Stormy Honor of Kings | Da Qiao

Stormy Honor of Kings | Da Qiao

This article includes the profile of the Honor of Kings(HoK) hero, Stormy (Da Qiao), and here we will discuss her, her skills, and her play style.

Stormy (Da Qiao)

Hero ClassSupport
Recommended LaneRoaming
Stormy Lane Position in Honor of Kings
Team Fight PositionBack Row
Crimson/Azure GolemNo Requirement
Damage OutputMedium
DifficultyHard to Understand

A steadfast protection of Jiang, Da Qiao is also a very caring companion. She was once forced to marry someone out of filial piety, but on the night before her wedding, she met Sun Ce while she was standing on the shore, looking out to the sea in sorrow.

If she is the port that he comes home to, then he is the light that brings her out of her darkness. Her controlling of the tides to protect this land is to fulfil her lover’s dream and to exercise her will.

Stormy is a mage support in HoK who has the ability to teleport herself and her allies. She can teleport her allies to base and back to her again, making her super Useful but sometimes broken. Although it is hard to pull off Stormy, she can do such things, which makes her super fun to play hero in Honor of Kings.

Stormy’s Skills & Abilities

Stormy Passive skill Honor of Kings
Passive skill: Law of infinity
Stormy and the nearest teammate within a range of 600 gain 40-60 movement speed
1st Skill: Leaping Koi Tide
1st Skill: Leaping Koi Tide
– Stormy summons a Koi that leaps in the target direction, dealing 575(+57% Magical Attack) magical damage to enemies in its path and pushing them out of the way.
– The Koi leaves behind a river for 4s, increasing the movement speed of allies wading through it by 30%.
2nd Skill: Sea of Fate
2nd Skill: Sea of Fate
– Stormy summons a magic circle at the target location that lasts for 4s. When it disappears, it teleports Stormy and the ally with the lowest absolute health back to base, fully restoring their Mana, removing all debuffs, and increasing their Movement speed by 4% for 5s.
– If an enemy enters one of the heroes’ field of view, the speed increase ends for that hero.
3rd Skill: Severing Surge
3rd Skill: Severing Surge
– Stormy summons a tidal wave that lasts 4s. Enemies that come into contact with the falling tide are silenced for 0.5s, during which they also take 160(+18% Magical Attack) magical damage every 0.5.
4th Skill: Eye of the Whirlpool
4th Skill: Eye of the Whirlpool
– Stormy summons a whirlpool at a specified location, dealing 660(+72% Magical Attack) magical damage to enemies within range. During the 8s for which the Whirlpool lasts, allies can teleport to it by tapping Eye of the Whirlpool.
– The teleportation time varies between 1.5s-3S based on the order of the buttons pushed. When allies are within range of the Whirlpool, they gain 40% Attack speed.

Stromy’s Voice Lines (Dialogues)

I watch over the sky, the sea…and your memories.
Perfection is the most ruthless form of imprisoment.
Gifted sorcerers all belong to the same faction: the idols.
I imitate the ebb and flow of the tides, so as not lose my way on the battlefield.
Emptiness and loneliness can only be dispelled with warm light.
An enlightened heart cannot be extinguished easily
A broken miracle is better than none. A futile hope is better than being lost.
The forgotten names are being swallowed by the tides, drawing in bubbles of sentimentality.
Will you forgive my willfulness?
Go where you are needed.
Sail against the current!
The Whirlpool is now open!
The greatest sorcerers are always alike.
My heart will not falter when protecting my beloved.
I’m envious because I want to be like you.
Are you playing the flute, or is the flute playing you?
A river without direction will eventually run dry.

How to Play Stromy?

Here are some tips you must consider to play Stormy and master her in Honor of Kings:

  1.  Always try to position yourself well because you can’t perform any of your TP abilities if the enemy catches you too often.
  2. Open your ultimate only when you are sure that a fight will take place because if your ally tp and fight doesn’t take place, it will waste their time.
  3. Use your ability, which sends the ally back to base well. Make sure you are not sending them back while they are dealing damage and are on good HP.
  4. You should not pick Stormy in your team if other teammates are unaware of her skill. Firstly, play her in the Normal mode with the squad who will go to the Ranked next. 
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