Sima Yi Honor of Kings (hok)

Sima Yi Honor of Kings Profile

This article includes the profile of the Honor of Kings(HoK) hero, Sima Yi, and here we will discuss his playstyle, skills, voice lines and more.

Sima Yi

Hero ClassAssassin/Mage
Recommended LaneJungle
sima yi lane position
Team Fight PositionBack Row
Crimson/Azure GolemNo Required
GameEarly Game
Damage OutputVery High
Difficulty High

Sima Yi is like a walking shadow, shrouded in the darkness from head to toe, always waiting for an opportunity to strike. He comes from an illustrious anomalic family, who chose to sacrifice him in cold blood in their struggle for power.

Despite spending a short time as a carefree student of the Jixia Academy, he took the sclitary road of vengeance instead. Hidden by his own shadows, he has conjured a giant scythe to reap all who stand before him.

Sima Yi is a burst assassin hero of HoK who deals massive damage in his early game. Although he is a jungler, you can ride him in the mid-lane without worry. If your enemies are new to this hero, they will not know what Sima will do next to them. That is because he has the flash ability, which can help him to appear in front of enemies and execute them instantly. Overall, Sima Yi is a high-damage-dealing early-game hero of Honor of Kings, but if you can master him, you can carry the team and win the game within 10 minutes.

Sima Yi’s Skills & Abilities

Passive Skill: Quiet Whispers
Passive Skill: Quiet Whispers
– When a hero uses a skill within a range of 2000 from Sima Yi, he gains a vision of that hero and recovers 5 Energy.
– He has a base max Energy of 80, which increases by 3 every time he levels up, and by 10 every time he gets a kill or assist, for up to 200 max Energy. Killing monsters or heroes grants 10 Energy.
– When Sima uses a skill, Shadow Fang will be activated. For 4s, he gains 30 Movement Speed and executes his Basic Attack with a scythe.
– The Scythe deals 250 (+40% Magical Attack) magical damage with every strike. When he executes the first Basic Attack after summoning the scythe, he shifts behind the target, dealing 400 (+65% Magical Attack) magical damage.
1st Skill: Shadow Stings
1st Skill: Shadow Stings
– Sima Yi gains CC immunity and releases a controllable spirit with high Movement Speed that lasts 2s.
– The spirit deals 100 (+20% Magical Attack) magical damage to enemies it passes through, plus an extra 200 (+20% Magical Attack) magical damage to minions and monsters.
– When he uses a Basic Attack or when the spirit’s duration needs, he shifts to the spirit’s location. It deals 100 (20% Magical Attack) magical damage to enemies in his path and slows them by 50% for 1s.
2nd Skill: Barren Lands
2nd Skill: Barren Lands
– Sima Yi releases spiritual energy and suppresses enemies in the surrounding area, dealing 300 (30% Magical Attack) magical damage and silencing them for 1s. He gains 25 Energy if he’s still in the impression zone after 2s.
3rd Skill: Death Descends
3rd Skill: Death Descends
– Sima Yi steps back and charges up briefly, then dashes to the target area, where he does 700 (+100 Magical Attack) magical damage. He also deals 50% damage to enemies in his path.

Sima Yi’s Voice Lines (Dialogues)

Do you like the darkness?
A ruined soul, with unfathomable power.
Everything is falling apart.
And now, it’s my turn to speak.
The universe does not care about justice.
I know a pretentious fool who carries a fan all year round…
Knowledge and ignorance can both bring disaster.
Darkness is infinite, yet mankind foolishly believes that light will triumph.
I forgive this world…
The suffering souls of our ancestors!
Everything fades away.
Your nightmare is coming.
May you find peace!
Run, little insect. Run.
Sometimes I wonder, if everything is a dream, when will we wake up?
I heard you brought me a dress?
Forget past promises!
All bonds can snap.
I shed a tear when I killed you.
Xiao Qiao belongs to you, but victory does not.

How to play Sima Yi?

Here are some tips you must consider to play and master Sima Yi in Honor of Kings:

  1. Don’t pick Sima Yi in the ranked game in two cases. Firstly, if your ally picks early game Marksman and Mage and secondly, if you have not mastered his skills. 
  2. Since Sima is intense in the early game, during that time, you should target mage and mm while jungling. 
  3. When the game reaches mid, decrease your engagement rate. For instance, avoid teamfights where enemy MM and Mage are active from the back row. Just keep jungling and target weak enemies if they are alone roaming.
  4. While attacking, use your first skill first, then CC and ULT. This combo can help your ally to know down enemies to ACED.
  5. In the early game, try to kill enemy junglers to disturb their gold farming. 
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