Li Bai Honor of Kings Profile

Li Bai Honor of Kings Profile

This article includes the profile of the Honor of Kings(HoK) hero, Li Bai, and here we will discuss his playstyle, skills, voice lines and more.

Li Bai

Hero ClassAssassin
Recommended LaneJungling
li bai lane position honor of kings
Team Fight PositionFlank
Azure GolemLow Required
GameLate Game
Survival Low
Damage OutputVery High
DifficultyVery High

Li Bai is an eternal romantic and individualist, a poet swordsman who can split a hair with his blade while composing poetry that will be recited in courts across the land.

Born in Alsahraa, he was well-versed in the writings of Madinat Erudit’s sages from an early age, which inspired his personal expression of freedom. he spent much of his youth wandering the world at his leisure, developing a swordsmanship that was as unpredictable as his whereabouts.

However, after witnessing his hometown’s destruction and the framing of his friends, the swordsman embarked on a quest for truth and justice.

Li Bai is an assassin in HOK who is good at catching targets off guard and killing those targets quickly. He is one of the Hardest heroes to play in the game, as he requires good game knowledge and mechanical skills to execute well. So, do training and practice to play him in ranked and win games. Li Bai can solo carry games if you learn to play him properly. A good Li Bai player of Honor of Kings is hard to catch, very annoying because of his escape ability and can one-shot squish easily during late games.

Li Bai’s Skills & Abilities

Passive Skill: Way of the Sword
Passive Skill: Way of the Sword
– Whenever Li Bai hits a non-structure enemy with his Basic Attack, he gains 1 Sword Energy for 3s. This duration is refreshed for each enemy hit, up to 4 stacks. At 4 stacks, he enters an enhanced state–Way of the Sword, where he gains an extra 50 Physical Attacks and unseals his Ultimate. Accumulating another 4 stacks while he enhances, it refreshes the duration of Way of the Sword.
1st Skill: Stupor Slash
1st Skill: Stupor Slash
– Li Bai can dash twice in the target direction with Druken Sword Style, dealing 375 (+110% extra Physical Attack) Physical damage to enemies in his path and stunning them for 0.5s while gaining 1 stack of Sword Energy.
– He returns to his start point after using the skill a third time.
– The interval between skill uses cannot exceed 5s.
2nd Skill: Stroke of Genius
2nd Skill: Stroke of Genius
– Li Bai conjures Green Lotus Sword Formation around himself, dealing 210 (+75% extra Physical Attack) physical damage to nearby enemies.
– The sword formation deals 350 (+125% extra physical attack) physical damage to enemies touching the formation’s edge while reducing their Movement Speed by 90% for 1s and their Physical Defense by 100 for 3s.
– While using the skill, he removes all CC effects from himself and becomes untargetable.
3rd Skill: Flickering Flurry
3rd Skill: Flickering Flurry
– Li Bai transforms into sword energy and slashes 5 times at the target area, dealing 250 (+50% extra physical attack) physical damage per slash. When hitting multiple enemy heroes, the damage is reduced by 15% for each subsequent hero hit, for a max reduction of 30%.
– While using the skill, he removes all CC effects from himself, and he becomes untargetable.

Li Bai’s Voice Lines (Dialogues)

The River Blade, descending from the heavens!
Bottom up!
Let’s enjoy today and not worry about tomorrow.
Let’s enjoy today and not worry about tomorrow!
I am as fast as a shooting star!
It’s all about being sensitive
Hah! Your struggle is truly inspiring!
I’ll be gone before you even hit the ground.
This…will be one bad hangover.
Don’t put down your cup, bottoms up!
Taste this!
How can one hope to capture the splendour of the mountains and waters without a trained hand?
As the cold moonlight shines on the battlefield, the general’s blade is still bloody in its scabbard.
If you love me, immortal, then wave to me from that heavenly realm!
In this great dream, only I am awake!
Such is your brilliance, that none but the moon dare compare.
I should have just gone home…
When the snow lies thick on Tian Shan, it is not the time to travel far.
We cannot keep the joys of yesterday; today’s troubles we cannot chase away.
The world is vast and time is endless, yet a century can pass in the space of a single breath!
Never before did I cry, until it was time for us to part.
What an exquisite taste. I’ll be sure to return the favour with something even better the next time you come to CH.
Here comes Li Bai and his sword!
I deliver swift justice!
If you want to break the peace, you will have to go through me first.
A sword on my hips and a song on my lips: That’s how I travel.

How to play Li Bai?

Here are some tips and tricks to play and master Li Bai in Honor of Kings:

  1. Li Bai is an assassin so you need to position him accordingly during fights to catch the targets which you can ill quickly. 
  2.  His skill 1 is a significant part of his kit as it allows him to return to his after image after dashing twice, which will help you go in and escape quickly.  
  3. His passive is also important, as you need to use it properly to unlock ultimate. Li Bai’s basic attack grants stacks of sword energy, and at 4 stacks, it increases physical damage and unlocks the ultimate.
  4. His 2nd skill makes him annoying as it makes him un-targetable and removes all debuffs while the skill is active. 
  5. Li Bai’s ultimate is what you do your one-shot combo with, and you need to be able to land it properly. Li Bai’s ultimate transforms him into a phantom continuously slashing at the specified area, and he is un-targetable while the skill is active.
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