Dr Bian Honor of Kings | Chemist

Dr Bian Honor of Kings | Chemist

This article includes the profile of the Honor of Kings(HoK) hero, Dr Bian (Chemist), and here we will discuss his playstyle, skills, voice lines and more.

Dr Bian (Chemist)

Hero ClassMage
Recommended LaneMid Lane
dr bian lane position honor of kings hok
Team Fight PositionBack Row
Azure GolemHigh Need
GameLate Game
Damage OutputMedium

Dr Bian was once a kind doctor committed to curing diseases and saving lives. With his expert medical skills, he managed to save countless patients.

However, he was later framed by his mentor and accused of poisoning the Lord of Yong, a betrayal that almost caused his death. Since then, he no longer trusts anyone and instead spends all his time on gruesome drug trials and research into poisons in the name of revenge.

Dr Bian, also known as Chemist, is a Strong mage of HoK who has lots of damage late game. But if you master him, he has lots of potential in the early game. Although he is very hard to play in the high tier because he lacks mobility in his kit, with the best positioning, he can also perform well in the high ranks.

In the low tier, the Dr Bian is the best hero to play and to get out of it. He deals damage over time, and the more the fight lasts, the more damage he deals. So if you start a battle without focusing on his presence and it goes too long, he will just kill your team over time smoothly. Dr Bian can 1v9 any game in Honor of Kings, no matter the elo, if you can get good support, who can peel for you. What makes him powerful is his ult, which can deal lots of damage and even heal you and your team a lot.

Dr Bian’s Skills & Abilities

Passive Skill: Malicious Practice
Passive Skill: Malicious Practice
– Landing Basic Attacks or skills on enemies lets the Chemist place up to 5 stacks of poison marks, which deal 25 (+5% Magical Attack) magical damage per second for 7s.
– Using healing skills lets him place up to 5 stacks of healing marks, which restore 5 (+2% Magical Attack) Health per second for 7s.
1st Skill: Deadly Panacea
1st Skill: Deadly Panacea
– Dr Bian throws a vial of lethal poison, which shatters and leaves a pool of poison in the target area for 4s. Every second, the poison deals 70 (+12% Magical Attack) magical damage to enemies within range and slows them by 30% for 2s.
– He stocks 1 vial every 15s up to 3 vials.
2nd Skill: Fatal Diagnosis
2nd Skill: Fatal Diagnosis
– Dr Bian throws a concoction, dealing 100 (+30% Magical Attack) magical damage to hit enemies while restoring 50 (+15% Magical Attack) Health to nearby teammates.
3rd Skill: Master of Life
3rd Skill: Master of Life
– Dr Bian detonates all nearby marks, dealing 200 (+40% Magical Attack) magical damage to enemies while restoring 80 (+20% Magical Attack) Health to teammates. Each stack of marks increases damage and healing by 50%.
– He also recovers 450 (+30% Magical Attack) extra Health.

Dr Bian’s Voice Lines (Dialogues)

Life is not cheap. Indeed, saving one can be quite costly.
You want the power to control and death?
Who ever lives the longest, wins.
And so I rot away…as all things must.
Bitter medicine is good for you!
I have just the thing you need!
See a doctor if you’re sick!
This new formula works great!
The test results are back. They say you’re gutless!

How to play Dr Bian?

Here are some tips you must consider to play and master Dr Bian (Chemist) in Honor of Kings:

  1. He can kill even annoying tanks like Beast or Ata. So, Always use your skills in busy teamfights. But, don’t go solo.
  2. Always try to position towards the very back of the teamfight and try to aim your 1st skill behind the enemy frontline and 2nd skill at your team. And even the opponent, which will stack your passive, then press ult to at least hit 2-3 enemies, and you’ll deal plenty of damage with that. But keep in mind that assassin will come for you, so save your flash and don’t use it unnecessarily.
  3. Dr Bian deals damage from skills and basic attacks and places up to 5 marks on enemies, each stack dealing damage over time. His skill 2 and ult also stack passive on yourself and the ally continuously, restoring health with each stack. His skill 1 and 2 is a skill shot which deals damage, and his ult is aoe damage which heals himself and his teammates. So always try to play around his passive and try to position yourself well.
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