Zhou Yu Honor of Kings | Fireraiser

Zhou Yu Honor of Kings | Fireraiser

This article includes the profile of the Honor of Kings(HoK) hero, Zhou Yu (Fireraiser), and here we will discuss his playstyle, skills, voice lines and more.

Zhou Yu

Hero ClassMage
Recommended LaneMid Lane
zhou yu lane position hok
Team Fight PositionBack Row
Azure GolemHigh Need
GameEarly-Mid Game
Damage OutputVery High

Between the interests of the family and Jiang’s development, Zhou Yu, who cared deeply for the state and its people, chose the latter.

Born into a noble family, Zhou Yu was compassionate and trustworthy, and his acquaintance with Sun Ce further fueled his determination to reform Jiang. The calm and proud noble son is sincere in his passion and willingness to sacrifice for his ideals, and that burning desire extends to his passionate love for Xiao Qiao as well.

Zhou Yu, also known as Fireraiser, is one of the Coolest heroes in HoK who throws flames with his hands and deals damage. There are a lot of heroes in MOBA games who throw flames, and they are all equally cool. Fireraiser is an early-game hero who can win almost every lane because of his damage and aoe abilities. He also has cc in his kit, which is really essential for mages because most of them don’t have any dash abilities. His passive is really important to know as well because he deals damage over time after he stacks enemies or towers with basic attacks or skills. Overall, Zhou Yu needs to land good combos and position himself properly in Honor of Kings to do consistent damage and win team fights.

Zhou Yu’s Skills & Abilities

Passive Skill: Blaze
Passive Skill: Blaze
– Zhou Yu Basic Attacks and skills place fire marks on enemies (including structures) for 4s.
– At 4 stacks, the marks ignite. It deals 125 (+17% Magical Attack) magical damage per second for 4s and reduces the target’s Movement Speed by 30% for 1s.
1st Skill: Wildfire
1st Skill: Wildfire
– Zhou Yu invokes a wind domain. Teammates in it gain 10% Movement Speed for 3s, while the Movement Speed of enemy heroes is reduced by 20% for 3s. When the wind is invoked, nearby enemies are Knocked back in the target direction and take 200 (+30% Magical Attack) magical damage. If the wind domain overlaps with a fire domain for 1s, a new fire domain appears in the target direction, which deals 100 (+25% Magical Attack) magical damages every 0.5s. This damage stacks with that of any existing fire domains.
2nd Skill: Scorching Bolt
2nd Skill: Scorching Bolt
– Zhou calls down a volley of flaming arrows in the target area, dealing 250 (+34% Magical Attack) magical damage and leaving behind a fire domain for 6.5s. The fire domain deals 100 (+25% Magical Attack) magical damage to enemies within range every 0.5s. There can be up to 6 fire domains present at any time, after which the creation a new fire domain will extinguish the first one. He stocks 1 volley every 8.5s (affected by cooldown Reduction), and up to 3 can be stocked.
– Passive: While inside a fire domain, he recovers 40 (+7% Magical Attack) Health every 0.5s.
3rd Skill: Flames of War
3rd Skill: Flames of War
– His ultimate skill releases a burst of flames in the target area. It deals 200 (+40% Magical Attack) Magical Damage. If the flames travel through a fire domain, a firestorm is created, dealing 200 (+40% Magical Attack) magical damage to enemies within range and stunning them for 1s.

Zhou Yu’s Voice Line (Dialogues)

We can’t achieve anything, without desire.
Say what you want about my character, but there’s one thing that’s flawless, and that’s my hair!
Meddling with the fabric of the universe gives you this fuzzy feeling of accomplishment, hehe.
It’s so brave of you all to line up and march to your death like that!
I foresee victory!
Use your wits, not brute force!
What a precise strike, just flawless!
I’m calling the shots here!
Why does the world need Kongming, when it already has me?!
Light it up!
Enemy ships burnt to ashes with a snap of my fingers!
It was your misfortune to be born in the same era as me.

How to play Zhou Yu?

Here are some tips you must consider to play and master Zhou Yu (Fireraiser) in Honor of Kings:

  1. Zhou Yu is an early-game mage, so it is crucial to try and win in the early game. If you don’t, the opponent mid-laner will scale better than you. 
  2. Play around with his passive and combos. His passive is he applies marks on enemies with his basic attack and skills while dealing damage. At 4 stacks, he slows them and deals damage over time. So try to land your basic attacks and abilities while laning with him. 
  3. He summons a windzone with his skill 1, which knocks back enemies, boosts ally movement speed and spreads the flame of the second skill. His skill 1 is best, and you should always try to make the proper use of it. Place the fire with skill 2 and use skill 1 in between teamfights. And when assassins come near you, use it to knock them back. 
  4. His skill 2 generates a fire zone and deals burning damage to the enemies within range. There can be up to 5 fire zones that he can create. He can also heal himself if he is inside a fire zone. He summons a burst of flame in the target direction and deals damage. If the enemies are inside fire zome caused by skill 2 they will get stunned after getting hit by ult.
  5.  Zhou is a good hero if you learn to play around his passive and land his combos. So keep this in mind and play him as he is not so hard to master mechanically.
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