How to Add Friends in Honor of Kings? 

How to Add Friends in Honor of Kings? 

Whatever the online game is, playing with a buddy gives unlimited fun, and Honor of Kings is no exception. It is a MOBA game with millions of user base, where a team with five players compete with each other to get the victory. However, players can also go solo mode, which is not so enjoyable. Playing with a mate gives two benefits; firstly, you can make plans about battle. Secondly, you can communicate with them about the Retreat, Assemble or Charge. It will help you to get quick victory. So, in this article, you will know ways to search and add your friends in Honor of Kings (HoK), including other significant frequently asked questions about inviting friends.

Ways to add Friends in Honor of Kings

There are some ways you can use to search for your friends in the game–let us explain them one by one in detail:

Direct way

  1. Tap on the (+) Option in the right downside corner.
  2. Go to add friends.
  3. Enter the Name of your Friend and tap the search option. While typing the Name, remember to consider all the Signs, letters and symbols.

From there, you can also send friend requests to the available people. Moreover, you can accept or decline the friend or bond request from there.

Enter Room ID

how to find room id in honor of kings

Entering the Room ID is another way to find your friends and to know your Room ID in Honor of Kings:

  1. Enter into the lobby; Either Ranked or Normal.
  2. Tap on the Room ID Option at the top.
  3. Copy the Code and provide it to your Friend.

Find your Friend from your Contact List.

  1. Tap on (+) Option on the Right Side.
  2. Tap on the Contacts Option.
  3. Tap on Go to allow the game to access contacts.

Location On

Turning on your location from the lobby can also help you find Friends or nearby players. So, for this:

  1. Go to the match lobby, tap the location option on the side and turn it on. 

In conclusion, playing Honor of Kings (HOK) is fun, and having a best friend boosts more excitement; this article will help you invite your soulmate. 

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