Ying Honor of Kings Profile

Ying Honor of Kings Profile

This article includes the profile of the Honor of Kings(HoK) hero, Ying, and here we will discuss her playstyle, skills, voice lines and more.


Hero ClassFighter/Assassin
Recommended LaneJungling
ying lane position honor of kings
Team Fight PositionFlank
Crimson/Azure GolemHigh Need
GameMid Game
Damage OutputHigh

Ying is a rising talent at the Dali High Court in Chang’an. Hailing from a famous family, this young girl now works to maintain public order in the city with her spear… It’s just that, although she genuinely wants to help solve people’s problems, she does tend to create a few as well…

Ying is a fighter and assassin in HoK who has lots of dash and damage. She is the most fun to play hero in the game as her kit allows her to do many things. Ying becomes highly Useful after getting her power spike of two items. She is not good in the early game because she lacks damage during that period, but after getting two items, she is best and can pull off some insane plays. Overall, Ying is a high CC Mid-game junger in Honor of Kings who is good at finishing off the target. She is one the most flexible heroes to play in the jungle role, as it is hard to counter heroes like her.

Ying’s Skills & Abilities

Passive Skill: Spear Will-Sweeping Fire
Passive Skill: Spear Will-Sweeping Fire
– Ying is mentally linked with her spear. Using active skill grants a stack of Spear Will for 5s.
– Spear will enhance her next Basic Attack, which consumes all existing stacks of Spear Will and unleashes different Spear Will skills depending on the number of stacks:
1Stacks: Stalwart-Peacemaker
2Stacks: Zealous-Devastation
3Stacks: Zenith-Wildfire
– Using a Spear Will spear reduce the CD of Skills 1 and 2 by 1.5s. Spear Will skills can deal CRIT DMG, and the time it takes to complete them is affected by 15% of her Attack Speed bonus.
1st Skill: Moonslash
1st Skill: Moonslash
– Ying swings her spear upwards and then slams it into the ground, launching enemies for 0.5s. Both strikes deal 100 (+50% Physical Attack) physical damage.
2nd Skill: Cloudchaser
2nd Skill: Cloudchaser
– Ying raises her spear and charges up, gradually increasing her Movement Speed up to 30%. After charging up, she dashes forward and sweeps at enemies in her path, dealing 80 (+50% Physical Attack)-160 (+100% Physical Attack) Physical damage and reducing their Movement Speed by 30% for 1s.
3rd Skill: Starburn
3rd Skill: Starburn
– Ying ignites the tips of her sweeping fire spear and dashes in the target direction, dealing 70 (+55% Physical Attack) physical damage.
– After dashing, she strikes 4 times with Sweeping Fire, each time dealing 35 (+27% Physical Attack) physical damage. She then returns to where she started, dealing 70 (+55% Physical Attack) physical damage to enemies in her path and pulling with her any enemies at the end of the Skill’s range. Ying gains immunity to CC and a 10% damage reduction.
– Ying can use the skill again to swipe Sweeping Fire in a cone-shaped area, dealing 70 (+55% Physical Attack) Physical damage and leaving a trail of fire that burns for 3s. The fire deals 30 (+10% Physical Attack) magical damage.

Ying’s Voice Line (Dialogues)

A beautiful day starts with a patrol walk!
Dali High Court official business. Keep clear!
I’m coming for you, thieves!
Get in line, troublemakers, and I’ll take care of you!
Hey, relaaaaaax. I’m not here to cause any trouble.
Shh! I can feel a serious case coming.
I’m on fire!
The Honglu Ministry is just after the Phoenix Gate. It’s a lively place.
I’m simply the best. I-I mean, my spear is!
The lock says “Zhao”…I wonder what it means
This spear is made for hunting the wicked!
Who Dares steal the first kill from under my nose?
Aw, I really need to invest in a better spear!
Stay humble, stay calm, watch my words and actions…What comes after that?
No speaking loudly, no chasing, no…Umm…
Hugh…I’m bored…Can’t believe there’s nothing going on.
Where did you hide the book, Yaojin? Can I take another look at it? Just a glimpse.
Hmph, this is how people lose trust in each other.
Renjie, you really should work out more!
Hey, Lady Li! I’m going to become a famous hero, just like you!
This spear burns bright like the fire in my heart!
I am invincible within a six-foot radius.
The Sweeping Fire’s Ultimate Form: Wildfire!
I, Ying, will become a great hero like in the stories one day!
Hot, Hot, Hot!
Hmm, Maybe I’ll get a pair of everything.
Tranquility. Huh, it fits me perfectly.
It takes a certain kind of person to wear these boots!
This…Feels icky.
What’s the gibberish?

How to play Ying?

Here are some tips and tricks to play and master Ying in Honor of Kings:

  1. She can sustain herself while dealing with damage, so always go for some damage and defence items.
  2. She can flank and pick off well during fights, so try to go for mage or marksman first in fights to pick them off. 
  3. Her passive is Important to play her properly. Her passive allows her to gain marks which stack after using her skill, and different stacks upgrade her basic attacks into many skills. So, try her out in practice mode to understand her passive fully.
  4. Ying skill 1 deals damage to enemies within range and launches them. Always try to land your first skill as it opens up the chance to one-shot the target after he is accused.
  5. Ying dashes to the target location and sweeps the enemy while slowing them and dealing damage. It is significant to land your 2nd skill to maximize your damage output. 
  6. She dashes into the target direction with her ultimate, and after a short delay, she returns to her original location while launching and dealing damage to enemies in the path. She gains cc immunity while her ULT is active. It is really best to dodge Important abilities from enemies. 
  7. Attack the tank or Roamer only if there is MM around. 
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