, but you, you are a fool.

How to Play Beast?

Zhang Fei is a pretty easy-to-play hero, as his job is sorted for the rest of the game, which is a tank for the team and cc the significant target. He gains madness through his hits from basic attacks and skills. And when he is in his Ferali form, he gets movement reduction. So, here are some points to consider to play and master Beast in Honor of Kings:

  1. Beast’s first skill allows him to deal damage to enemies in range while knocking them back. So, it is really important to disengage with your first skill and protect your team. 
  2. He jumps to the target location and grants a shield to his allies. Use this to protect your teammates from incoming damage. 
  3. Furthermore, he roars in the target direction, generating a gust of wind which knocks back the enemy and stuns them for some time. While in this form, his every skill slows the enemies. 
  4. Beast ult is very important, so try to make plays when you are in his ult.
  5. Since Beast is a tanky front-row hero, let him start the team fight first, and then Mage and Marksman follow him from the back row.
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