Juniper Build Honor of Kings | A Complete Guide

Juniper Build Honor of Kings | A Complete Guide

This article will guide you with the best build of Juniper (Consort Yu) in Honor of Kings(HoK), which includes her Items, Arcana, Spell, Combo & Counters.


Flash is the best spell for Juniper as she lacks mobility. Before using the Flash spell, use your second skill first if a physical damage-dealing Assassin is coming. Doing this will give your team enough time to kill the Assassin.


Since Juniper is a marksman and her main damage output comes from her auto attacks and skill 1, try to position yourself well to land your skill1 and auto attack. Here is the Special Combo Attack for her:


Item Builds

Here is the set of Honor of Kings items for the full-damage Marksman build of Juniper:


Boots of Dexterity
+25% AKT Speed
+Movement Speed
Juniper best build item
Axe of Torment
+85 Physical ATK
+15% CD
+500 Max Health
Good Passive

Eternity Blade
+110 Physical ATK
+20% CRIT Rate

+50 Physical ATK
+35% ATK Speed
+10% CRIT Rate
Enhance Basic ATK

+100 Physical ATK
+25% Physical Lifesteal
+500 Max Health
Recovers HP
Best build of Juniper in Hok
Succubus Cloak
+200 Magical Defense
+1000 Max Health
+100 Health/s
Grant Shield

To make your Juniper more energetic in the early game, build her with the Boots of Dexterity first in HoK. Or if the enemy has lots of cc, go for Boots of Resistance. Then go for a physical damage item to increase your early-game damage of Juniper. Then go for crit damage so that it boosts your damage even more. Consecutively, go for some more attack damage-dealing items, and if the enemy has lots of armor, go for physical pierce. Finally, you can go for magic defense if the enemy has lots of magic damage as you already have 2nd skill to block the physical damage, but you are weak to magic damage.

Other Useful BuildStats
Best Physical Items of JuniperAxe of Torment>Eternity Blade>Shadow Ripper>Doomsday>Daybreaker>Mortal Punisher
Her Best Defense itemSuccubus Cloak>Sage’s Sanctuary

Arcana Build

Here is the Set of Honor of Kings Arcana Archive you must upgrade to strengthen the Juniper Build:

Arcana Stats
Arcana build of Juniper
+Attack Speed, +Movement Speed

Eagle Eye
+Physical Attack, +Physical Pierce

+Crit Rate

Juniper Counters

Although she counters physical damage-dealing assassins, it is pretty easy to bait out her 2nd skill and go all in on her. A good assassin player always waits until the Marksmen use their Main skill, then goes all in, so you should also do that for Juniper to kill her. Here are the heroes who can counter Juniper easily in Honor of Kings:


Angela can easily stun and one-shot Juniper in the game.
Juniper counter in hOk
This support hero can hook her and stun her when she goes in for the ult and it’s easy for voidcaller to wait out her 2nd skill.

Frost can deal magic damage on her while she is using her 2nd skill.

Nuwa has enough range to deal damage on this Marksman even if she is on 2nd skill.

DiaoChan is a mage and assassin, so she is the best counter to Juniper in HoK.
strong hero against Juniper
Lady Zhen
Lady Zhen is also strong against Juniper as Zhen’s ULT is dreadful that can melt any low-mobility heroes.
Best Teammates(Synergies) of JuniperHer Worst TeammatesWeak Heroes Against Him
1. Peacekeeper,
2. Seafarer,
3. Voidcaller,
4. Beast,
5. Yaria
1. Little Lute,
2. Zhao Yun,
3. Monkey King
1. Marco Polo,
2. Prince of Lanling,
3. Solarus,
4. Lam,
5. Wukong


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