Peacekeeper Honor of Kings | Mozi

Peacekeeper Honor of Kings | Mozi

This article includes the profile of the Honor of Kings(HoK) hero, Peacekeeper (Mozi), and here we will discuss him, his skills, and his play style.

Peacekeeper (Mozi)

Hero ClassMage/Fighter/Support
Recommended Lane1st Priority Mid Lane
2nd Priority Roaming
Peacekeeper Lane Position Honor of Kings
Team Fight PositionBack Row
Azure GolemHigh Need
GameLate Game
Damage OutputMedium

Mozi is an accomplished master in the art of mechcraft, who has traveled through ancient ruins and helped establish Jixia Academy.

He also participated in the building of Chang’an, and he personally guards the city with his mechcraft. Relying on his extraordinary talent for piloting them, Mozi and his mechcraft have become symbols of peace.

Peacekeeper is a mage/fighter hero in HoK who has lots of cc in his abilities, and you can play him as Mid mid-laner, clash laner and support too. He is one of the most versatile heroes in the game. You can pick him in different lanes, and he can still dominate the game with his cc and sustain. He is really good if you learn to play around his passive. You also need to be good with skill shots in order to maximize his carry potential. Peacekeeper can carry better when you pick him in mid lane as he can rotate a lot from mid and help others with his cc in Honor of Kings. A good peacekeeper player can always be annoying because of how perfectly they can land their skill shots and play around their passive.

Peacekeeper’s Skill & Abilities

Passive Skill: Fight for Peace
Passive Skill: Fight for Peace
– Peacekeeper’s every fourth Basic Attack is enhanced, dealing 450(+70% Magical Attack) magical damage to enemies within range and knowing them back for 0.75s.
– Every time he uses a skill, he gains 1 stack of shield for 3s, for up to 3 stacks. Each stack negates 300(+35% Magical Attack) damage.
1st Skill: Peacebringer
1st Skill: Peacebringer
– Peacekeeper dashes in the target direction, dealing 250(+38% Magical Attack) magical damage to enemies in his path and enhancing his next Basic Attack
2nd Skill: Cannon Blast
2nd Skill: Cannon Blast
– The peacekeeper fires a shell in the target direction. The Shell explodes upon hitting an enemy or reaching its max range, leaving behind an electrified crater.
The explosion deals 525(+45% Magical Attack) magical damage to enemies within range and stuns them for 1s.
– The Electrified crater lasts for 4s and deals 50(+5 Magical Attack) Magical Damage to enemies within range every 0.5s.
3rd Skill: Think Inside the Box
3rd Skill: Think Inside the Box
– Peacekeeper creates an energy barrier around himself for up to 3.3s. Every 0.5s, it deals 200(+45% Magical Attack) magical damage and stuns enemies it touches.

Peacekeeper’s Voice Line (Dialogues)

I am constantly iterating toward perfection!
Survival is the greatest challenge!
You will be impressed!
The endpoint of evolution is the extinction of the self!
This place is too loud…I need somewhere quiet.
Respect for the elderly is paramount!
Without fear, you will never have bravery!
What is the technology?
Formation alpha!
Your sacrifice will result in peace!
Crushing you will be an…Unfortunate accident.

How to play Peacekeeper?

Here are some tips you must consider to play and master Peacekeeper in Honor of Kings:

  1. Peacekeeper is tanky compared to other mages, so play around with his passive. Always try to play around his shield whenever you can to tank more in team fights.
  2. He is best if you learn to land his ability 1 dash, which damages the target. And if you use it, your passive becomes active instantly. It means you get a shield, aoe damage and knockback, which is really essential while starting fights.
  3. Peacekeeper is a late-game hero, but his 2nd skill can make him useful in early games.
  4. He can stun the target for a certain period of time if they get caught in his energy barrier after he uses his ultimate. So, use skill1 followed up by skill2+ULT to cc your target for a long time and kill them instantly.
  5. Peacekeeper is really good if you play around with his stuns and tankiness. So try and stun the target from far first and go in with your skill 1 to proc your passive. Then use your ultimate on either marksman, mage or assassin to prevent them from doing damage.
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