Kongming Honor of Kings Profile

Kongming Honor of Kings Profile

This article includes the profile of the Honor of Kings(HoK) hero, Kongming, and here we will discuss him, his skills, and his play style.


Hero ClassMage
Recommended LaneMid Lane
Kongming lane position honor of kings
GameLate Game
Team Fight PositionBack Row
Crimson GolemHigh Need
Damage OutputExtreme High

Kongming was known as a calm and collected genius at the Jixia Academy. However, his search for knowledge and the origins of the universe became an obsession that nearly consumed him.
Under Zhuangzi’s guidance, he left the school, and he soon realized that true knowledge rests out there in the real world.

When his travels took him to the Three Kingdoms, where war had broken out, he joined forces with the city of Yi. Armed with his newfound understanding of the world and its people, he soon cemented his reputation as a brilliant strategist.

Kongming is a burst damage-dealing mage in HoK, and he has insane mobility and one-shot potential. He is a bit weak in the early game, but his late-game one-shot potential is best. You can play Kong Ming in mid-lane and sometimes in the jungle because he has good jungle-clearing speed and mobility to escape from the ambush. He is a little bit hard to master in terms of mechanics, but once you get used to him, he is easy to play.

His true power comes in the late game when he gets his core item. When built well, Kongming can smoothly one-shot enemy Marksman if they do not have any magic resistance item. Not only does Kongming do wonders if you master him in Honor of Kings, but he is also fun to play mage. You can 1v9 any game if you learn how to play him flawlessly.

Kongming’s Skills & Abilities

Passive Skill: Time for Tactics
Passive Skill: Time for Tactics
– Kongming gains 1 stack of mark for 10s every time his active skills hit an enemy, for up to 5 stacks.
– At 5 stacks, Kong Ming summons 5 prisms, which orbit him for 10s and attack the nearest enemy unit, dealing 135(+25% Magical Attack) magical damage.
– Prisms prioritize attacking enemy heroes. They deal 40% less damage to monsters and 40% extra damage to minions.
1st Skill: Arcane Assault
1st Skill: Arcane Assault
– Kongming unleashes 3 prisms in the target direction, each dealing 500(+70% Magical Attack) magical damage to enemies in its path. When multiple prisms hit the same enemy, subsequent hits only deal 20% damage.
2nd Skill: Time Shift
2nd Skill: Time Shift
– Kongming teleports in the target direction, creating magic fields at the start and the end of the teleport that each deal 350(+52% Magical Attack) magical damage to nearby enemies. When an enemy takes damage twice from this skill within 5s, their Movement speed will be reduced by 90%. This effect diminishes over 3s.
– When an enemy takes damage from multiple fields at the same time, the second magic field only deals 50% damage.
– He stacks 1 charge of this skill every 10 seconds (affected by cooldown reduction). Up to 3 charges can be stocked.
3rd Skill: Winning Strategy
3rd Skill: Winning Strategy
– Using the Ult, Kongming locks onto an enemy target in Honor of Kings and starts channelling a Spirit Bomb before launching it at the target, dealing 450 (+55% Magical Attack) magical damage.
– Enemies take an extra 2% damage from Spirit bombs for every 1% max Health lost.
When a spirit Bomb hits and defeats the enemy hero, Kongming gains a full stack of marks, and his ultimate cooldown is reduced by 80%.
– If the enemy hero is defeated while the Spirit Bomb is being channelled, the cooldown of his Ultimate will still be reduced by 80%.

Kongming’s Voicelines (Dialogues)

This world is like a game of go. You must think ahead!
Meditation and frugality cultivate one’s character.
Know when to strike and when to retreat.
Working out splendid plans to win battles a thousand miles away!
Everything is under my control!
Only fight battles you will win!
Beware the ignorant.
Sometimes, I envy the carefree life of the fool.
you cannot ask heaven to simply grant you certain talents.
War is about more than just battle prowess,
Knowledge leads to answers…and then more questions.
Ah, the wind is rising…
The retreat is a viable strategy. Only a fool keeps rushing in when defeat would be certain.
Our hope for the future lies hidden within the Twelve Wonders.
I see movement in the shadows, i smell smoke. A conspiracy is afoot.
Another pawn!
This battle is inevitable. In it, I shall find the answers that I seek.
I will come here for answers that cannot be found in books.
Eastern Wind.
Red Cliff Storm!
Down with you!
Time to end this!
Your time has come!
Calculated strike!
Better, but not quite there yet.
This is the will of Heaven!
Is that the best you can do?
Leaderless rabble.
All is according to plan.
I hope your kind of idiocy isn’t contagious.
I will face many enemies…But never one as weak as you.
That was also part of my plan.
Judging by your spearfighting skills, you must have a good teacher.
Watch and learn.
I hear you are also a decent go-player.
Don’t let anyone turn you into their puppet!
Make sure you hit something and don’t just pollute the air!
Listen, I am not a fortune teller!
Ah.. the discordant notes flying from your flute speak the truth of this chaotic world.

How to play Kongming?

Kongming is a little hard to play compared to other mages in Honor of Kings as you need to look for a good opportunity to abush the enemy marksman or mage to kill them. You need to learn his combos and practice with him to learn which situations are best to ambush and apply your combo on.

His passive allows him to summon Orbs around him after hitting your skills and stacking it four times. The Orbs deal damage to the enemy in range. Then, his skill 1 allows him to fire 3 Orbs in the target direction. Since Kongming is weak in the early game, use this to poke your enemy and farm safely. His 2nd skill is a dash, which allows him to shift in the target direction, dealing damage to enemies near their start and endpoints.

So, use your dash to deal burst damage to enemies. Kongming ult allows him to fire an orb after a brief delay, and if you kill an enemy hero with his ult, it reduces the skill cooldown. Use your ult to finish your combo. You can also use your ult to poke sometimes, as it deals massive damage after some items.

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