Marco Polo Build Honor of Kings | A Complete Guide

Marco Polo Build Honor of Kings | A Complete Guide

This article will guide you with the best build of Marco Polo(Pistolero)
in Honor of Kings(HoK), which includes his Items, Arcana, Spell, Combo & Counters.


Marco polo best spell in honor of kings OR
Depending on what the enemy team is picking, Flash and Purify are the Spells for Marco Polo. For example, if the enemy team has too much CC, you must take him to the battle with Purify skill to avoid it while ULTing. However, if the enemy team has assassins or fighters who will always come for you, you should go for the Flash spell. Always go for anyone by analyzing the enemy comp in the game.


Most of Polo’s damage comes from his auto-attack and skill 1, so try to position well and auto-attack as much as you can. Here is the Special combo attack you can use for Marco Polo:

Skill 1+Skill 2+Ultimate+Purify

Item Builds

Here is the set of Honor of Kings items for the full-damage Marksman build of Marco Polo:

Best build item of Marco Polo
Boots of Dexterity
+25% AKT Speed
+Movement Speed

Sparkforged Dagger
+35% ATK Speed
+8% Movement Speed
Enhance Basic ATK
Marco Polo 3rd build item
Eternity Blade
+110 Physical ATK
+20% CRIT Rate

+100 Physical ATK
+25% Physical Lifesteal
+500 Max Health
Recovers HP

+50 Physical ATK
+35% ATK Speed
+10% CRIT Rate
Enhance Basic ATK

Sage’s Sanctuary
Physical Defense +140
Magical Defense +140

Pistolero also has good damage in the early game if you land his 1st skill properly on the enemy target, so try to go for an attack-speed item like Sparkforged dagger first.

Then go for some physical damage dealing, items like eternity blade. After that, you can go for a physical attack, critical damage or attack speed build, depending on the enemy team comp. Marco Polo deals lots of True damage in HoK, so I suggest not to build any armor penetration item, and he can get through armor smoothly.

Finally, go for some defensive item because Marco Polo goes in a lot with his ult and might get focused instantly and die. So go for Sage’s Sanctuary if the enemy has magic and physical damage or LongNight Guardian, which saves you from burst damage.

Other Useful BuildsItems
His Physical Build itemsSparkforged Dagger>Eternity Blade>Axe of Torment>Shadow Ripper>Bloodweeper>Daybreaker>Mortal Punisher
His Best Defensive itemsSage’s Sanctuary>Longnight Guardian

Arcana Build

Going through arcana that enhances movement speed, attack speed, physical attack, physical pierce, critical rate, and attack speed is good for him during early games. Here is the Set of Honor of Kings(HoK) Arcana Archive you must upgrade to strengthen the Marco Polo Build:

Best Arcana to build Marco Polo
+Attack Speed, +Movement Speed

Eagle Eye
+Physical Attack, +Physical Pierce

Red Moon
+Attack Speed, +Crit Rate

Marco Polo Counters

If the player plays perfectly, Pistolero is hard to kill but not impossible. So, to counter him, try to sidestep his skill because while chasing him, if you Chase in a straight line, he will deal a lot of damage. If you want to go all in on Marco Polo, wait for him to use his dash if he doesn’t have a flash. Also, try not to pick many tanks against him as he deals True damage, which will get through armor. So, here are some heroes who can counter Marco Polo(Pistolero) in Honor of Kings:

Marco Polo counter in hok
Lady Sun
Sun can easily sidestep Polo’s skill 1 and has a range advantage over him during the lane.

Judge Dee
Judge Dee can kill Marco Polo and cancel his ult, which makes Dee a strong Marksman against him.

Voidcaller has two cc skills in his kit, so even if Pistolero uses his purify, he can get stunned by another skill of this spooky support hero.

Seafarer can catch Marco Polo off guard when farming, as this shooter hero has to farm a lot to get his items in time to deal damage.

Lam has enough mobility to counter Marco Polo in HoK, even if he uses his 2nd skill to dash away.
Best Teammates(Synergies) of Marco PoloHis Worst TeammatesHeroes Weak Against Him
1. Time Bender,
2. Yaria,
3. Beast,
4. Voidcaller,
5. Eclipse
1. Zhao Yun,
2. Berserker
1. Beast,
2. Arthur,
3. Ata,
4. Lian Po
5. Mischief


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