Zhask Mobile Legends | Builds, Skills, Emblem, Spell & Skins

Zhask Mobile Legends | Builds, Skills, Emblem, Spell & Skins

This article will guide you with the best builds, Emblem Sets and Battle Spells of Zhask in Mobile Legends(Mlbb). Also, here, you will find the Skills, Combo and Skins of Zhask in MLBB. So, let us continue.

About Zhask

Hero ClassMage
Recommended LaneMid Lane
OffenseExtreme High
Control EffectMedium
How to unlockPurchase with 32K Gold or 599 Diamond
Zhask Skill Combos in Mlbb
Use your 1st skill to place down a turrent. Then use your second skill to stun the enemy. Then you can use your third skill to slow them down.
Use your 1st skill to place your turrent near the enemy, Then use your ultimate to enhance your turrent. You can then come out of the turrent and place the turrent towards where the enemies are running. Try to use your inspire spell before using your ultimate.

Zhask’s Skills & Abilities

Passive: Decimation
Passive: Decimation
– Upon death, Zhask summons a frenzied Nightmaric Spawn on the spot, which gradually loses HP over time until death.
1st Skill: Nightmaric Spawn
1st Skill: Nightmaric Spawn
– Zhask summons a Nightmaric Spawn that gains 50% of his Attributes plus an additional 20 Magic Power. Nightmaric Spawn will automatically attack nearby enemies, each attack dealing 120(+120% Magic Power) Magic Damage. After every 3 attacks, it fires a Death Ray at the target, dealing, dealing 90 (+15% Magic Power) Magic Damage and slowing them by up to 60% for 0.6s, if he is too far away from NightmaricnSpawn, it will disappear.
– Death Ray is considered a Basic Attack but cannot critically strike.
– Fusion Enhance The damage of Nightmaric Spawn is increased to 200%, and it can be respositioned.
2nd Skill: Mind Eater
2nd Skill: Mind Eater
– Zhask fires a penetrating psychic beam in the designated direction, dealing 300 (+100% Total Magic Power) Magic Damage to enemies along the way. Nightmartic Spawn will also cast Mind Eater at the same location, if an enemy is hit by both beams, they will be stunned for 0.5s.
– Fusion Enhanced: The damage of Zhask and Nightmaric Spawn is fused together, dealing 540 (+180% Total Magic Power) Magic Damage.
3rd Skill: Hive Clones
3rd Skill: Hive Clones
– Zhask releases a swarm of Hive Clones in the targeted direction. The clones will explode and deal 110 (+35% Total Magic Power) Magic Damage to enemies on contact, reducing their Movement Speed by 80% for 1s.
– If Hive Clones find no target, they will burrow into the ground and ambush enemies passing by. Subsequent damage dealt to the same target decays to 20%.
4th Skill: Dominators Descent
4th Skill: Dominators Descent
– Zhask combines himself with the Nightmaric Spawn, greatly increasing its attributes while enhancing his skills.
– Use Again: Zhask leaves the Nightmaric Spawn and loses the skill enhancement effect.

Recommended Zhask’s Battle Spells

zhask best spell
His ideal spell is either Flicker or Flameshot.
However, if you want to build him for attack speed, you must use Inspire.

Recommended Zhask’s Emblem Build

As an ideal emblem set for Zhask, you must use the custom magic emblem with talents rupture, impure rage and pull yourself together. It is best for attack speed build. However, if you want to go for full-damage, use a custom magic emblem with talents agility, wilderness blessing and impure rage.

Zhask best emblem mobile legends
Emblem Attributes & Stats
+30 Magic Power
+5% CD Reduction
+8 Magic Penetration

Recommended Zhask’s Item Builds

Firstly, here are the ideal Mobile Legends(MLBB) items/equipment set for the Zhask Sustained DPS build, which can enhance attack speed as well:

Items Set
Zhask sustained dps build mobile legends
Demon Shoes>Feather of Heaven>Genius Wand>Windtalker>Holy Crystal>Divine Glaive
Total Stats of Sustain DPS Build
+60 Movement Speed
+10 Mana Regen
+290 Magic Power
+60% Attack Speed
+10% Lifesteal
+5% CD Reduction
+5% Movement Speed
+10 Magic Penetration
+10% Crit Chance
+35% Magic Power
+40% Magic Penetration
+Significant Passive

Secondly, here are the best items for full-damage build for Zhask, which will make you an unstoppable mage in the late game:

Items Set
late game build of zhask mobile legends
Clock of Destiny>Magic Shoes>Lightning Truncheon>Starlium Scythe>Holy Crystal>Divine Glaive
(Includes more magic items)
Total Stats of Late Game Core Build
+365 Magic Power
+500 HP
+1000 Mana
+40 Movement Speed
+30% CD
+8% Hybrid Lifesteal
+6 Mana Regen
+35% Magic Power
+40% Magic Penetration
+Significant Passive

Zhask’s Skins & Cosmetics

Here is the list of all the skins of Zhask in Mobile Legends and a brief description of the features you will get from them:

All SkinsSpecial Boost & Features
The King of Swarms skin
The King of Swarms
– Default
Crystalized Predator skin
Crystalized Predator
– Magic Power +8
Bone Flamen skin of Zhask
Bone Flamen
– New display and in-match voiceovers,
– New display scene,
– Abyssal Bone model!,
– All new display animation,
– Skill effect changes
– Magic Power +8
Zhask cancer skin mobile legends
– Exclusive background music,
– New display and in-match voiceover,
– Exclusive skill sound effects,
– Zodiac-themed scene,
– Skill effect changes,
– All new display animation,
– 12 Zodiac Sign Theme
– Magic Power +8
Extraterrestrial skin of Zhask
– Fear the Void, APPEARANCE
– All new display animation,
– Display effect changes
– Magic Power +8
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