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Nuwa Honor of Kings Profile

This article includes the profile of the Honor of Kings(HoK) hero, Nuwa, and here we will discuss her playstyle, skills, voice lines and more.


Hero ClassMage
Recommended LaneMid Lane
nuwa lane position honor of kings hok
Team Fight PositionBack Row
Azure GolemHigh Need
GameLate Game
Damage OutputVery High

The Primaeran civilization was created by Nuwa, a superbeing who possesses the power to cultivate new worlds.

Any threat to mankind and civilization will not escape her wrath, and at one point she even waged a war against the superbeing Si Qun to prevent the planet’s destruction. Her mandates continue to guide mankind, and everyone pays homage to the civilization she has fostered.

Nuwa is a poke mage in HoK who deals lots of damage from far away with her skillshots. She is one of those annoying mages who deals damage while sitting from behind without any danger. Nuwa is really strong mage as she has lots of utility in her kit, and on top of all that, she can teleport. Her 4th skill makes her even more fun to play, considering other heroes have just 3 skills. Although she doesn’t have a game-breaking advantage with this, she can do a lot when she is ahead or reaches a late game.

A good Nuwa player will always be present at every fight with their good map sense, as Nuwa can teleport with her 3rd skill in Honor of Kings.

Nuwa’s Skills & Abilities

Passive Skill: Guiding Light
Passive Skill: Guiding Light
– Whenever Nuwa levels up, she increases the range of her Basic Attacks, Skill 1 and 2, and her field of vision by 2%. She marks enemy heroes for 5s upon hitting them with an active skill. When teammates hit marled targets with Basic Arracks or skills, their Movement Speed increases by 16% for 2s, recovering 40 (+12% Magical Attack) Health.
Skill 1st: Incantation-Resplendence
Skill 1st: Incantation-Resplendence
– Nuwa releases energy that deals 280 (+30% Magical Attack)
magical damage to enemies in its path and Knocking them back.
– After hitting an enemy, the energy will gradually come to a stop.
– After stopping, the energy will spread out in a cross formation, dealing 280 (+30% Magical Attack) magical damage.
Skill 2nd: Incantation-Creation
Skill 2nd: Incantation-Creation
– Nuwa creates a matrix that lasts 3s and counts as terrain.
Enemy heroes that are near a matrix will be slowed by 50%. When a matrix explodes or disappears, it deals 540 (+65% Magical Attack) magical damage to nearby enemies. When multiple matrices explode or disappear simultaneously, they only deal damage once to each enemy.
– Matrices last 0.2s longer for every 100 Magical Attack she has. She stocks 1 charge of skill 2 every 15s (affected by Cooldown Reduction), for up to 4 charges.
Skill 3rd: Incantation-Emergence
Skill 3rd: Incantation-Emergence
– Nuwa creates a spatial rift and teleports herself to the target location after a short delay, dealing 500 (+65% Magical Attack) magical damage to nearby enemies and stunning them for 1s.
– Passive: Her automatic defence mechanism is activated every 10s. Lasting 2s, she slows nearby enemies by 50% when receiving damage from enemy heroes and gains 30% Movement Speed and a shield that negates 400 (+80% Magical Attack) damage.
Nuwa Skill 4th honor of kings
Skill 4th: Incantation-Ruin
– Nuwa releases pure energy in the target direction, dealing 700 (+88% Magical Attack) magical damage to enemies in its path.

Nuwa’s Voice Lines (Dialogues)

I decide your future!
When history has nothing left but sin, it must be erased and started over
Being in battle reminds me of my past glories
You thought you’d overcome the darkness, but doubt continues to eat at your heart
These vermin don’t deserve to dream!
I could wipe this world clean with a wave of my hand
It appears that the new history…has no space for me
The laws of the world bend to my will!
Pure energy!
You tried…
You should have stayed where you belong
Ready to teleport
This is no place for a childlike creature like you!

How to play Nuwa?

Here are some tips you must consider to play and master Nuwa in Honor of Kings:

  1. She is a poke mage, so always look out for your position and use her skillshots to poke the enemies. Before every teamfight, predict what kind of danger you will face and position accordingly.
  2. She has a good rotation advantage over other heroes as she has teleport on her 3rd skill. So always look at maps where fights are happening and rotate faster than your lane opponent to make an impact quicker, which gives your team a massive advantage.
  3. Nuwa’s passive is also really useful as she gains a field of Vision and her skill range increases with her level. It is also the best advantage over other heroes, as she can get more Vision during fights. Her passive makes her the most powerful hero in the late game. 
  4. skill 1 and 2 are skillshots, which deal aoe damage, and skill 1 has knock-back. You can easily zone out one mage or Marksman from the fight if you use your skill 1 properly during team fights.
  5. Nuwa’s ult is a skill shot with lots of magic damage and range. During late games, she can easily damage enemies from very far away with her ult. You can use your ult to poke enemies before fighting as it deals lots of damage, and they can’t take the fight on low hp.
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