Yang Jian Honor of Kings Profile

Yang Jian Honor of Kings Profile

This article includes the profile of the Honor of Kings(HoK) hero, Yang Jian, and here we will discuss his playstyle, skills, voice lines and more.

Yang Jian

Hero ClassFighter
Recommended LaneClash Lane
yang jian lane position
Team Fight PositionFront Row
Crimson/Azure GolemNo Requirement
GameEarly/Late Game
Damage OutputHigh

Yang Jian has a third eye hidden within his forehead, which is why Nuwa chose him as her successor and bestowed upon him the role of protector of the mortal world. However, after hunting wrongdoers and patrolling the realm for a long time, he began to have doubts about Nuwa’s motives. After he had fought in one war after the next and seen a succession of rulers wrestle control from each other, the trials of his friend Nezha finally made him realize that perhaps the world wasn’t quite as fragile as Nuwa would have it. The creatures that inhabited it had their own wills and lives, and in time, he decided to fight for their right to rule over themselves.

Yang Jian is the unique fighter in HoK because of his skills. He can catch any targets smoothly, stun them and steal their life. This hero can perform well only after his third skill is active. Rotating to the other lanes from the early game can be the best idea to get more kills in the battle. Most of the players also play Yang Jian in the Jungle, which is a good idea as with the good items, he can clear the monsters fast and rotate to the lanes to kill enemy DPSs. Overall, Yang Jian is the well-balanced clash laner in Honor of Kings who becomes hard to kill due to his 3rd skill.

Yang Jian’s Skills & Abilities

Passive Skill: Mind Game
Passive Skill: Mind Game
– Each enemy hero within Yang Jian’s range increases his Resistance by 20%, up to 60%.
1st Skill: Unleash the Hound
1st Skill: Unleash the Hound
– Yang Jian commands Heaven to pounce in the target direction, dealing 210 (+45% Physical Attack) physical damage to the first enemy it hits and marks them for 5s. This Skill can be used again within 5s, and he will charge toward the enemy target, dealing 320 (+65% Physical Attack) and extra physical damage equal to 16% of the target’s lost Health (up to 800 Physical damage to non-hero units).
– If the target unit is defeated while the mark is active, or defeated in either phase of the skill, 1st Skill’s CD instantly resets.
2nd Skill: Vain Disillusionment
2nd Skill: Vain Disillusionment
– Yang Jian strikes across a target area, dealing 250 (+100% Physical Attack) Physical damage to enemies within range. The attack stuns them for 0.5s and slows them by 50% for 2s.
– Targets whose Health percentages are higher than him stuns for 1s instead. Upon hitting, his Basic Attack deals an extra 80 (+35% Physical Attack) true damage for 5s.
3rd Skill: Sight of Origin
3rd Skill: Sight of Origin
– Yan Jiang fires up to 3 beams in the target direction with his Heavenly Eye, dealing g300 (+72% Physical Attack) physical damage to enemies in their path. The third beam will split into 3 beams, and when an enemy is hit multiple times, subsequent hits only deal 30% damage.
– His beams must be used within 5s of one another, and he recovers 130 (+33% Physical Attack) health for each hit. When an enemy is hit multiple times, subsequently he only restores 50% of his Health.

Yang Jian’s Voice Lines (Dialogues)

I shall protect this mortal world!
Unleash your true potential, even if the world seems too small.
I open my third eye so that I can see my opponent clearly.
Shake your head. Do you hear waves?
I have 1001 ways to defeat you.
Why not listen to yourself, rather than take orders from others?
Turn the tides!
Dusk of the superbeing, the dawn of humanity.
Death comes to every man…
See through the secret of our origin!
I keep an eye on the future.
This world is all too real!
Shake your head. Do you here waves?

How to play Yang Jian?

Here are some tips and tricks you must consider to play Yang Jian in Honor of Kings:

  1. Until the ULT is ready, try to play by remaining within the range of the tower. For the first 3-4 minutes, this hero can not do well against the tanky target or early heroes. 
  2. You can lead the team, but make sure your ULT is ready to use. Yang is vulnerable to the combo of CC and DPS, but his 3rd skill can counter them efficiently.
  3. Hide in the bush and go against the enemy DPS in the early game. 
  4. In the early game, avoid the teamfights; instead, get some kills by camping in the MID or Farm Lane.
  5. In the Mid-game, clear the enemy jungle.
  6. Similarly, in the late game, lead the team and do Ganking. If the enemy team has a shift hero like Diaochan, mark them and use your second skill to stun them. 
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