Little Lute Honor of Kings | Cai Yan

Little Lute Honor of Kings | Cai Yan

This article includes the profile of the Honor of Kings(HoK) hero, Little Lute (Cai Yan), and here we will discuss her, her skills, and her play style.

Little Lute (Cai Yan)

Hero ClassSupport
Recommended LaneRoaming
Little Lute Lane Position Honor of kings
Team Fight PositionBack Row
Crimson/Azure GolemNo Requirement
Damage OutputLow

The pure and kind-hearted Cai Yan always brings laughter and joy to the people around her. Although she lost her father at an early age, she grew up very much loved by Dian Wei and her foster father, Cao Cao. However, when the truth behind past events was revealed and her foster father showed her true colours, she was forced to flee what she thought was her home.

No matter her sufferings and predicaments, she never lost sight of herself, she continues to face this complicated world with a smile. As she flies across the battlefield, she uses her music to inspire and strengthen everyone.

Little Lute is a support hero in HoK who has cc and massive healing on her kit. She heals like crazy if you build the antiheal to stop her. Little Lute is the best support on both higher and low-tier ranks if opponents do not come with anti-heal. She may seem like a support, but she also has damage when she reaches late game as she goes magic items mostly. Overall, a good Little Lute player plays really well around her carry and helps them carry the game more efficiently in Honor of Kings.

Little Lute’s Skills & Abilities

Little Lute Passive Skill: Cant Touch This
Passive Skill: Cant Touch This
When taking damage, Little lute gains 70% Movement speed for 2s, which diminishes over time. She also recovers 250 (+50% magical attack) Health per second for 2s.
1st Skill: Healing Hymn
1st Skill: Healing Hymn
With healing hymn skill, Cai Yan plays a tune, increasing her movement speed by 40% and restoring 60(+20% magical attack) Health to allied heroes every 0.5s for 3s.
2nd Skill: Earworm
2nd Skill: Earworm
Little Lute launches sound waves that bounce between enemies. Each hit deals 300(+48% magical attack) magical damage and stuns the enemy for 0.75s.
3rd Skill: Tune of Tranquility
3rd Skill: Tune of Tranquility
Little Lute plays her harp, restoring 90(+60% magical attack) Health every 0.5s for 5s to the teammate with the lowest health within range and increasing that hero’s physical and magical Defense by 300(+25% magical attack).

Little Lute’s Voice Lines (Dialogues)

Who is ready to crash your party?
Three to the left, three to the right, twist and turn! I so got this down!
It’s up to you how much excitement you can handle! Hah!
Grown-ups are evil, terrible liars.
Don’t bully me. or I will give you a makeover!
My prince charming is lord mengde, my favourite pet is Dian and my biggest dream is to raise an alpaca.
Boo hoo… my delicate heart is broken
La la li li la li la la li li al!
This tune will be stuck in your head forever
I am in a terrible mood!
Just… messing… with.. ya
Hey you all! Listen to this one!
Here, a flower, just for you.
Do your wounds still hurt?
Here, let me introduce you to Dian
I am craving some grilled fish right now…
If my father was still around, he did not ask me to help you too!
You mean… you will protect me?
Look, look! A shooting star!
Do you like my music?
I will already forgive you.
Wipe that sour expression off your face.
I am coming for ya!
It’s called tough love!
What a plain-looking, disobedient brat. I am so going to snitch on you!

How to play Little Lute?

Here are some tips you must consider to play and master Little Lute in Honor of Kings:

  1. Cai Yan has lots of healing and needs good positioning to heal your allies constantly. So try to position correctly and do not always follow the random carries-on fights as they might misposition and get you in trouble too.
  2. Her 2nd skill is the most important part of her kit as she releases a sound wave which stuns the enemy while bouncing between them. So try to use it effectively. 
  3. If you pick Little Lute for the Ranked Game, engage in the teamfight and give your all performance to make your teammates tanky. Also, keep stunning the mage.
  4. Always play her from the back Row while you play duo. 
  5. Firstly, Move to farmlane to support MM then Mid.
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