Diaochan Honor of Kings Profile

Diaochan Honor of Kings Profile

This article includes the profile of the Honor of Kings(HoK) hero, Diaochan, and here we will discuss her, her skills, and her play style.


Hero ClassMage/Assassin
Recommended LaneMid Lane
diaochan lane position honor of kings hok
Team Fight PositionBack Row
Azure GolemHigh Need
Damage OutputHigh

To Diaochan, her beauty was both a gift of nature and the source of her misfortune. Hailing from the most powerful mercenary group in the world, her peerless beauty became a natural weapon of choice.

As the dancer wandered the troubled world, in order to complete a mission, she had to pretend to reciprocate Lu Bu’s affection. As had happened with so many others, Lu Bu paid for his love with his life. However, Diaochan longs for true freedom, and no one knows that her true desire lies hidden behind her mesmerising dance.

Diaochan is a mage and assassin hero in HoK who is really good at assassinating a target with her insane burst damage. She not only has magical damage but also attacks with True damage, which is why she is best in any condition. She struggles in the early game but deals massive damage in the late game and can carry most of the fights alone if a team plays around her.

Diaochan is a 1v9 type hero in Honor of Kings, which means you can carry most of the game by yourself without depending on others if you play her well. Overall, she has a weak laning phase and she is vulnerable to most of the ranged mages. However, after she gets her ult, she can pick off some kills in the early game while rotating to the other lane.

Diaochan’s Skills & Abilities

Passive Skill: Explosion of Fragrance
Passive Skill: Explosion of Fragrance
– Every time one of Diaochan’s skills deals damage, it places a floral mark in the target for 8s. At the max of 4 stacks, the marks will be activated, healing her for 120 Health while dealing 180 (+43% Magical Attack) true damage to nearby enemies and reducing their Movement Speed by 50% for 1s.
Skill 1st: Returning Lotus
1st Skill: Returning Lotus
– She sends out a lotus in the target direction. It deals 180 (+57% Magical Attack) magical damage to enemies in its path and again on its way back.
Skill 2nd: Petals in the Wind
2nd Skill: Petals in the Wind
– Diaochan teleports to the target location and launches 3 lotus petals at nearby enemies. Each petal deals 140 (+28% Magical Attack) magical damage. If a petal hits an enemy, the cooldown of skill 2 goes down by 4s.
3rd Skill: Flowery Potential
3rd Skill: Flowery Potential
– Diaochan conjures a lotus circle that deals 210 (+50% Magical Attack) magical damage upon its appearance and disappearance. When she is in the circle, the cooldowns of Skills 1 and 2 are further reduced.

Diaochan’s Voicelines (Dialogues)

Try not to fall in love with me…
Would you like to see me dance?
If flowers can bloom anew, can people once separated be reunited?
I will survive glamorously till the end!
When will my eternal dance come to an end?
I am willing to spend my whole life waiting for the one…
There is such a thing as receiving too much attention…
Remember my…beauty…
Beauty can also be used as a weapon.
Keep your expectations realistic.
I was not meant to be happy.
Love, let it be.
Fighting isn’t my strong suit, is it?
Your pitful taste and intelligence leave you destined for a lifetime of loneliness.

How to play Diaochan?

Here are tips you must consider to play and master Diaochan in Honor of Kings:

  1. Diaochan is weak in the early game, so try to play safe during the laning phase and get kills by rotating to other lanes rather than forcing fights in your Lane.
  2. She relies on her passive to do the maximum damage. Her passive applies stacks on the opponent. At max stacks, she deals True damage, aoe damage and slow while restoring her health. So try to play around her passive stacks and do the most damage with her.
  3. Her 1st skill is Useful for the laning phase as she can farm safely with it since it is a skill shot.
  4. Her 2nd skill is a significant part of her kit because it makes her the perfect mage assassin. She dashes in the target direction, and during that time, she is untargetable. So, try to use the untargetable ability to your advantage, as it can even dodge auto attacks.
  5. Diaochan’s ultimate is also useful, as she can cast her 1st and 2nd skill faster while the ult is in use. Use it to deal more damage in the team fights. 
  6. Always try to go for carry in teamfight by activating ult and dodging Important abilities of enemies using 2nd skill. Mage and assassin eliminate carry as they are the only threat to you.
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