Mayene Honor of Kings | Martial Wonder

Mayene Honor of Kings | Martial Wonder

This article includes the profile of the Honor of Kings(HoK) hero, Mayene, and here we will discuss her playstyle, skills, voice lines and more.

Mayene (Martial Wonder)

Hero ClassFighter
Recommended LaneClash Lane
mayene lane position honor of kings
Team Fight PositionFlank
Crimson/Azure GolemLow Requirement
GameEarly/Late Game
Damage OutputHigh

Mayene is the most troublesome student in Jixia. She is very talented, and clever, but also has rather skewed ideas. She’s capricious and spontaneous, and a constant source of distraction that Fuzi had to keep an eye on.

Due to her dissatisfaction with her hero father, she is convinced that all heroes are fools. Her dream of teaching at Jixia and retiring there was cut short by her mother’s dying wish, which was that she go to Navenia to look for a captain named Red Hawk. She thought it would be an easy task until she met that “dumbass” of a mercenary.

Mayene, also famous by the name Martial Wonder, is a crowd-control fighter in HoK. She is a highly energetic hero who can finish enemies with her combo and escape. So, if you get her in your opponent, be aware of her combo, as her CC is so intense that although you are a pro, you will look like a Noob in front of her. However, she is hard to play hero, so if you want to play her in the ranked mode, first learn her skills and moves from the training mode and Normal games. Overall, Mayene is thebalanced hero who can do well from early to late game in Honor of Kings.

Mayene’s Skills & Abilities

Passive Skill: Slack Off a Lil Bit
Passive Skill: Slack Off a Lil Bit
– Mayene’s skills cost Strength (Punch Strength and Kick Strength). While at rest, she will sit and laze about, accelerating her Strength recovery by 25%. She will also eat snacks while resting, recovering random multiples (100%, 150% or 200%) of 80 (+20% Physical Attack) Health.
– Mayene will stop lazing about when she attacks, is attacked or moves. She will not laze about while in the Serious State.
1st Skill: Whatever (I)
1st Skill: Whatever (I)
– Mayene runs forward, pulling enemies in front toward her and dealing 200 (+80% Physical Attack) Physical damage.
– Exploit Weakness: When Whatever (I) is used quickly after the skill, she will leap into the air and deliver a powerful strike.
– Feint to Retreat: Whatever (II) is used quickly after the skill, she will deliver a fluid combo of strikes.
2nd Skill: Whatever (II)
2nd Skill: Whatever (II)
– Mayene flips forward and evades enemy attacks, during which she is immune to CC, gains 30% damage reduction, and recovers 50 (+60% Physical Attack) Health.
– Flee Danger: When Whatever (II) is used quickly after the skill, she will launch a flying kick at the enemy, then somersault into the air.
– Defended by Attacking: When Whatever (II) is used quickly after the skill, she will teleport behind the enemy and launch a spinning kick, knocking back the target.
3rd Skill: Get Serious
3rd Skill: Get Serious
– Mayene gets serious, dealing 300 (+80% Physical Attack) physical damage to nearby enemies.
– Upon entering the Serious State, she recovers 1 Punch Strength and kicks the Strength bar, and max strength is increased to 3 bars each. For the duration of the serious state, she gains 20% Movement Speed, and any slowing effect inflicted on her is halved. The Serious state lasts 10s.

Mayene’s Voice Line (Dialogues)

My Martial arts were born out of vicissitudes.
Strong is weak and weak is strong.
Be yourself and do what you like.
Martial arts are never the same and neither is life.
There are plenty of hero wannabes who try to save the world every day.
To adapt is the key to excellence, and the same goes for martial arts. So says I.
Don’t get jealous, I loaf’ cause I can’t.
Born in May, born Mayene.
People who are hard on themselves aren’t gonna go easy on others.
I’m not slacking off, I’m working smart.
Life is way too long to worry about every little thing.
I’d rather be a master of myself than a hero who saves the day.
Naavenia is indeed busy, but Jixia Academy is home. And people always go home.
Don’t look to me to save the world! I can only care for so many.
Acting weak is the best way to get out of a fight.
What a beautiful day! I’m going to visit Master afterwards.
A slight drizzle…I’m going to go take it easy at Master’s place afterwards.
I won’t get into trouble for taking a short break, right?
I can’t give it my all against someone like you.
I heard that my mother asked you to seal my sorcery ability. Why?
It’s so far away…I don’t really want to know anymore.
Calm down, Master Mozi. Inhale, exhale, Inner peace, remember?
But stories often leave out the fact that though the hero saved everyone, he never go to see his wife for the last.
So you won! The one who survives in the end is the winner.
I just remembered. Mother asked me to look for Captain Red Hawk in Navenia. Time to go!

How to play Mayene?

Here are some tips you must consider to play and master Mayene (Martial Wonder) in Honor of Kings:

  1. In the early games, play Mayene in the Clash Lane until you don’t destroy at least one turret. 
  2. After that, rotate to the Mid or Farm Lane to hit some combo to mages and marksmen. 
  3. While you are 1V1 with the opponent fighter, be prepared to press combo buttons. If you miss it, you will find it difficult to win, or you will have to retreat. 
  4. In the mid-games, target only Marksman and Mages and in the late-game Assassins. Mayene becomes strong against most of the Junglers in that phase. 
  5. Finally, in the late game, engage her in the team fights after the tanks such as Beast or Eclipse. 
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