Daji Honor of Kings Profile

Daji Honor of Kings Profile

This article includes the profile of the Honor of Kings(HoK) hero, Daji, and here we will discuss her, her skills, and her play style.


Hero ClassMage
Recommended LaneMid Lane
Daji lane position honor of kings
Team Fight PositionBack Row
Azure GolemHigh Need
GameLate Game
Damage OutputVery High
A puppet devoid of emotions created by an old man proficient in mechcraft and sorcery, Daji is an unparalleled beauty. Even though she looks no different from ordinary humans, Daji, who lacks an actual heart, is unable to understand human emotions.

Full of innocence and purity, She feels vexed and confused about her feelings. Though her seductive appearance often makes her enemies forget just how dangerous she actually is, the ignorant her greatest desire is to discover her own heart.

Daji is a burst damage and an engaging mage in HoK who deals lots of damage using combos and engaging with her CC. She is fun to play when you can one-shot the enemy marksman or mage with your combo. You can understand her within 2-3 matches, but position her well during team fights to keep dealing lots of damage.

Daji has an ono-hit cc skill, making her the best pick for medium to high rank in Honor of Kings. You can stun any hero, opening the opportunity to engage on the CCed target. Although Daji is good, she struggles in the early game and has a hard time against tanks.

Daji’s Skills & Abilities

Passive Skill: Captivate
Passive Skill: Captivate
– Every time Daji’s skills deal damage, she places 1 stack of Captivated on the target, for up to 3 stacks. Each stack reduces the enemy’s Magical Defense for 3s by 30-72, depending on her level.
Skill 1st: Soul Impact
Skill 1st: Soul Impact
– Daji launches a soul blast in the target direction, dealing 570 (+120% Magical Attack) magical damage to enemies in its path.
Sill 2nd: Strike a Pose
Sill 2nd: Strike a Pose
– Daji casts a love spell on an enemy, dealing 285 (+66% Magical Attack) magical damage and stunning them for 1.5s.
Skill 3rd: Heartbreaker
Skill 3rd: Heartbreaker
– Daji releases 5 hearts that attack enemies within range at random, each heart dealing 325 (+75% Magical Attack) damage.

Daji’s Voicelines (Dialogues)

Why did you create me? Is there something you need help with?
Love is a thing that can be defined.
My tail may be cute, but it can also be deadly!
I just want everyone to be happy…
No heart means no pain…
How do people bond with others?
A person who smiles, can’t be unhappy.
Do I own my obedience to my creator?
I am…broken…
Wanna play together?
Let’s be friends!
Let me see your heart.
My creator hates you!
Today gifts are ready! Remember to collect them all!
Of all the stars throughout the universe, you’re the brightest!
They look funny when they tremble in front of you.
You could take on heaven itself.
A warrior can be struck down, but not defeated. Press on!
You never let failures stop you!
There is no turning back until victory is secured.
How lonely it is, to be truly without equal…
Does someone as powerful as you ever feel lost?
If hard work is all that matters, why do people value your talent so much?
The points come easy today, but remember to get some rest!
Who is taller? Fang or Luban No.7?
Ugh, I hate the Succubus Cloak.
Come to me if you need help, okay?
Tap the button below to summon Daji.
You look like a budget designer…
My creator’s enemy is my enemy!

How to play Daji?

Here are some tips you must remember to play and master Daji in Honor of Kings:

  1. Daji has a bit different playstyle than other mages as she has one skill, which is not a skill shot. She shoots a love spell at targets, stunning them and dealing damage. So, it is the most significant part of her skill because you can engage and disengage with this skill. It is important to land your cc in a squishy target. 
  2. So always keep that in mind. If you see an enemy Marksman or mage off position, try to instantly stun them and deal the maximum damage you can, letting your team do the rest. 
  3. She unleashes a shockwave in the target direction and deals damage with her first skill. So, use your first skill to farm wave properly and use it after you use your 2nd skill to deal burst damage. 
  4. Her other skills are damage-dealing tools after you land your stun on the right target. She fires 5 orbs that deal damage to the enemy with her ult. Your ult does a little bit more damage than your first skill. So, use your ult to combo after you use your 2nd skill and 1st skill to burst down the target. 
  5. Moreover, if you land your combo well, you will one-shot enemy squishies late game, so play around that.
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