Dian Wei Honor of Kings | Berserker

Dian Wei Honor of Kings | Berserker

This article includes the profile of the Honor of Kings(HoK) hero, Dian Wei, and here we will discuss his playstyle, skills, voice lines and more.

Dian Wei (Berserker)

Hero ClassFighter
Recommended LaneJungle
dian wei lane position
Team Fight PositionFront Row
Crimson Golem Low Requirement
GameLate Game
Damage OutputHigh

Wild and tenacious yet also a kind soul, Dian Wei the berserker had always lived a conflicted life. Born with ferali blood, he found had always lived a conflicted life. Borm with derail blood, found it difficult to control the animal within, and the conflict between the beast and his gentle nature caused him a great amount of pain.

Things only improved when he encountered Little Lute, a young girl whom he felt he truly wanted to protect. From then on, he was content to shackle himself with heavy armour and become a trapped beast. This is both his punishment and his atonement.

Dian Wei, also famous by the name Berserker, is one of the Easiest jungle heroes to play in HoK. If anyone wants to start learning the jungle role, you can go with him. Berserker might be considered the weakest hero in high Elo, but if played right, he can also easily carry the game in any Elo. Overall, Dian Wei is the late-game hero in Honor of Kings who becomes extremely Powerful after getting some skills and destroying the first two towers.

Dian Wei’s Skills and Abilities

Passive Skill: Mounting Rage
Passive Skill: Mounting Rage
Dian Wei gains 1 stack of Mounting Rage for each hero kill or assist, each stack permanently increasing his Physical Attack by 12. Stacks up to 20 times.
Skill 1: Holding on to Sanity
Skill 1: Holding on to Sanity
Dian Wei removes all crowd control effects from himself and gains 60% Movement Speed, which diminishes over 3s.
His next Basic Attack is enhanced into a cleaving slash that deals 275 (+100% Physical Attack) Physical damage to nearby enemies.
Skill 2: Outburst
Skill 2: Outburst
Dian Wei tramples the ground, dealing 250 (+100% Physical Attack) physical damage to enemies within range while reducing their Movement Speed by 50% for 2s.
Whenever his Skill 2 hits an enemy, it will enhance him for 3s, during which he gains 200% Attack Speed and 25% Basic Attack Lifesteal.
Skill 3: Leap of Fury
Skill 3: Leap of Fury
Dian Wei launched a leaping slash at the target enemy, dealing 300 (+90% Physical Attack) true damage to them while reducing their Movement Speed by 50% for 3s.
He becomes enhanced for 5s on hit. Whenever he deals damage to an enemy, he deals extra true damage equal to 3% of the target’s max Health.

Dian Wei’s Voice Lines (Dialogues)

The beast within me has awoken!
Can you feel my pain?
Get away from me!
Stop me, I beg you, Stop me!
Fighting is my only solace.
My blood alone is not enough to redeem my debt!
Is it me or has the world gone crazy?
Is it me or has the world gone crazy?
Ahh-I didn’t mean to hurt you.
Complete insanity!
Madness makes life worthwhile!
Set yourself free!
Who will be set free first? You or me?

How to play Dian Wei?

Here are some tips and tricks you must consider to play and master Dian Wei in Honor of Kings:

  1. The enemy can easily kit Berserker, so try to go in only when the enemy uses their dash skill.
  2. Always try to go for enemy carries in a fight because they are squishy, and you have lots of burst damage to kill them.
  3. Avoid unnecessary fights early as you are weak at that time.
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