Sun Ce Honor of Kings | Seafarer

Sun Ce Honor of Kings | Seafarer

This article includes the profile of the Honor of Kings(HoK) hero, Sun Ce, and here we will discuss his playstyle, skills, voice lines and more.

Sun Ce (Seafarer)

Hero ClassFighter/Tank
Recommended LaneClash Lane
sun ce lane position
Team Fight PositionFront Row
Crimson GolemLow Requirement
GameEarly to Late Game
Damage OutputHight

Passionate, fortnight, chavirious, and kind Sun Ce is a leader one can trust. To him, no difficulty is too great, no challange too daunting. Even as a youth, he was ambitious, with dreams of breaking the anomalic rule, implementing a new regime to benefit the people, and establishing his ideal country in Jiang.

He leads the charge, sailing his ship across the waters. Wherever his anchor drops, you are bound to see his indomitable figure.

Sun Ce, also famous by the name Seafarer, is the most fun-to-play fighter in HoK because of his ultimate. He can roam the entire map in his ship, and the first target hit by his ship gets knocked up. Sun Ce can impact the whole map in Honor of Kings, carrying the team.

Sun Ce’s Skills & Abilities

Passive Skill: Raging Tide
Passive Skill: Raging Tide
Every 6s, Sun Ce’s next Basic Attack is enhanced, dealing an extra 110 (+60% Physcial Attack) physical damage and restoring 55 (+30% Physcial Attack)(+3% lost Health) Health to him.
Whenever he receives physical damage, true damage or hits a target with a skill, he gains 1 stack of Undaunted, for up to 10 stacks. Each stack increases his Physical Defense by 20 for 6s.
1st Skill: Wave Render
1st Skill: Wave Render
Sun Ce dashes in the target direction, dealing 110 (+45% Physical Attack) physical damage to enemies in his path. At the end of the dash, he deals 220 (+90% Physical Attack).
Skill 2: Typhoon
2nd Skill: Typhoon
Sun Ce strudes forward and hacks at enemies within the target area, dealing 180 (+70% Physical Attack) physical damage and placing 1 stack of slow on them. Each stack reduces the target Movement Speed by 30% for 2s, for up to 3 stacks. He can use this skill 3 times before it enters cooldown, with each hack dealing 25% more physical damage than the previous one, while, monsters receive extra damage equal to 40% of the first hack.
3rd Skill: Set Sail!
3rd Skill: Set Sail!
Sun Ce pilots his ship forward for 12s, during which the ship moves faster and faster, and he has immunity to crowd control. The ship deals 250 (+80% Physical Attacks) Physical damage to enemy minions and non-extinct monsters.
When the ship collides with a wall, structure, ancient monster, or enemy hero. Or when the 12s is up, the ship will explode, dealing 250 (+80% Physical Attack) Physical damage, launching them for 1-1.5s (duration increases with piloting duration). It reduces their Physical Defense by 15% for 4s. A nearby teammate can tap a button to embark.

Sun Ce’s Voice Lines (Dialogues)

The sky and the sea are my witnesses: I’ll protect the memory of you, whatever the cost!
Freedom is what makes or breaks a voyage.
Working towards the land of our dreams!
What matters is who you fight for!
This world is a maelstrom…We must dive into its heart, and conquer it!
His bright light guides my heart…
When you cast away the load weighing you down, that’s when you’ll feel truly free.
Do you think yourself some sort of calamity? An instrument of fate? It doesn’t matter. I will crush you all the same.
My name…is written on the water.
Indomitable waves!
Surge forth, and ride the tides!
Set sail!
Burned and capsized!
Without a loved one’s guidance, you’ll end up sinking.
May you be free like the wind above the waves, and many you shine like a star on a clear night.
An unfinished dream can be continued by someone else, right?
Always remember…There is happiness…

How to play Sun Ce?

Here are some tips and tricks you must consider to play Sun Ce (Seafarer) in Honor of Kings:

  1. Seafarer Ultimate is good to rotate quickly, so keep looking at the map. If you want to go for a fight, use your ULT, and try to hit someone in the fight.
  2. You have the best early-game ability, so try to play aggressively in the lane.
  3. If you think the enemy fighter is more intense than you, leave the lane and move the MID or Farm to Slay Mage or MM. For example, in the early game, Sun Ce can go 1v1 against the early game heros like Biron or Wuyan. 
  4. You can lead the team with this hero with the backup of Marksman and Mage. However, if you are alone, it is better to ignore teamfights. If you see any enemy below 40% health, you can go against him using Ult.
  5. In the late game, you can use your ULT from the high ground to the enemy base, embarking your ally.
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