Xiao Qiao Honor of Kings Profile | Breezy

Xiao Qiao Honor of Kings Profile | Breezy

This article includes the profile of the Honor of Kings(HoK) hero, Xiao Qiao, and here we will discuss her, her skills, and her play style.

Xiao Qiao (Breezy)

Hero ClassMage
Recommended LaneMid Lane
xiao qiao lane position
Team Fight PositionBack Row
Azure GolemHigh Need
Damage OutputVery High

Xiao Qiao is more than willing to give it her all, whether that be for love or sorcery.

Born into the famous Jiang family of sorcerers, she was extremely talented and she easily controlled the power of wind like a natural. The winds of love brought the perfect partner into her life and her love story with Zhou Yu has lasted to this day.

Xiao Qiao (Breezy) is a poke and team-fighting mage in HoK who deals massive damage during late games. Although the game has labelled her as a late-game mage, she has a decent amount of damage during the early game. She is one of those mages who is easy to play and gives a good result if you play her well. So, you must be good with skill shots to deal lots of damage with Xiao Qiao in Honor of Kings, and a good player can sometimes carry late-game team fights solo.

Xiao Qiao’s Skills & Abilities

Passive Skill: Encouraging Thoughts
Passive Skill: Encouraging Thoughts
– Xiao Qiao gains 25% Movement Speed for 2s on skill hits.
1st Skill: Blossoming Fan
1st Skill: Blossoming Fan
– Xiao tosses a spinning fan in the target direction that returns to her after reaching its max range. It deals damage to enemies in its path and again on its way back. The first enemy hit takes 525 (80% Magical Attack) magical damage. Damage is reduced by 20% for each subsequent hit, down to 50% of the initial damage.
2nd Skill: Honeysweet Breeze
2nd Skill: Honeysweet Breeze
– Qiao summons a whirlwind in the target location. It deals 300 (+50% Magical Attack) magical damage to enemies within range and launches them for 1.5s.
3rd Skill: Meteor Storm
3rd Skill: Meteor Storm
– Xiao calls down meteors for 6s. Meteors randomly target a nearby enemy, dealing 400 (+100% Magical Attack) magical damage. The meteors prioritize enemy heroes.
– Her passive skill effect is activated for each hit. Up to 4 meteors can hit the same enemy, but subsequent hits only deal 50% damage.

Xiao Qiao’s Voicelines (Dialogues)

Love and war both require bravery.
Flowers wither, but love never will
I still need to get stronger.
I need to cheer up today!
Miracles do happen!
You’re not alone!
Hurry up and win! I want to get back to my boo!
Love can be studied, but never fully understood.
Wind, heed my call!
Try the feeling of flying, hee hee.
Oh, shooting star, hear my prayer!
I shall defeat you in the name of lord Zhou Yu!
Why are you squatting alone in the brushes? Are you lovesick?
You all went dancing without me? Hmph, I won’t forgive you for this!

How to play Xiao Qiao?

Here are some tips you must consider to play and master Xiao Qiao(Breezy) in Honor of Kings:

  1. Firstly, Xiao is easy to play if you take the time to read her skill description and practice her skill shots. Her passive allows her to gain movement speed. She gets enhanced when she lands her skill shot; hence, gains movement speed. So you need to land your skill shot and run away from the enemy, who is the gap closing on you after she gets enhanced.
  2. Secondly, Her 1st skill is her Main source of damage. So, always try to land both outgoing and incoming fans of her 1st skill to maximize her damage output. 
  3. Her 2nd skill allows her to knock up the enemy while dealing damage to them. It is the most significant part of Xiao’s kit as it provides good cc for her team. 
  4. Moreover, If you can land her skills 1st and 2nd twice in a teamfight on multiple opponents, you can easily win any battle with her.
  5. In addition, Breezy summons meteors with her ULT dealing damage to the enemy on the range. Always use your ult from a max distance and never try to go and gap close on multiple opponents to deal damage with ult as you are very squishy, and even if you deal damage, you get killed instantly, which is not ideal.
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