Wukong Honor of Kings Profile | Money King

Wukong Honor of Kings Profile | Money King

This article includes the profile of the Honor of Kings(HoK) hero, Wukong (Monkey King), and here we will discuss his playstyle, skills, voice lines and more.

Wukong (Monkey King)

Hero ClassAssassin
Recommended LaneJungling
wukong lane position honor of kings
Team Fight PositionFlank
Crimson/Azure GolemNot Required
GameMid-Late Game
Damage OutputVery High

Rebellious by nature, Wukong hated being governed and restrained, and he openly despised the shackles the hypocritical superbeing had placed on the feralis.

During those dark times, he led a rebellion. Wherever his Golden Cudgel went, the shackles of oppression were shattered and feralis freed. Until the superbeing used their absolute power to seal him at the foot of a mountain, that is. But the fire within him could not be extinguished, and now he awaits the one destined to forge a new path with him…

There is always a character related to a monkey in all MOBA games. The character of Monkey is a trademark of all MOBA games you see. Even the big games like Dota and League of Legends both have monkey characters in their games. Even you will see the Monkey King in HoK, who is popular with the name Wukong. He is an assassin and fighter who can go in one shot the enemy carries and come out thanks to his sustain. Wukong is one of the most fun to play late-game heroes in Honor of Kings as he is one of the easiest assassins to play and will not take much time to master the hero.

Wukong’s Skill & Abilities

Passive Skill: The Great Sage
Passive Skill: The Great Sage
– After using a skill, Wukong enhances his Next Basic Attack, where he charges at the target to deal 425 (+100% Physical Attack) Physical DMG.
– This skill fully benefits from critical rate bonuses.
– He has a base Critical Rate of 20% but base Critical Damage is only 50%.
1st Skill: Fortification Spell
1st Skill: Fortification Spell
– Wukong chants a protective spell that lets him resist the next enemy skill used on him. The spell lasts up to 1.5s. If a skill is successfully resisted, he gains invincibility for 0.2s and a shield that negates 500 (+150% Physical Attack) damage for 4s.
– He gains 40% Movement Speed for 1s when using this skill.
2nd Skill: Furious Advance
2nd Skill: Furious Advance
– Wukong dashes in the target direction. If he dashes into a target, he leaps into the air and gains 90% Movement Speed that diminishes over 1s. Using a Basic Attack or skill will interrupt this leap.
– Monster slayer: Dashing into monsters will deal 240 (+20% Physical Attack) true damage to them. If the monster has less than 15% Health, it will be killed instantly. This does not affect the Overlord or Tyrant.
3rd Skill: Golden Cudgel
3rd Skill: Golden Cudgel
– Wukong rams his staff into the earth, dealing 150 (+150% Physical Attack) physical damage to enemies within range and launching them for 1s. Also, place 3 marks on enemies within range. When his Basic Attack hits a marked enemy, the target loses a mark and takes 270 extra physical damage.

Wukong’s Voice Lines (Dialogues)

Here comes the Monkey King!
I sense an evil spirit!
The right path is under my feet!
The world cannot restrain me!
A single leap takes me 10 thousand miles away! Can you believe it?
I’ll stir up a storm like they’ve never seen!
You are unworth of my attention. Begone, fool!
My piercing gaze foresees victory
Seventy-two transformations
Feel my power
You’re dead, wicked creature
I’ll send you directly to Heaven.

How to play Wukong?

Here are some tips and tricks you must consider to play and master Wukong in Honor of Kings:

  1. You need to mostly play around his passive, which is he gets one dash, which triggers by using a basic attack after using any skill. For example, if you use your skill 1, you get one dash, and after using the Basic attack, you leap onto that target.
  2. His skill 2 is like his passive. So if you use skill 2 you get a dash like his passive, and after using that dash, you get another dash because of your passive. So, you get two dashes if you use your skill 2, which you can use to change the target during the fight. 
  3. Wukong’s Ultimate knock up the enemy and gives extra physical damage to the target he knocked up. Use your ultimate to finish the enemy carry, and always try to use it on them no matter what, as it is the Main source of damage to one shot of the squishes. 
  4. Wukong is vulnerable to the enemy CC although he is Roamer; therefore, beware while dealing. 
  5. Furthermore, target the mage and assassin in the early and mid-game. But, in the late game, you can attack even the tank. 
  6. When you think of attacking a group of enemies (Ganking), look carefully if those enemies have Health less than 40%. If the enemies are fresh (Full Health) (Especially Fighter), stay away from them. However, if the support hero is engaging in the team fight, you can move forward. 
  7. During Ganking, target DPS strategically rather than tank or fighter. 
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