Solarus Honor of Kings | Hou Yi

Solarus Honor of Kings | Hou Yi

This article includes the profile of the Honor of Kings(HoK) Marksman hero Solarus(Hou Yi), and here we will discuss him, his skills, and his play style.

Solarus (Hou Yi)

Hero ClassMarksman
Recommended LaneFarm Lane
Team Fight PositionBack Row
Crimson GolemHigh Need
GameLate/Early Game
DamageVery High

Hou Yi is the only heroic marksman in the world to have been made an enforcer by the superbeings and trusted to carry out their will. Later, to atone for the superbeings’s enslavement of the anomalics, he was ordered to destroy the Sun Tower.

However, in his pursuit of its destruction, the power-hungry sharpshooter felt inevitably drawn to the Sun Tower’s brilliance. He absorbed the Wonder’s power, which cursed him to a deep slumber. When he woke up, the world was truly Hou Yi’s hunting ground.

Solarus, also famous by another name, Hou Yi, is a high-damage-dealing marksman in HoK who can deal massive damage in late games. A good Solarus player can 1v9 any team fights during late games if he gets a good peel from his teammate. Although he can deal such good damage, he is quite vulnerable and can easily be killed by assassins because he lacks mobility in his kit. So, Solarus needs really good positioning and has to play safe early to win the game, and he is pretty easy to play MM in Honor of Kings.

Solarus’s Skills & Abilities

solarus passive skill honor of kings
Passive Skill: Chastising Shot
– Hits from Solarus’s Basic Attacks grant him 1 stack of Chastising Shot, for up to 3 stacks. Each stack increases his ATK Speed by 4% for 3s.
– At Max Stacks, he becomes enhanced for 3s. While enhanced, his Basic Attacks shoot 3 arrows, dealing a total of 130% of a normal Basic Attack’s Physical Damage, and each arrow will apply 50% of the on-hit effects of a normal Basic Attack.
solarus 1st skill
1st Skill: Arrow Volley
– Solarus Enhances his Basic Attack to deal 105(+75% Physical Attack) Physical damage. While the passive’s enhancement is in effect, using Skill 1 will cause the 3 arrows to deal a total of 120% of a normal Basic Attack’s Physical Damage. Each arrow will apply 60% of the on-hit effect of a normal Basic Attack, plus 50% damage to an extra 2 enemies or structures in front of him(Without on-hit effects). This effect lasts 6s.
solarus 2nd skill
2nd Skill: After Glow
– Solarus orders the Sun Tower to attack the target location, gaining vision of the area.
– After a short delay, he deals 300(+50% Physical Attack) Magical damage to enemies within range and reduces their Movement Speed by 30% for 2s.
– Enemies in the center suffer an extra 50% magical damage, and their Movement Speed is reduced by 50% for 2s.
solarus 3rd skill
3rd Skill: Burning Sun Arrow
– Solarus shoots a flaming arrow in the target direction, which explodes upon hitting an enemy hero. The explosion deals 700(+90% Physical Attack)physical damage to enemies within range.
– The arrow stuns the first enemy hero hit for 0.75-3.5s(depending on how far it has flown) while reducing the Movement speed of enemies in the explosion’s range by 90% for 1s.

Solarus’s Voice Lines(Dialogues)

Finally, awake! It’s tie to hunt!
I am the ultimate sun!
If the sun sets, it’s because I allow it!
These are My hunting grounds!
The brightest light casts the darkest shadows.
Chaos is coming
There is only room for one sun!
Blind belief will leave you…blind
To the Sun!
No Escape!
Praise to the sun!
Pierce the darkness!
What are you looking for?
The divine bow…these arrows…they can be so heavy
Sometimes, even I miss.
The sun setting for you…

How to Play Solarus in Honor of Kings?

Solarus is weak in the early game, so you must play him safe during that phase. He has a higher range than another marksman, so try to use that to your advantage in the lane. You should use his second skill to poke the enemy marksman. Try to get kills if the enemy makes any mistake, as getting some lead in early will help you a lot while scaling.

During mid to late game, try to position yourself well and be aware of enemy assassins. Also, do not press Flash carelessly because it is significant for Solarus since he lacks a dash in his kit. Try to stun the enemy from as far as possible if teammates can follow up. The farther his arrow travels, the more time it stuns the enemy. Finally, I want to say–do rotation only after destroying at least one turret of your lane.


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