Yaria Honor of Kings Profile

Yaria Honor of Kings Profile

This article includes the profile of the Honor of Kings(HoK) hero, Yaria, and here we will discuss her, her skills, and her play style.


Hero ClassSupport
Recommended LaneRoaming
Yaria laning position honor of kings
Team Fight PositionFront Row
Azure GolemLow Requirement
Survival Very High
Damage OutputLow

Originally a young forest doe, Yaria was killed in the war, but was given life again through fate’s blessing. Innocent and quaint, she sometimes uses her new abilities to transform back into a doe, running and jumping freely in the quiet forest.

With her magical ability to spur on the growth of any living thing, she explores the world in high spirits, and her capricious pranks always cause quite a stir wherever she goes.

Yaria is a support mage in HoK who protects her allies by possessing them. She gives a shield to teammates, providing a True damage shield and enhancing your skill effects. She is also annoying because when she gets affected by hard CC, she turns into a untargetable deer. Yaria is good when matched with good hypercarry like Marco Polo, Lam, Li Bai, etc, in Honor of Kings.

Yaria’s Skills & Abilities

Passive Skill: Deer Spirit
Passive Skill: Deer Spirit
– When affected by hard CC(excluding suppression effects), Yaria instantly removes all CC effects from herself and turns into a deer spirit for 4s.
– While in deer spirit form, she gains new skills, and all of her skill’s CD are refreshed. During this period, she cannot use Basic Attacks or be targeted, and nearby enemies are slowed by 30%. This passive effect has a 60s CD.
1st Skill: Wandering Beam
1st Skill: Wandering Beam
Yaria directs a soul with her staff, dealing 250(+30% Magaical Attack) Magical damage to enemies in its path and knocking them back.
– The soul will track the nearest enemy hero after reaching its max range, daling 250(+30% Magical Attack to them, launching them for 0.5s, and exposing them for 5s.
– Deer Spirit Form: Deer spirit form ends instantly.
2nd Skill: Accelerating Blitz
2nd Skill: Accelerating Blitz
– Yaria deals 200(+30% Magical Attack) Magical Damage to the 3 closest random enemies within 5s, prioritizing heroes. She cannot use Basic Attacks for the duration of the skill.
– Deer Spirit Form: Leaps forwards.
3rd Skill(Ultimate): Verdant Protector
3rd Skill(Ultimate): Verdant Protector
– Yaria attaches herself to a teammate. Then she grant them a shield that negates 750(+50% Magical Attack)(10% Max Health) true damage.
– The attachment ends when the shield is exhausted or when she leaps in the target direction to detach herself. She becomes untargetable and unable to use her Basic Attack while attached.
– Attaching to a hero will immediately reduce the CD of her active skills by 30%%, and they will gain the following extra effects:
Skill 1: Soul tracking range increase by 20%
Skill 2: Attack range increase by 20%
Ultimate: Manually detaching herself will reduce the Ultimate’s CD by 50%
Deer Spirit form: Slow aura range increases

Yaria’s Voice Lines(Dialogues)

The past is born of the future.
People are daydreaming…
I must be the least lovable person in the world.
I’ve washed my face, I really have!
I must hide my dreams in the leaves, or they will go bad.
The misty Marshes know neither East or West
Some deities dwell in Heaven, but other, in Mushrooms.
Look, air!
That wasn’t me, I promise!
Why are you so clingy?
You can’t rely on other for everything!
The wolves are coming!
Come on! Who’s the best doe?
I didn’t mean to…
Never mess with forest people!
Hi, Snake!

How to play Yaria?

Here are some points you must consider to play and master Yaria in Honor of Kings:

  1. Yaria is good if you have any duo partner to play with, as you can trust random carries and play around them. So try to get friends and play with them.
  2. Her 1st skill is really good during team fights as it knocks back enemies. Also its effect is so less that it goes unnoticed, but you get knocked back, which catches the enemy off guard. 
  3. Help your Jungler to kill Overlord and Tyrant.
  4. In late game, use her ultimate upon the tankiest hero, but that hero must be skilled. Do this when the massive team fight breakout.
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