Princess Frost Honor of Kings Profile

Princess Frost Honor of Kings Profile

This article includes the profile of the Honor of Kings(HoK) hero, Princess Frost, and here we will discuss her, her skills, and her play style.

Princess Frost

Hero ClassMage
Recommended LaneMid Lane
Lane position of princess frost
Team Fight PositionBack Row
Azure GolemHigh Need
(Performs Best in Mid-Game)
Damage OutputHigh

A princess from the Central Plains, Princess Frost’s incomparable beauty is offset by her sorrowful expression, a reflection of her homesickness for her lost hometown.

She was sent to the Northlands under the guise of a diplomatic marriage but was instead offered to the Ice Gods. Frozen in ice, she fell into a deep slumber. When she awoke, her hometown was no longer the same, and kneeling before her were the people of the Northlands seeking asylum.

Though she’s now the guardian of the Northlands with the ability to control the power of Frost, the plum blossoms of her hometown continue to linger in her heart.

Princess Frost is a control mage in Hok, which means she has cc and is slow in her kit. Frost is the best crowd control mage because she can freeze the enemy every 8 seconds if she can land her second skill, and she has slow in her ult and 1st skill. You can understand her in a few games, but you must be good with skill shots to play her properly.

Princess Frost is good at all stages as she provides utility and damage for the team from early to late-game in Honor of Kings. Overall, you will enjoy her playing if you master her skills. Yes, she has some weaknesses, but you can play around her strong side and win the game.

Princess Frost’s Skills & Abilities

Passive Skill: Frozen Heart
Passive Skill: Frozen Heart
– Upon leaving combat, Princess Frost gains a shield that negates 480 (+58% Magical Attack) damage. Enemies that deal physical damage to the shield will be affected by chill. When the shield disappears, it deals 480 (+58% Magic Attack) magical damage to nearby enemies and chills them.
– Her every 3rd Basic Attack will be enhanced, firing 3 icicles that deal a total of 240 (+30% Magic Attack) magical damage. Each icicle applies 100% of the Basic Attack’s on-hit effects.
– Hits from her active skills and enhanced Basic Attacks will chill enemies, reducing their Movement Speed by 50% and Attack Speed by 35% for 2s. These effects diminish over time.
1st Skill: Shatterd Ice
1st Skill: Shatterd Ice
– Frost conjures a burst of exploding ice in the target location, dealing 400 (+55% Magical Attack) magical damage to enemies within range. She also gains vision of the area and any enemies hit for 2s.
2nd Skill: Frigid Prison
2nd Skill: Frigid Prison
– Frost summons a freezing circle in the target location. After a short delay, she deals 250 (+47% Magic Attack) magical damage to enemies within range and freezes them for 2.5s.
– She deals an extra 150 (+22% Magical Attack) magical damage to frozen enemies.
3rd Skill: Winter is Here
3rd Skill: Winter is Here
– Frost summons a snowstorm in the target location for 5s. The snowstorm deals 250 (+22% Magic Attack) magical damage to enemies within range every 0.5s.

Princess Frost’s Voicelines (Dialogues)

Winter is here.
Have the plum trees in my hometown blossomed?
My heart has been warmed.
On the day the white plum blossoms wither, I’ll return to my hometown.
My body might be frozen, but my soul is burning hot.
The cold snap is everywhere.
Let me cool you down.
Beauty is a sin that no blizzard can cover.
I see… my hometown in the spring…
Absolute Zero!
Ice never decays!
Those who once coveted my beauty are now buried beneath the ice.

How to play Princess Frost?

Here are some tips you must consider to play and master Princess Frost in Honor of Kings:

  1. Firstly, her passive gives her the Shield when not in combat. When someone attacks while she has the Shield, they become slow, and after the Shield breaks, it also deals damage.
  2.  She also has 2nd passive (her 3rd basic attack) that slows the enemies. So learn to play around her passive during the laning phase. 
  3. Frost’s 1st skill deals damage and slows the enemies while granting the vision. Use this to check bushes and poke during the laning phase. 
  4. Her 2nd skill freezes the target after a brief delay, and the frozen target takes extra damage. It is the most significant part of her skill kit as it turns the tide of any fights if she manages to land her freeze in 3 targets. 
  5. In addition, Frost continuously inflicts damage and slows enemies in the target area using ult. So, always try to land in on as many enemies as possible during teamfights as late-game ult damage is High, and you can carry teamfights alone with her ult. 
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