Lady Zhen Honor of Kings Profile

Lady Zhen Honor of Kings Profile

This article includes the profile of the Honor of Kings(HoK) hero, Lady Zhen, and here we will discuss her playstyle, skills, voice lines and more.

Lady Zhen

Hero ClassMage
Recommended LaneMid Lane
Lady zhen lane position honor of kings
Team Fight PositionBack Row
Azure GolemHigh Need
GameEasy/Late Game
Damage OutputHigh

What Lady Zhen thought was love was just a deception, an illusion that made her lose her true self and live an unhappy life.

As an inheritor of the water sacrificial rites, she grew up in absolute obedience to her family’s teachings and was denied her desires. That was why when a member of the Cao family professed his sincere love for her, the intensity of her love led her to betray her own family. When it all came to nought, the rain, and her tears would define her grief and her strength.

Lady Zhen is a mage hero in HoK, and she has lots of aoe damage and a knock-up ability on her kit. She is annoying because of her knock-up skill, as it’s hard to dodge, and her follow abilities after the knock-up skill deal lots of damage. Lady Zhen is not only a high CC hero of Honor of Kings but can also freeze the target thanks to her passive. Overall, she is extremely fun to play and can carry most of the games easily if she gets ahead.

Lady Zhen’s Skills & Abilities

Passive Skill: Frozen Touch
Passive Skill: Frozen Touch
– Every time Lady Zhen’s skills deal damage, she places 1 frozen mark on the target for 7s, for up to 3 stacks. At max stacks, the target suffers 350 (+52% Magical Attack) magical damage and is frozen for 1s.
Skill 1s: Ocen of tears
1st Skill: Ocen of tears
– Zhen summons a torrent at her target location, dealing 500 (+65% Magical Attack) magical damage to enemies within range and launching them for 1s.
2nd Skill: Flowing Sigh
2nd Skill: Flowing Sigh
– She fires a water orb at the target, dealing 300 (+40% Magical Attack) magical damage to enemies hit. The orb then bounces between nearby enemy units up to 6 times (max 2 bounces per unit), dealing equal damage.
3rd Skill: Destructive Deluge
3rd Skill: Destructive Deluge
– Lady Zhen unleashes a water force in the target direction, knocking back non-hero units in its path and dealing 400 (+65% Magical Attack) magical damage to the first enemy hero hit while reducing their Movement Speed by 90% for 1s.
– Upon hitting an enemy hero on reaching its max range, the water force becomes a pool that lasts for 5s. The pool deals 200 (+32% Magical Attack) magical damage every second to enemies within range and reduces their Movement Speed by 50% for 2s.

Lady Zhen’s Voice Lines (Dialogues)

I never thought that someone would choose…me.
You cant understand the pain of having no control over your life
Please, leave me to my sorrow…
The one who falls in love first is the one who loses
I thought we could be together forever…
Leave me alone! I don’t want to bring misfortune to you…
I am trapped in a bubble of love
As beautiful as the moonlit clouds, as changing as snow, blown up by the wind
Please, don’t leave me…
Sadness flows like a river…
We are shaped from the water!
Roaring waves!
Do you feel the despair?
You will just be another disappointment…

How to play Lady Zhen?

Here are some tips you must consider to play and master Lady Zhen in Honor of Kings:

  1. Lady Zhen is vulnerable to burst damage from assassins, so try to position her very well during fights where assassins can not reach you even if they can stay near supports so they can peel you from them.
  2. You must be good with skillshots to carry games with her. So, try to predict enemy movement and hit skillshots. Within a few games, you will get used to her.
  3. She is easy to play mechanically. But it is her positioning that makes her hard to play. So watch replays and see where you could have positioned better in fights. 
  4. In addition, don’t use the CC/ULT of the Lady Zhen upon tanks if your ally Markaman is not around. 
  5. You are a significant member of your team. So, participating in the teamfight is compulsory. Use your CC from the back row without engaging. 
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