Dolia Honor Of Kings Profile

Dolia Honor Of Kings Profile

This article includes the profile of Honor of Kings(HoK) hero, Dolia, and here we will discuss her playstyle, skills, voice lines and more.


Hero ClassSupport
Recommended LaneRoaming
dolia lane position honor of kings
Team Fight PositionBack Row
Azure GolemHigh Need
GameLate Game
Damage OutputLow

To the people of Navenia, merfolk mostly exist in legend as mysterious and beautiful beings that make their home the depths of the ocean. Dolia was indeed born deep below the waves, and she possesses enforcer ancestry. Ever since she was a child, she had an enchanting singing voice, and her people believed that she had great potential. While searching for treasures in shipwrecks, she used her mermaid’s song to help a human boy who had been lost at sea. With that, she gained a “secret” human friend, and her fate became inextricably tied to Navenia’s. However, the choices and bonds thrust upon them would put an abrupt end to their story… while also opening up a new chapter.

Dolia is a Buff support hero in HoK who can provide an advantage to the whole team in the late game. She has all those abilities, from stunning enemies to healing the health of teammates, which makes her a good roamer in the game. However, the most significant skill that makes her separate from other support is her 3rd skill. When Dolis is with the DPS, whose skill has a long CD, she can make that DPS carry of the game. For example, the CD enhance the skill of Kai has more than 40 seconds. But, if he is with this support hero, he can use that skill several times during that match. Overall, Dolia is the Late Game Team Buff in Honor of Kings, and if you understand her mechanism, you can lead your team to victory.

Dolia’s Skill & Abilities

Passive Skill: Mermaid's Gift
Passive Skill: Mermaid’s Gift
– Dolia becomes a Mermaid while in water (including the river), reducing slow effects on her by 50% and restoring 50 Health and 5 Mana every second. While in Mermaid form, her Basic Attacks become splashes of water that deal area damage.
Skill 1: Ode
Skill 1: Ode
– Dolia sings, unleashing 4 soundwaves. The first 3 deal 125 (+16% Magical Attack) magical damage and slow enemies by 10%.
– The 4th one deals 250 (+35% Magical Attack) magical damage and slows enemies by 50% for 1s.
– When the 4th soundwave hits enemies, it triggers echoes that deal 150 (+16% Magical Attack) magical damage. If she uses this skill while in water, the 4th soundwave will also stir a wave that knocks back enemies and stuns the ones that are close to her.
2nd Skill: Wavebreaker
2nd Skill: Wavebreaker
– Dolia leaps forward and enters her Mermaid form. If she lands on solid ground, she creates a pool of water. She restores 300 (+40% Magical Attack) Health to herself and nearby teammates as she lands, and she and her teammates continuously recover Health and Mana while they’re in the pool.
– Using this skill while in water shortens its CD by 25%.
3rd Skill: Celestial Melody
3rd Skill: Celestial Melody
– Dolia channels for a short time, resetting the CD of one of the skills of a teammate within range. The skill reset will be the one with the longest remaining CD, and she will take on 10 (+120% current skill CD) seconds of CD herself.
– If her teammate does not use that skill, the CD of Celestial Melody will be sped up by 20% instead.
(This skill will prioritize the teammate with whom she has formed a covenant. However, if there are no teammates nearby, she will reset one of her own instead.

How to play Dolia?

Here are some tips and tricks you must consider to play and master Dolia in Honor of Kings:

  1. In the early game, support the hero whose skill CD is high.
  2. Don’t feed solo like other tank supports as she has low health compared to them. Instead, engage in team fights from the back row to heal your teammates and disturb the enemies.
  3. Use your 2nd skill for the mage or MM and 3rd skill for the fighter or MM.
  4. In the late game, use your 2nd skill during the team fight to provide Mana to your teammates.
  5. Just don’t go ahead of your partner. Let him fight and you do your duty from the back row.
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