Marco Polo Honor of Kings | Pistolero

Marco Polo Honor of Kings | Pistolero

This article includes the profile of the Honor of Kings(HoK) Marksman hero Marco Polo(Pistolero), and here we will discuss him, his skills, and his play style.

Marco Polo (Pistolero)

Hero ClassMarksman
Recommended LaneFarmlane
Team Fight PositionBack Row
Crimsom GolemHigh Need
GameLate Game
Damage OutputHigh
DifficultyDifficulty to Play

Marco Polo bears many titles–traveller, adventurer, polyglot, free-spirited, intelligent and passionate he has an insatiable thirst for knowledge. The intrepid lad was raised by his uncle after losing his father at a young age.

However, he also inherited a fragment of the ancient Arcana from his father, which was the key to the origins of knowledge. Once he deciphered the information pertaining to the source of knowledge, he followed in his father’s footsteps, carrying his twin guns to the distant eastern continent on his own quest for knowledge.

Marco Polo is a True damage-dealing hero in HoK who can always 1v9 games if played well. He requires the best kiting skills to maximize his damage output. Placing his 1st skill perfectly and casting it will melt the enemy HP, and he not only has damage but also has insane mobility, which makes him a good marksman every patch.

Marco Polo Skills & Abilities

Marco polo passive skill honor of kings
Passive Skill: Chain Reaction
– Every time Pistolero deals damage with his Basic Attacks or skills, he places 1 stack of Destruction on his target(5 stacks on minions), At 10 stacks, they convert into the Destroyed Defense effect for 5s, and recover 30 Energy.
– In addition, His Basic Attacks and skills deal an extra 40(+35% physical Attack) true damage to enemies with Destroyed Defense, and this damage can be a Critical hit.
– His skills also apply 50% of his Basic ATK on-hit effect.

1st Skill: Resplendent Revolver
– Marco Polo gains 10% Movement Speed and fires continuously in the target direction. Each bullet deals 145(+30% physical attack) physical damage to the first enemy hit and gives Pistolero 10 Energy.
– The number of bullets fired is affected by Attack Speed bonuses. When Attack Speed is boosted by 0%/80%/130%/180%, the total number of bullets will be 5/7/9/11.

2nd Skill: Roaming Gun
– Pistolero teleports in the target direction. Passively, when enemy heroes are near him, he gains 15% Movement Speed and deals 20% extra damage.

3rd Skill: Fevered Barrage
– Marco teleports in the target direction, then moves slowly in the same direction while firing barrages at nearby enemies for 3s. Every barrage deals 165(+40% Physical Attack) Physical damage.
– The number of barrages fired is affected by Attack Speed bonuses. When ATK speed is boosted by 0%/80%/130%/180%, the total number of barrages will be 10/13/16/19.

Marco Polo Voice Lines(Dialogue)

Are You Ready?
Let’s Go!
An Entire world is waiting to be discovered out there!
Let the bullet fly!
Our future is shaped by our desire
The world is just more than mundane, it’s a place of poetry and dreams.
I got your back
Show time!
Try to keep up
Watch this
Collateral Damage
High risk, high reward
You are in the for round trip
You can’t resist my charm

How to Play Marco Polo?

Here are some significant points to consider to play well and master Marco Polo in Honor of Kings:

Marco Polo’s playstyle revolves around dealing damage with his 1st skill, kiting and going in with his ult. He fires in the target direction with his first skill and gains movement speed while firing. It is his Main source of maximum damage output. He also has a dash skill in his kit, which makes him the best farm laner.

Polo can use his 2nd skill to position himself and escape danger when needed. So, always use 2nd skill to avoid and not to engage as you might get into a lot of trouble if you use 2nd skill offensively. Marco Polo’s other damage-dealing skill is his ult; using it, he can deal aoe damage to enemies within ult range. Proper use of his ult will give you victory in every team fight, so always try to use it when all enemies use their CC.

Moreover, you can also use your ult to run away sometimes, but try to save for the best situations. Carrying purify with Marco Polo is also good most of the time if enemies have cc. Use the purify spell when going in with ult to avoid enemy cc.


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