Arthur Honor of Kings Profile

Arthur Honor of Kings Profile

This article includes the profile of the Honor of Kings(HoK) hero, Arthur, and here we will discuss his playstyle, skills, voice lines and more.


Hero ClassFighter/Tank
Recommended LaneClash Lane
Arthur lane position honor of kings
Team Fight PositionFront Row
Crimson/Azure Golem No Requirement
GameEarly to Late Game
Survival High
Damage OutputHigh

When the temple of the Knights of the Round Table was under attack, young traveller Arthur drew Excalibur the sword in the stone and defeated the Incaders. Since that day he has been hailed as “King Arthur”.

Armed with Excalibur, he swore to protect the temple that symbolized the honour and dignity of the Knights of the Round Table with a firm belief in the honor of the Knights, he rallied the forces of Eventide Cathedral under his name.

Arthur is a tank and fighter hero in HoK who acts like a fighter in the early game, as he can deal a lot of damage and a tank in the late game, as he can tank a lot. He is one of the Easiest heroes and very effective inside the game. He can silence the enemy and knock them up, which is the best skill to have as the Easiest hero. I learned the game while playing Arthur only and later shifted to other heroes once I understood the Honor of Kings mechanism.

Arthur’s Skills & Abilities

Passive Skill: Holy Vanguard
Passive Skill: Holy Vanguard
Arthur involves the protection of the Holy Vanguard to recover 2% of his max Health every 2s. If his Movement Speed is decreased, he recovers an extra 2% max Health every 2s.
1st Skill: Valiant change
1st Skill: Valiant change
Arthur gains 30% Movement Speed for 3s and enhances his next Basic Attack. He dashes forward, dealing 180 (+100% physical Attack) Physical damage and silencing the target for 1.25s.
Enhanced Basic Attack also places marks on enemy heroes for 5s. His Basic Attacks and skills deal extra magical damage to marked enemies equal to 1% of the enemy’s max Health.
Allies near marled enemies gain 10% Movement Speed.
2nd Skill: Whirling Strike
2nd Skill: Whirling Strike
Arthur summons holy shields that orbit him for 5s, dealing 145 (+80% Physical Attack) Physical Damage per second to nearby enemies.
3rd Skill: Might of Excalibur
3rd Skill: Might of Excalibur
Arthur raises Excalibur and leaps toward the target enemy hero, dealing magical damage equal to 16% of their max Health and marking them with a holy seal. Enemies within range of the seal are launched for 0.5s. The seal lasts 5s and deals 85 magical damage to enemies within range every second.

Arthur’s Voice Lines (Dialogues)

I was born to wield this sword!
One shall never resort to betrayal.
This armor feels more familiar to me than my own skin…I could sleep in this thing!
I have chosen my path, and I will not stray from it.
Do not give it to temptation!
Excalibur, can you sense the enemy…?
The king bears the duties of judge, jury, and merciless excutioner!
Live by the sword, die by the sword.
Charge, in the name of the Light!
Behold! The miracle of the Gral!
The fury of Excalibur!
Your death will not be in vain!
Rest in Peace…
The sword chose me, and I will prove myself worthy.

How to play Arthur?

Here are some tips and tricks you must consider to play and master Arthur in Honor of Kings:

  1. Arthur is pretty easy to play in the lane. Skill 1 gives you Movement Speed and extra damage after hitting the opponent. Skill 2 spins a shield around you, which damages the enemy. So, use your skill 1 and skill 2 to trade with your enemy in the lane. 
  2. You are pretty easy to Gank as you lack mobility in your kit, so be careful about that. If you think your enemy is low enough, you can go in with your ult. Your ult deals magical damage equivalent to 16% of the enemy’s max hp. 
  3. Your ult is very useful in team fights, which can execute tanky targets with low health. 
  4. Your early game is the hardest part of the game as you lack mobility. But after you get past that, you become one big tanky man who can do a lot of damage. 
  5. Always peel for your carry during a teamfight, use your ult well. Most importantly, use your skill 1 to silence the assassin coming for your marksman, which will mess up their combo. 
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