Milady Honor of Kings Profile

Milady Honor of Kings Profile

This article includes the profile of the Honor of Kings(HoK) hero, Milady, and here we will discuss her, her skills, and her play style.


Hero ClassMage
Recommended LaneMid Lane
milady lane position honor of kings
Team Fight PositionBack Row
Azure GolemHigh Need
Damage OutputHigh

The prideful and automatic Milady is the consul of Navenia. As a member of a noble family, she received a strict elitist education from an early age, leading her to rule the city as the most formidable member of her family that the residents had ever known.

The curse that plagued her family also invigorated her fighting spirit with a firm and clear goal to lift the curse and assert her supremacy over Navenia. To that end, the legion of machines she’s created will clear all obstacles in her path.

Milady is a mage in HoK whose job is to position in fights and deal damage by throwing abilities from behind. You will enjoy playing her if you understand her skill and learn her combos. She throws her puppets and drones through her capabilities, and those puppets and drones deal damage to the enemies. Milady is a Strong early-game hero in Honor of Kings and can harass most other heroes in the lane. During late game, if she maintains the proper position, it is very hard to kill her, and she keeps dealing constant damage from the backline through her puppets. Overall, she is an early-game monster, and she can do a lot with some peeling from her teammates during late games.

Milady’s Skills & Abilities

Passive Skill: Mechanoid Minion
Passive Skill: Mechanoid Minion
– Every time Milady kills an enemy unit, she summons 1 mechanical minion. Mechanical minions last 8s and will explode at the end of their lifespan, dealing 200(+30% Magical Attack) magical damage to nearby enemies. The Basic Attacks of mechanical minions deal 105 (+25 Magical Attack) magical damage, and they have 500 (+110% Magical Attack) Health and 450(+10% Magical Attack) Movement Speed.
– When she already has 5 mechanical minions on the field, summoning another one will cause the minion summoned the earliest to explode. It deals 200(+30% Magical Attack) magical damage to nearby enemies.
1st Skill: Air Superiority
1st Skill: Air Superiority
– Milady commands an aircraft to fly in the target direction, attacking the enemy nearest to it multiple times along its path. Each attack deals 70 (+7% Magical Attack) magical damage. After every second attack, the aircraft attacks the neatest target a third time, dealing 140(+14% Magical Attack) magical damage.
– Using this skill again during flight splits the aircraft into two smaller aircraft. Each attacks the enemy nearest to it multiple times, dealing 80 (+6% Magical Attack) magical damage. Enemies attacked by both aircraft have their Movement Speed reduced by 50% for 1.5s.
2nd Skill: Forced Invasion
2nd Skill: Forced Invasion
– Milady airdrops 2 mechanoid minions in the target location, dealing 100 (+20% Magical Attack) magical damage to nearby enemies upon landing. The mechanoid minions activate after a 1s delay to search for the nearest enemy to attack.
3rd Skill: Chaos Field
3rd Skill: Chaos Field
– Milady fires a signal device at the target enemy or enemy structure. It marks the target for 3s.
– Non-structure units are stunned for 0.75s. The marked target received 80(+4% Magical Attack) magical damage to the target and nearby enemies, equal to 25% of the total damage received by the target while the mark was active.

Milady’s Voicelines (Dialogues)

I am your supreme master, and you shall not defy my orders.
The pinnacle of progress is to command both the natural and the artificial, in harmony
A gift from the divine comes at a great cost.
Passion, dreams, hope…all are converted to energy.
I must reach the stars…whatever the cost!
Even my heart has become polluted.
Energy is infinite!
Staying rational is always the right choice.
I am so far ahead of the times!
There goes your power source.
Your happiness will be found in the submission
I will make you the centrepiece of my collection.
Isn’t it great to be one with the machines?
We have the same testing. Why don’t we become allies?
When you stand at the end of the road, you will realize the meaning of the journey.
Heavy is the hand that wields great power…
Even a machine can live, grow and think independently.
I hate people who leave things unfinished.
Only one of us can survive. That’s the way it goes.
You are much like your mother, always mingling with the commoners of the outer city.

How to play Milady?

Here are some points you must consider to play and master Milady in Honor of Kings:

  1. Milady is an early-game hero, so try to harass the enemy by poking them in Lane with your abilities. 
  2. You need to stay in front of the wave and poke the enemy through your abilities. But you need to be aware of the enemy jungler and support, as they might come to help their mid-laner. 
  3. Her passive summons a mechanical minion whenever an enemy is killed, and it damages nearby enemies. So, her passive is significant for her early game prowess as she needs to snowball by getting a good lead. 
  4. Her first skill is the Normal shot, in which you must land well in the lane to poke the enemy. She summons a mechanical minion, which is really helpful to damage and protect yourself. The enemy sometimes hits the minion instead of her. 
  5. Milady ult marks the enemy and deals a burst damage to them, and if the target dies, she summons three mechanical minions. She can do massive damage if you land your skill combos well, so try to learn that before playing her. 
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