Kadita Mobile Legends | Builds, Skills, Emblem, Spell & Skins

Kadita Mobile Legends | Builds, Skills, Emblem, Spell & Skins

This article will guide you with the best builds, Emblem Sets and Battle Spells of Kadita in Mobile Legends(Mlbb). Also, here, you will find the Skills, Combo and Skins of Kadita in MLBB. So, let us continue.

About Kadita

Hero ClassMage/Assassin
Recommended LaneMid Lane
Control EffectHigh
How to unlockPurchase with 32000 Gold or 599 Diamonds
Kadita Skill Combos in Mlbb
 Use your 1st skill to dash towards the enemy. Then use your 2nd skill along the way when you reach the enemy. Now use your ultimate to deal a massive amount of damage.
Use your 2nd skill to make the enemy airborne, then use your 1st skill to reach and then use your ultimate. You can also use the spell petrify to make sure the enemy can’t escape.

Kadita’s Skills & Abilities

Passive Skill: Thalassophobia
Passive Skill: Thalassophobia
– Kadita gains the Blessing of the Ocean every 30s. The Blessing is triggered when she takes damage from enemy heroes and lasts 4, allowing her to recover 65% of the HP lost within the duration afterwards.
Skill 1st: Ocean Ode
Skill 1st: Ocean Ode
– Kadita summons an ocean wave to carry herself in the target direction and back, dealing 250 (+90% Total Magic Power) Magic Damage to enemies hit and slowing them by 30%. While inside the wave, she gains Control Immunity and 50% Damage Reduction. This skill can pass through obstacles and terrain.
– Use Again: Kadita exits the wave without interrupting the wave’s movement.
Skill 2nd: Breath of the Ocean
Skill 2nd: Breath of the Ocean
– After a short delay, Kadita summons an ocean wave to erupt at the target location, dealing 350 (+140% Total Magic Power)
– Magic Damage to enemies hit and knocked them airborne for 1.5s.
– She can cast this skill during Ocean Obe to summon an ocean wave beneath her with a shorter eruption delay.
Skill 3rd: Rough Waves
Skill 3rd: Rough Waves
– Kadita dives into the ground and sends ocean waves in all directions, each dealing 270 (+60% Total Magic Power) Magic Damage to enemies hit and slowing them 30%. Enemies hit by multiple waves take increased damage. After a short period. The waves return to Kadita, each dealing 180 (+40% Total Magic Power) Magic Damage to enemies hit.
– When underground, Kadita becomes untargetable and gains 60% Movement Speed.

Recommended Kadita’s Battle Spells

kadita best spell
Whatever build you use, her ideal spell is Petrify.

Recommended Kadita’s Emblem Build

As an ideal emblem set for Kadita, you must use the custom magic emblem in both roles. She uses the talents thrill, bargain hunter and lethal ignition in the mage role and rupture, wilderness blessing and lethal ignition in the roam role.

kadita best emblem mobile legends
Emblem Attributes & Stats
+30 Magic Power
+5% CD Reduction
+8 Magic Penetration

Recommended Kadita’s Item Builds

Note:- Kadita is a massively powerful burst damage mage. You can play her as both the mage and the roamer. In both builds, she focuses mainly on dealing the maximum damage to the enemy Marksmen and mages. For the mage role, she must go for a clock of destiny for mana.

Firstly, here is the ideal Mobile Legends(MLBB) items/equipment set for the Kadita burst damage mage build:

Items Set
kadita burst build mobile legends
Arcane Boots>Clock of Destiny>Lightning Truncheon>Genius Wand>Holy Crystal>Divine Glaive
Total Stats of Burst Build
+40 Movement Speed
+20 Magic Penetration
+370 Magic Power
+500 HP
+1000 Mana
+40% Magic Penetration
+5% Movement Speed
+35% Magic Power
+10% CD Reduction
+Significant Passive

Secondly, here are the best items for the roam build of Kadita:

Items Set
best roam build of Kadita mobile legends
Arcane Boots>Genius Wand>Divine Glaive>Lightning Truncheon>Holy Crystal>Immortality
Total Stats of Roam Build
+285 Magic Power
+400 Mana
+10% CD Reduction
+1200 HP
+20 Physical Defense
+10% Movement Speed
+20 Magic Penetration
+40% Magic Penetration
+40 Movement Speed
+Significant Passive

Kadita’s Skins & Cosmetics

Here is the list of all the skins of Kadita in Mobile Legends and a brief description of the features you will get from them:

All SkinsSpecial Boost & Features
Ocean Goddess skin
Ocean Goddess
– Default
Atlantean Princess skin
Atlantean Princess
– Magic Power +8
Kadita White Robin skin mobile legends
White Robin
– Holy emperor in white!
– All-new display animation
– Redesigned Visual Effect for Skills
– Magic Power +8

– Skill effect changes
– All-new display animation
– MPL exclusive skin
– Magic Power +8
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